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A few nice hollywood movie images I found:

Great Movie Ride Entrance Walt Disney Hollywood Studios
hollywood movie

Great Movie Ride Sign Walt Disney Hollywood Studios
hollywood movie

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David Gonzales

(Vocus) June 10, 2008

Short films about a woman who makes art out of bugs, a look at surfing on the Snake River, and profiles of ski makers and kite enthusiasts secured first prize for David Gonzales of Jackson as winner of the first Wyoming Short Film Contest. Gonzales accepted the honor in a ceremony last night at the Jackson Hole Film Festival. “I was surprised and honored to receive this recognition. It’s exciting to find out my work seems to be heading down the right path,” Gonzales said. He will be awarded $ 25,000 from the Wyoming Film Office.

“We started this contest to help promote filming in Wyoming. One of the requirements was that the storyline had to be about Wyoming somehow and David’s work was judged by a panel of Wyoming people with a wide variety of production experience,” noted Michell Howard, film office manager. Gonzales’ features were premiered in Jackson yesterday. The prize money will go toward production of his next film which will be shot in the state. Howard says the state film office received more submissions than anticipated. “We were pleased with the response and the quality of the films,” she added.

Gonzales studied screen writing in college and began his working life as a writer for the Dallas Morning News. He spent many years writing travel articles and as a still photographer. “If the way that we’re transmitting all our information these days in online then it seems like you should be trying to use the full extent of the computer’s and the Internet’s capability to communicate your message – and that’s really video,” he said. Gonzales believes he could make a full-length feature film using the prize money from the state. “I didn’t realize what the film office was doing to boost our work. It is greatly appreciated.”

Howard said the Jackson Hole Film Institute worked in partnership with her office to host classes for grip and electrical workers during the event this past week. “We have to build more of a crew base – an infrastructure. If Wyoming is going to get more film projects local resources are essential,” she said.

The main attraction for filmmakers is Wyoming’s recently instituted film incentive program which offers up to a fifteen percent rebate on production dollars spent in the state if a minimum of $ 500,000 is budgeted for a project. “The legislature believed in what we wanted to do. We were losing a lot of production to other states and countries, like Canada, and if Wyoming was going to gain back lost ground we had to level the playing field,” Howard asserted.

The short film winners are going to be available for pubic viewing on the state tourism website – www.wyomingtourism.org later this week.


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BEST OF THE FESTIVAL sponsored by Morris Industries
Sylvain Gingras for BEST ART DIRECTION
Sylvain Guy for BEST DIRECTION sponsored by Norman Jewison
Louis Dupire/Richard Lavoie for BEST SOUND

Producer: Marcel Giroux
Director: Sylvain Guy
Prod. Co.:	GPA Films Inc.
		437 LaFayette
		Longueuil, PQ
		J4K 3A4
		Ph: (514) 674-4536 Fax: (514) 674-1379

This award-winning comedy follows a political assassination, a
tidal wave, a passage through Heaven and Hell and against the
will of a vile actor, an apprentice terrorist and a doe-eyed
secretary find love in an elevator.

John Gurdebeke for BEST EDITING sponsored by Studio Post
Robert Huculak/William Hahn for BEST SCRIPT sponsored by

Prod.: Robert Huculak/William Hahn
Dir: William Hahn
Prod. Co.:	North/South Pictures
		440 Nairn Ave.
		Winnipeg, MB R2L 0X2
		(2040 668-3448

A portrait of a European immigrant set in the great depression,
who hopes the train will reunite him with his lost daughter.

Brian Johnson for BEST VIDEOGRAPHY

Prod.:	Nathan Neumer/Lori Roth/George Johnson
Dir.:	David Tennant
Prod. Co.:	Still Water Pictures Inc.
		Suite 411, 425 Carrall St.
		Vancouver, BC V6B 6E3
		(604) 664-0458

When Adam meets Raven in an on-line discussion group, he thinks
he's met someone special - she's got auburn hair, soft blue
eyes and shares his tastes in ideas, music and books.

  Arts & Entertainment

Prod.:	Dale Phillips
Dir.:	Selwyn Jacob
Prod. Co.:	Selwyn Enterprises Inc.
		959 Rice Rd.
		Edmonton, AB   T6R 1B1
		(403) 430-6029

An expansive protrait of blacks who worked as sleeping car
porters on Canada's major railroads from the early 1900's
through the 1960's.

BEST ANIMATION sponsored by Playback

Prod.:	Svend-Erik Eriksen/Barbara Janes
Dir.:	Peter Vogler/Claire Maxwell
Prod. Co.:	National Film Board of Canada
		3155 Cote de Liesse
		St. Laurent, PQ   H4N 2N4
		(514) 283-9805/06

Ernie's Idea is a short animated film about a character, Ernie,
who gets an idea and doesn't know what to do with it.  It,
however, knows what to do with him.  Ernie comes to realize the
importance of entertaining ideas, no matter if they are big or
small, bright or stupid, because in the end, they are all
Ernie's ideas.

BEST ARTS/ENTERTAINMENT sponsored by SaskPower

Prod.:	Daniel Iron/Jennifer Jonas
Dir.:	Barbara Willis Sweete
Prod. Co.:	Rhombus Media Inc.
		489 King St. W., Ste. 102
		Toronto, ON   M5V 1L3
		(416) 971-7856

This weaves a tapestry that travels back and forth over the
fifty years that separate the original performance of the opera
in June of 1946 with the remounting of the opera in June or
1996.  The film draws parallels between the two productions as
they build in momentum and culminate with the sizzling

  Shaw Children's Programming Initiative

Prod.:	David Devine/Richard Mozer/Jan Oparty
Dir.:	David Devine
Prod. Co.:	Devine Productions Ltd.
		2 Berkeley St., Ste. 504
		Toronto, ON   M5A 2W3
		(416) 264-2282

In a kitchen in Italy in 1862, little Reliana helps her
grandmother, Rosalie, make pasta sauce.

COMMUNITY CABLE UNDER 60 MINUTES sponsored by Life Network

Prod.:	John Kennedy
Dir.:	Jack Hilkewich/John Kennedy
Prod. Co.:	Cable Regina
		2250 Park St.
		Regina, SK   S4N 7K7
		(306) 563-5366

James and Kevin wander through the community, interviewing
local people, acting in comedy skits, commercial, and pop
culture parody.  It'd funny - really, really funny.


Prod.:	Daniel Hill
Dir.:	Drew Mullin
Prod. Co.:	Paulus Productions
		460 Palmerston Blvd.
		Toronto, ON   M6G 2P1
		(416) 534-8115

Child Find's first PSA opens with a happy image - an angelic
young girl sitting on her front porch, drawing.  But loud,
adult footsteps approach, and as she looks up to see who's
there, the girl's face becomes one of thousands tacked to rows
of telephone poles.


Prod.:	Howard Green
Dir.:	Joy Crysdale
Prod. Co.:	CBC - Television
		205 Wellington St. W.
		Toronto, ON   M5V 3G7
		(416) 205-7533

Al Wong is an entrepreneur, who give his all to develop his
dream: a process that turns straw into paper.


Prod./Dir.: Alan Handel
Prod. Co.:	Alan Handel Productions Inc.
		3816 Marlowe Ave.
		Montreal, PQ    H4A 3M1
		(514) 484- 1979

Mexico City has grown from 1 million to 20 million in 40 years.
The documentary is an intimate and dramatic look at three
illegal squatters in Mexico City, where the most precious
commodity is a place to live.


Prod./Dir.: Naomi McCormack
Prod. Co.: Word of Mouth Productions
		505-680 Queen's Quay W.
		Toronto, ON   M5V 2Y9
		(416) 260-1711

This is a true story of a condemned serving maid and a french
soldier, who meet in 1751 in the prison of Montreal and against
all odds, outwit both the gallows and the law.


Prod.:	Ted Edwards
Dir.:	Howard Shaw
Prod. Co.:	BC Tel Media Resources Centre
		4-3777 Kingsway
		Burnaby, BC   V5H 3Z7
		(604) 432-2691

This is a physical attachment of a wire from the telephone
service (wires on the poles) to a grounding rod in order to
divert electricity or lightening from entering a customer's


Prod.:	Dale Phillips
Dir.:	Bryan Smith
Prod. Co.:	Black Hat Prods. Inc.
		11604-91 St.
		Edmonton, AB   T5B 4B1
		(403) 474-0884

Born Hutterite is to enjoy security from the cradle to the
grave, and eternal salvation thereafter, so they say.  But it
is a world devoid of individual choices, a world where
conformity is moe important than thought, expression or
spiritual exploration.


Prod.:	Alex Waring
Dir.:	Andrew Watt
Prod. Co.:	Comm.bat Films Inc.
		55 Sudbury St.
		Toronto, ON    M6J 3S7
		(416) 588-4003

This is the debut music video for both Leahy and Direction/D.O.
P. Andrew Watt.  Leahy's engaging talent is visually expressed
in stylized performance that highlights fiddle and step dancing.


Prod./Dir.: Chris Triffo
Prod. Co.:	Forge Interactive Inc.
		2352 Smith St.
		Regina, SK   S4P 2P6
		(306) 525-6361

Saskatchewan residents living abroad or in remote areas within
the province or Canada and rely on Sask. Education to provide a
high quality educational program.  This CD ROM is used
extensively by the students of the correspondence school.

BEST SCIENCE/NATURE sponsored by Knowledge Network

Prod.:	Eric Michel
Dir.:	Catherine Fol
Prod. Co.:	National Film Board of Canada
		3155 Cote de Liesse
		St. Laurent, PQ   H4N 2N4

Respected astronomers remind us that we are transient
inhabitants of a fragile planet.


Prod.:	Michael Haslund Christensen
Dir.:	Jacob Thuesen
Prod. Co.:	Atlas Film
		Vermundsgade 40
		DK-2100 Copenhagen O
	 	(45) 3929 4060

John Diresta is a NYPD cop working in the subway and he hates
his job.

Bruce Leitl for BEST MUSIC

Prod.:	Ric Kokotovich/Julie Trimingham
Dir.:	Julie Trimingham
Prod. Co.:	Cracker Films
		101-7th St. NE
		Calgary, AB   T2E 4B8
		(403) 228-5779

Judith is haunted by memories of a childhood friend during a
dark drive home.

David Hewlett for BEST PERFORMANCE

Prod.:	Steve Hoban
Dir.:	Vincenzo Natalie
Prod. Co.:	Canadian Film Centre
		2489 Bayview Ave.
		North York, ON M2L 1A8
		(416) 445-1446

A routine elevator ride becomes a living hell when Ellen is
trapped with two men, one claiming that he is saving them from
an alien invasion. ...Are there really monsters?  Ellen is
doomed to discover the truth.

BEST OF SASKATCHEWAN sponsored by SaskFilm

Prod.:	Jeff Beesley/Doug Patterson
Dir.:	Jeff Beesley
Prod. Co.:	Light Over Canvas Prods.
		4-2212 Cornwall St.
		Regina, SK   S4P 2K9
		(306) 569-3834

Buckle your sear belts as Percy and Bobby McGee, a thrity-foot
motorhome and a cadillac El Dorado convertible rumble through
America en route to a date with the launch of the Space Shuttle
Columbia in beautiful Coco Beach, Florida.


Prod.:	Michael Doxtater/Carol Geddes/Jerry
Dir.:	Loretta Todd
Prod. Co.:	National Film Board of Canada
		3155 Cote de Liesse
		St. Laurent, PQ H4N 2N4
		(514) 283-9805/06

This is the story of Canada's aboriginal war veterans.  More
than fifty years after the end WWII, aboriginal people continue
to fight for the recognition of their veteran's rights.

SPECIAL JURY AWARDS sponsored by Yorkton Rotary Club

Prod.:	Hilary Jones-Farrow/Jill Swartz
Dir.:	Hilary Jones-Farrow
Prod. Co.:	The May Street Group
		1274 May St.
		Victoria, BC   V8V 2T2
		(604) 380-6656

This broadcase documentary reveals the life work of Winipeg's
Anne Ross.  For 50 years she pioneered health care delivery in
the community.  The establishment loathed her.  The people
loved her.

Prod.:	Mary Daniel
Dir.:	Ileana Peitrobruno/Bo Myers/Seanna
	McPherson/Mary Daniel/Claudia
	Morgado Escanilla
Prod. Co.:	Cineworks Independent
		Filmmakers Society
		300-1131 Howe St.
		Vancouver, BC   V6Z 2L7
		(604) 685-3841

The theme of "sensuality" is whimsically explored in this
package of six short films by six female filmmakers, who were
each asked to peek at, tune into, touch on, sniff, savour and
intuit on one of the six senses.

Prod.:	Diane Ngui-Yen
Dir.:	Diane Ngui-Yen
Prod. Co.:	CBC
		P.O. Box 500, Station "A"
		Toronto, ON  M5W 1E6
		(416) 205-6719

What does it mean to be a man?  In a Man's Man, three fathers,
a retired naval officer, a a doctor, and a school teacher,
share the feelings and insights that they experienced when
learning that their sons are gay.

Prod.:	Linda Ohama
Dir.:	Linda Ohama
Prod. Co.:	Wild Horse Prods. Ltd.
		3808 West 31 Ave.
		Vancouver, BC   V6S 1Y3
		(604) 224-1516

Award winning filmmaker, Linda Ohama, captures the essence of
the prairies in this production.

Prod.:	Vancouver School Board
Dir.:	Claudia Ferris
Prod. Co.:	Vancouver School Board
		1595 w. 10th Ave.
		Vancouver. BC    V6J 1Z8
		(604) 713-5182

This is one of a series designed to encourage parents to get
involved in their children's education.

Prod.:	Micheal Allder
Dir.:	Peter Lynch
Prod. Co.:	National Film Board of Canada
		3155 Cote de Liesse
		St. Laurent, PQ   H4N 2N4
		(514) 283-9805/06

He has a dream...and it has six-inch claws.

Prod.:	Cimon Charest
Dir.:	Cimon Charest
Prod. Co.:	Les Productions Amonis
		844, Avenue Cartier
		Quebec, PQ   G1R 2R9
		(418) 525-7316

In a devastating ecological future a young man must leave to
research the essential-liquid necessary n the functioning of
the respiratory system, which is keeping him alive.  Following
an accident, the instrument breaks, lessening his chances of

Prod./Dir.:  Goutman Alexandre
Prod. Co.:	Kolomenskaya
		Str. 28, Apr. 9
		Sankt-Petersburg 	191119
		(812) 164 5591

The huge territory of Russia is filled with monuments.  They
have different faces, but they have the same body.

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Jan 192011

Check out these independant film images:

20080613 HG_61

20080613 HG_71

20080613 HG_5

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Jan 172011

Evanston, IL (PRWEB) July 13, 2006

Pawky, a short film distribution and consumer media company, today, launched its new service, pawky.com, which allows people to watch short film, upload video, and take part in an online community of filmmakers and web users alike.

“We showcase hand-picked, award-winning short film that is not readily available to the general public through any other online venue,” said Paul Birman, Pawky co-founder and Vice President of Operations. “We also provide people with a chance to organize and display their own work, which may be in the form of video, images and a variety of other mediums.”

Users watch and rate featured short films and upload their own videos from camcorders, digital cameras, cell phones and other devices. These users can, then, spread these films and their own videos to their family and friends as well as their extended online social network.

After the free and simple registration process, Pawkers, as members of the site are known, can create a customized profile, start and participate in forums, maintain a blog, add favorite films and videos to their profiles and spread these clips to others in their extended network.

The Viewer and the Critic

The number of film festivals showing short film has risen in recent years as short film’s popularity continues to grow. Other than festivals, though, the venues where filmmakers can take their innovative and original work is limited. Pawky features and distributes entertaining short films, which people might otherwise never see.

“It is like an ongoing film festival where the audience can interact with the filmmakers on their own terms,” said Alexander Oleynikov, Pawky co-founder and President. “It’s a perpetual question and answer session.”

Pawkers and web users alike can search for short films within several categories and also by tags. After they watch the film, they can rate it, write a review and contact the director or crew. These professionals maintain profiles on the site.

The Director and the Producer

The world of online video has exploded during the past few months. The web is inundated with video of everything from daily occurrences, to freak accidents to news events.

Pawky allows its members the convenience to collect and organize these videos on their profiles. Pawkers can spread these videos or keep them private, exclusively available to their friends. These videos co-exist with the professional short films featured on the site, but are distinct and separate.

“We have something that sites such as YouTube cannot offer,” added Birman. “We have professional short films that are meant to be watched and discussed.”

The Pawker

Pawky effectively fuses all the short film sites, viral video hubs and community sites into an aesthetically pleasing and intimate setting.

“Pawky houses content that you cannot see anywhere else on the web,” Oleynikov said. “It does more than simply entertain you for a minute. These films are carefully crafted and intended to make people question the world and think about issues differently, as well as entertain.”

Birman and Oleynikov said that the ideal Pawker is an individual who is not afraid to take a glimpse at the world through an artist’s eyes.

Oleynikov added, “Short film, in general, possesses the ability to take the viewer out of their own time and place, if only for a few minutes, and delve into issues and ideas that they would normally not have the opportunity to ponder.”    

About Pawky

Founded in Oct. 2005, Pawky, which dictionary.com defines as “shrewd and cunning, often in a humorous manner” in Olde English, is a web-based distribution portal for short film and video.

It also serves as an on-line community where filmmakers and Pawkers can interact, upload video to their profiles, create image galleries, post blogs, and much more. Featured Short Film and Animation is available for viewing on the home page and in a separate section of the website, with new content added weekly.

These films will be ad-supported and free for everyone, including non-members. Featured content is also distributed to such outlets as airlines, hand-held devices, on-demand TV units and other sources.

Its unique style and originality will catapult pawky.com to the top of the consumer media market.

For further information:

Elina Miller

elina @ pawky.com




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Jan 162011

The Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) was first launched back in 2004 and since then has gone on to become one of the most popular film festivals in the world. The original theme; Bridging Cultures, Meetings Minds, has been a concept that has been at the forefront of the festival’s culture since the beginning and one that continues to draw people around the Middle East and beyond to enjoy the films on offer.

The vision of the film festival is to lead in building cultural understanding through creative achievement in film. This vision is something that has been attributed to the remarkable growth of the film festival both in terms of the number of films shown and the number of attendees.

From humble beginnings in 2004, the DIFF has seen its admissions more than double. In 2004 admissions were at just over 22,000 people, however, by 2008 they were close to 50,000.

Of course the success in the film industry is not only attributed to the number of spectators but also the number of industry registrants which has again more than doubled, from 750 in 2004 to more than 1800 industry members in 2008.

Alongside the plethora of film makers, script writers, actors and other industry officials, the Dubai International Film Festival also attracts attention from the press and news industry. In 2004, the number of journalists, reporters and other press registrants was a mere 450 however by 2008 this had almost tripled to a staggering 1165.

Of course for the Dubai International Film Festival, the success of the festival is not in its ability to attract industry officials or members of the press, although this is certainly a sign of its ongoing success. No, with a vision to bring cultures together under the umbrella of film, success for the Dubai International Film Festival lies in its ability to grow the number of international registrants.

In 2004, 27 countries were represented, however by 2008 this had grown to 66 a number that the DIFF is continuously trying to expand upon.

The success of the film festival has no doubt had a majorly positive impact on the already booming tourist industry. With nearly 50,000 film lovers in 2008 this helped to fill the restaurants and luxury Dubai spa hotels.

The sixth Dubai International Film Festival will run in December 2010.

India International Film Festival comes to South Beach
India International Festival is here to take you into the magical world of India Indian films and Indian culture. Through the India International film Festival attendees will be treated to the magic of Bollywood films, regional films, short films and documentaries. Spectators will also be able to preview movies created by film makers of Indian [...]

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Jan 162011

A few nice movie images I found:

The Movie Project meets Venetia: V:003 – Perspective

Technical info

Location: Riva Schiavoni in front of San Giorgio island, Venice, Italy
Lens: Nikkor 24-70mm (ƒ/2.8G) — ƒ/2.8
Shoot: ISO 640 | 1/40s — full manual
Filters: none
Strobist: SB-900 on camera (-2 stop)

The Story:

Hi there!

This evening there is a new shoot from the new project "The Movie Project meets: Venetia" from the "The Movie Project meets:" series.

Today I wish to show you a new view of the San Marco’s basin.

The island you’re viewing behind the dock is San Giorgio Island and the Redentore’s Church on the right, at the end of the dock.

This is how the sunset could be here, in the most magical city all over the world. ;)

Transformers Jazz G1 vs. Jazz Movie

Transformers Jazz G1 (Meister Encore Reissue) vs. Jazz Movie Deluxe


Great Placements in Movie History

Movie fans will appreciate how well placed this is

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Jan 132011
short film
by vancouverfilmschool

Promotional tools are necessary to attract film enthusiast to watch your college short film. These tools also give your short film the chance to be recognized by short film festivals. Aside from tarpaulins, posters are also the effective tools to use in promoting your short film, because posters have the ability to communicate your information and offer great visual to your audience. If utilized properly, your posters can give your short film the attention it deserves.

•    Organize your information. Decide on the information that you want to include on your posters, so you will know where to place them. You should also know what information should come first. Knowing where the information should be placed will make it easier for you to come up with an organized over-all presentation of your posters. Try to make posters online by uploading your texts and graphics. You can also check poster templates online and get inspiration from the layouts.

•    Use legible text. Remember that your posters must be readable even from a distance, so always use readable and simple fonts. But if you have to use weird fonts for art’s sake, then make sure that the size and font color will make the texts legible.

•    Decide on the location of your posters. Look for high traffic areas in your school to make sure that the posters will get noticed. Your efforts will be put to waste if your posters are not noticeable by your audience.

•    Choose the right images. Your images should have the power to tell a story to catch your audience’s attention. Remember that the images on your poster are the first thing that your audience notices, so see to it that the images you use are powerful and eye-catching.

•    Avoid clutter. Never go overboard in designing your poster, because too many texts and images can confuse your audience. Just keep your message simple and your images limited.

•    Use harmonious colors. Be careful in combining colors, because wrong color combination can distract your audience. The appearance of your texts and visuals should also be clear and vibrant, so it is best to have your posters printed by a reputable online printer that is an expert on color prints. With their expertise in full-color printing, you can be confident that your posters will be effective promotional tools for your college short film.

This a short film from Neill Blomkamp, which the movie District 9 is based off of. Neill Blomkamp was originally set to produce the halo movie, which is now on hold indenfinitely.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Jan 132011

Check out these hollywood movie images:

DJ Booth At Hollywood Forever Cemetery Movie Screening – Funny Face 061309
hollywood movie

Hollywood Forever Cemetery Movie Screening 052409
hollywood movie

DJ Booth at Hollywood Forever Cemetery Movie Screening 052409
hollywood movie

More Hollywood Movie Images

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Jan 132011

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 10, 2006

Harlem Globetrotters, Panhandlers, and the China cultural revolution at Tiananmen Square rarely share anything in common – except for an Oscar Nomination. Distributed by Passion River Films, these independent films are compiled in the new DVD release: HARDWOOD / RYAN / SUNRISE OVER TIANANMEN SQUARE: Unique Award Winning Short Films.

In “Hardwood,” documentary filmmaker Hubert Davis, son of former Harlem Globetrotter Mel Davis, explores how his father’s decisions affected his life and those of his extended family. At its core, this Oscar nominated documentary validates the power of redemption and healing the bonds between father and son.

Academy Award Winner for Best Animated short film, “Ryan” is an independent film tribute to Canadian animator Ryan Larkin who produced some of the most influential animated films of his time. Today, Ryan lives on welfare and panhandles for spare change in downtown Montreal. Director Chris Landreth questions how an artistic genius can tumble into life on the streets in this animated short film.

“Sunrise Over Tiananmen Square” offers a personal documentary of political upheaval in China through a rich collage of original artwork and archival photographs. China born director Shui-Bo Wang illustrates his family’s ordeal during the Cultural Revolution, and his experience during the chaos of the Tiananmen Square uprising decades later in this Oscar nominated documentary.

This new DVD release of Academy Award nominated independent films and documentaries is available on March 28th at retailers and on-line stores nationwide.

To schedule interviews with Director Hubert Davis or to request a screener copy for these independent films, please contact Dante Guintu, 732-321-0711 x175.

Click here to view each independent film and documentary trailer in this DVD. To download a media kit for these independent films or to request a DVD screener, please contact Dante Guintu.

About the distributor Passion River Films:

Since 1998, Passion River Films has been devoted to acquiring, distributing, and representing unique independent films and documentaries. As a film distributor, they also offer marketing services to filmmakers self-distributing their independent film. For more information, visit www.PassionRiver.com.

Passion River Films publicity contact:

Dante Guintu, VP Marketing & Film Distribution

732-321-0711 x175

416 Main Street, 2nd Floor

Metuchen, NJ 08840

(f) 732-321-4105

# # #

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