Sep 192011
short film
by Canadian Film Centre

Surefire hints to enhance your playing golf short Game
The short game, also acknowledged since the pitch, may be probably the most specialized element of golfing. Regardless of the actuality which you are good on the playing golf short game, you are possible to hold out an amazing offer better and possess a reduced score. By subsequent the playing golf short film game hints below it could certainly help you enhance your golfing and be certain that it will consider fewer strokes to finish the hole.

The short film game is sometimes ignored and individuals concentrate and exercise the extended film game harder. The short film game is difficult contemplating that from the technicalities enclosed and requires up an amazing offer much more time to master. However, with these superb tips, you could have no trouble in stepping up a notch and getting an professional golfer.

There are two type of pitches enclosed inside the short game. These pitches depend for the range which you are away from your green. The even more you are apart away from your pin the lengthier your swing will be. Regardless of the actuality which you are near to the fringe from the eco-friendly that is regardless of the actuality which you may be chipping and that is outside from the scope of the article. On this educational article I will concentrate on pitches of 30 yards or much less and individuals of 100 to 30 yards away.

You have used the huge swing and landed the ball within 100 yards from the hole. Now you need to think about a swing on the ball. Right here will be the surefire hints for that short film game that will help you receive the ball closer in the direction of the pin.
Inside 30 Yards

For this pitch you desire to presume a neutral grip. What I signify with a neutral grip may be the actuality that regardless of the actuality which you appear right down at your arms as they grip the club you must develop to possess the ability to ascertain two knuckles from the left hand (right hand for that left hander’s). You need to really be also griping the club right down on the carry out from the grip and near in the direction of the shaft.

For your stance you desire to area your ft merely a tiny much lower than shoulder width apart and hold out the ball inside the center of your stance. Your arms must develop to be merely a tiny forward from the ball as well as you left (right for lefties) must develop to be slightly pointed out about 25 to 35 degrees as well as one other foot about 10 to 15 degrees.

Your knees should be flexed when you handle the ball as well as your knees, hips and must develop to be perpendicular in the direction of the target. Your unwanted weight must develop to be about sixty % in the direction of the left foot for right-handers as well as the opposite for that lefthanders.

For the traditional pitch shot you desire to deliver the club back again by cocking the wrists right up until the shaft from the club is parallel in the direction of the ground. Then you certainly desire to stick to through the use of right up until the shaft from the club is perpendicular in the direction of the ground. Remember the stick to trough is vital since it helps to be specific how the club mind is acceleration through the use of the ball.

The clubs you will use to this shot will differ using the circumstances. Regardless of the actuality which you would like an important pitch then you certainly would use a wedge or one more lofted taylormade burner 2.0 irons For just about any reduced pitch you can possibly desire to select a 7, 8, or 9 iron. You need to remember how the reduced the pitch the much more run you will get once the ball hits the green.
Inside 100 Yards

For this shot you will much greater than possible be picking a wedge for just about any club. This club is perfect for this sort of pitch. Wedges appear in several different degrees of loft which means you need to exercise to ascertain which wedge you really feel comfy with for that range you are at.

For this shot you are going too arranged up an amazing offer like you do for that pitch shot 30 yards and below using many exceptions. To accomplish this you need to really widen your stance to about your shoulder width and grip your club inside the standard manner, much more up in the direction of the carry out from the grip. Your unwanted weight distribution must develop to be identical or slightly in the direction of the back again foot.

Once you have build the handle placement you will merely should turn and swing back again right up until your arms are parallel in the direction of the soil as well as the Taylormade R9 Forged Irons is perpendicular in the direction of the ground. Away from your backswing you desire to turn and swing through the use of in unison right up until the carry out in which you will appear throughout almost all of your unwanted weight for the front foot as well as the club above your mind and parallel in the direction of the ground.

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Sep 182011

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“Night of Adventure” Goes Viral – Reaches Top Spot On

New York, NY (PRWEB) December 7, 2007

iCatcher Films, LLC announced today that its latest film, “Night of Adventure”, a tongue-in-cheek short, is world-premiering on the Internet. “Night of Adventure” is currently the #1 video on Blowtorch, and may be viewed at

“Night of Adventure” entered the Blowtorch Top 25 soon after it was submitted, and has now risen to the top spot. The winning Blowtorch videos will be included in “Blowtorch Shorts”, which will be exhibited in movie theaters across the U.S. in Spring 2008.

“Night of Adventure” is about a mother of three or four children whose plans for a night of adventure are thwarted by a handsome stranger. Written by Steven Barritz and directed by New York University MFA graduate I-fan Quirk, “Night of Adventure” dissects the elements of storytelling in just three minutes. Mr. Quirk’s feature length film “Being Claudine” won First Prize, Best Director at the Rhode Island International Film Festival, was a Feature Film Winner at the Telluride Indiefest Film Festival, and was the Grand Prize Winner at the Edmonds International Film Festival. It also received four stars from Chris Gore in his review on Film Threat, and was awarded the Warner Bros. Post Production Award and the Tisch School of the Arts Dean’s Award.

About “Night of Adventure”

Cast and shot entirely in New York City, “Night of Adventure” has a running time of 3 minutes.

Produced by iCatcher Films LLC

Directed by: I-fan Quirk

Written by: Steven Barritz

Producer: Joanna Rudolph

Co-Producer: David Alexander Papiasvili

Director of Photography: Evan Muehlbauer

Assistant Director: David Alexander Papiasvili

Sound Recorder: Kenneth Jackson

Editor: Russell Dreher


Man: Brandon McCluskey

Woman: Grace Savage

Kidnapper: Ralph Cavallo

About iCatcher Films, LLC

Formed in 2003, and headquartered in Manhattan, iCatcher produces short films of merit. Yin/Yang,” iCatcher’s prior film short, premiered at the Los Angeles International Shorts Film Festival, one of the largest short film festivals in the world.


Joanna Rudolph


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Sep 162011
Schedule of events

Thursday May 22

9 am – 5 pm: Telefilm Canada presents Mini-Cinema, Godfrey Dean Art Gallery

Delegates can select and screen any film entered in this year’s festival.

9.30 am: Partners in Motion Student Day, Sacred Heart High School

This full-day workshop for high school emerging film makers is led by Chris Triffo of Partners In Motion. This is an intensive introduction to the filmmaking process. Students will receive a brief lecture on the process and then break into groups to create storyboards and scripts. They go out into the field to shoot the script, edit it, and present it to the group at the end of the day.

10 am – 11.30 am: Filmpool Screenings, Godfrey Dean Cultural Centre

Screenings of productions by independent Saskatchewan filmmakers, sponsored by Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative:

Tumbleweed by Angela Edmunds, 9 minutes
3 Minute Miracle by Amalie Atkins, 12 minutes
Home Time by Brian Gray, 2 minutes
Surviving the Tribulation by Dylan Werts and Brent Braaten, 7 minutes
Prairie Farmers Jeans by Clark Ferguson, 9 minutes
The Whole Day Through by Adam Budd, 10 minutes
Your Tube by Dave Turcotte

1.30 pm – 4.30 pm: SCN Screening, Godfrey Dean Cultural Centre

15 Minutes of Fame is a popular series running on SCN. Local independent and community filmmakers create shorts on topics in and about their communities. The screening is expected to draw a good amount of Saskatchewan residents and emerging filmmakers.

5 pm – 7 pm: Tailgate Party in downtown Yorkton sponsored by the Yorkton Business Improvement District.
7 pm: Screenings of Back in ‘93 and Season of Dreams

All delegates and the public are invited to wear their favorite team’s jersey, enjoy a BBQ, and take in free screenings, starting at 7 pm at the Army and Navy Club Rooms, 43 Broadway Street East (half a block from the Tailgate Party). Featured are the films Back in ‘93 by Mark Montefiore and Season of Dreams.

Back in ‘93, narrated by George Stroumboulopoulos is about a 10-year-old boy’s coming of age as a closet Montreal Canadians fan growing up in Toronto Maple Leafs loving southern Ontario during the 1993 Stanley Cup Finals.

Season of Dreams is a feature-length documentary that explores Saskatchewan’s love affair with football following a rural six-man high school football team, the Hague Panthers, and an urban twelve-man high school team, the Holy Cross Crusaders, as they prepare and ultimately play out their own season of dreams. Threaded throughout the film are compelling exclusive interviews with Saskatchewan football legends and several well known sportscasters.

The Festival Lounge, located at the Army and Navy Club Rooms, 43 Broadway St. East, will be open to all delegates wishing to mingle, unwind, pick up a guitar and have some fun, from sundown to closing.

Friday May 23:

All day: Telefilm Outreach

Telefilm’s Outreach tour will be at the Festival. Pre-bookings with Telefilm staff required.

8.30 am – 5 pm: SMPIA’s Career Development Program presents Directors Workshop with Stephen Hall, Best Western Parkland Inn

A general overview of issues associated with directing a scripted project (comedy or drama). Eight hours long, consisting of four two-hour sessions separated by breaks and lunch, covering the following subjects:

Blocking — preparation for shooting a scene
Working with Actors — giving playable direction
Axis and Eye line — shooting a table scene
Order of Operation — Why you usually shoot the wide shot first
Scheduling — Making the most of the time you have to get the shot, the scene, the sequence and the show.
The script — what to pay attention to and what to ignore.
Story beats and intention — Why the text of the dialogue can sometimes be irrelevant.
The other half of “directing” — Interestingly, the title “director” only describes half of the job of a director. The other half involves “observing”
Coverage — How to get editors to love you
Sound issues — Ignore them at your peril
Learning how to ask for what you want — (hint: you first need to KNOW what you want)
Art department issues — don’t ask for the impossible. Remember the Good/Cheap/Fast triangle (pick any two)

9 am – 5 pm: Telefilm Canada presents Mini-Cinema, Godfrey Dean Art Gallery

Delegates can select and screen any film entered in this year’s festival.

10 am: Research Workshop, Best Western Parkland Inn

The what and how of research, led by Tobias Duggan.

10 am – 12 noon: Programmed Screenings, Godfrey Dean Cultural Centre

Nominated films will be screened at scheduled times with the filmmakers in attendance to answer questions.

1.30 pm: Publicity/Distribution Workshop, Best Western Parkland Inn

These days, it’s hard to get any interest from funding agencies without a distributor in place. How do you pitch to a distributor? Is it the same as a broadcaster? How do you know you have the right distributor? Once you have funding in place, how do you let people know about the production? Learn the intricacies of publicizing your production, what works and what doesn’t. How do you know you have a good publicist, and what should it cost? Presenters are Jennifer Chen of Ouat Media and Sarah Fedorchuk.

1.30 pm: Radical Dreamer: The Passionate Journey of Graham Spry, Godfrey Dean Cultural Centre

Free public screening of Radical Dreamer, less than a month after it makes its national television debut. This is a documentary film biography of one of the least known and most influential Canadians of the past century. Spry has been called “The Father of Canadian Broadcasting” for his hugely successful lobby to create a national public radio network in the 1930s. He published a series of influential magazines of cultural and social content during the 1930s. He organized Canada’s first national radio broadcast and lobbied two Prime Ministers into creating what became the CBC. Spry was instrumental in the creation of the CCF (NDP) party. His name is associated with the negotiations for the Independence of India, promotion of the Port of Churchill, the Canadian Wheat Board, universal medical care, pension plans, unemployment insurance, the Bank of Canada and many more of the social and political structures that define modern Canada. He was a friend and associate of Lester Pearson, Tommy Douglas, Norman Bethune, Frank Scott, Frank Underhill and many more of the great Canadians of his time.

3 pm – 4.30 pm: SCN Reception for Radical Dreamer, Godfrey Dean Cultural Centre

The board of SCN, which is meeting in Yorkton, will host a reception following the screening of Radical Dreamer.

6 pm: Perohi Proznik, Ukrainian Orthodox Auditorium

Come to the Perogy Party and get your fill of holopchi and perohi and enjoy the traditional Ukrainian dancers and entertainment, featuring the comedian Ivanka, sponsored by Farrell Agencies.

The Festival Lounge, located at the Army and Navy Club Rooms, 43 Broadway St. East, will be open to all delegates wishing to mingle, unwind, pick up a guitar and have some fun, from sundown to closing.

Saturday May 24

8 am – 11 am: Pitch and Putt, Deer Park Golf Course

Fun golf competition, with ample opportunity to get to know others and pitch ideas. Pre-registration required.

9 am: Legal/Insurance Workshop, Best Western Parkland Inn

Led by Claude Forest from Multimedia Risk and Patricia Warsaba from Robertson Stromberg Pedersen. Aimed at emerging filmmakers, this workshop will cover the basics of what’s required from a legal and insurance perspective. Find out how easy it is to get in trouble…

9 am – 5 pm: Telefilm Canada presents Mini-Cinema, Godfrey Dean Art Gallery

Delegates can select and screen any film entered in this year’s festival.

10 am – 11.30 am: Touring Reel Youth Film Festival, Godfrey Dean Cultural Centre

A program of short films produced by youth.

11.30 am: Pitch & Munch, Best Western Parkland Inn

New format this year! After a brief lunch to get to know our broadcasters, they will be available for one-on-one private sessions to talk about your project. Sessions will booked on a first come, first served basis.

1 pm – 5 pm: Programmed Screenings, Godfrey Dean Cultural Centre

Nominated films will be screened at scheduled times with the filmmakers in attendance to answer questions.

2 pm: In Conversation With…, Best Western Parkland Inn

Based on the Actor’s Studio format, moderated by Cavan Cunningham, the Mayor of Dog River on CTV’s Corner Gas, and featuring Arlene Duncan, who plays Fatima on CBC’s Little Mosque on the Prairie. They will discuss acting careers, acting methods, and the prairie brand of comedy.

5.30 pm: The Golden Sheaf Awards Gala, Best Western Parkland Inn

Honouring the best in Canadian short film, along with a gourmet dinner and entertainment. MCs are Lorne Cardinal and Tara Spencer-Nairn, the two-member Dog River police force on Corner Gas. Music by The Lazy MKs.

The Festival Lounge, located at the Army and Navy Club Rooms, 43 Broadway St. East, will be open to all delegates wishing to mingle, unwind, pick up a guitar and have some fun, from sundown to closing.

Sunday May 25

9 am – 12 noon: Telefilm Canada presents Mini-Cinema, Godfrey Dean Art Gallery

Delegates can select and screen any film entered in this year’s festival.

9 am – 3 pm: Screening of Winning Entries, Godfrey Dean Cultural Centre

Winning entries will be screened at the Godfrey Dean Centre. Free and open to the public and festival participants.

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Sep 162011

A few nice new release movie images I found:

Quentin Tarantino at the Castro for I Inglourious Basterds
new release movie

Soundtrack streaming (for now)

A french movie theater plays a big role in the film

Quentin Tarantino taking questions at the Castro after Inglourious Basterds
new release movie

Soundtrack streaming (for now)

A french movie theater plays a big role in the film

Quentin Tarantino introducing Inglourious Basterds at the Castro
new release movie

Soundtrack streaming (for now)

A french movie theater plays a big role in the film

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Sep 142011

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Aussie Comedy Film Honoured by Hollywood Screenwriter at Christopher Wetzel Comedy Film Awards Chicago

(PRWEB) May 11, 2005

The Gene Siskel Film Center at the School of Art Institute of Chicago has announced that from a field of 50 international shorts and feature films, and judged by Hollywood screenwriter Dana Olsen (“Inspector Gadget”, “George of the Jungle”, “The Burbs”), that Aussie short film THE BALL showed “exceptional promise and creativity in the comedy genre” and would receive an honourable mention in the annual Christopher Wetzel Comedy Film Awards which will be presented in Chicago on 25 June 2005.

The awards, in honour of Chicago film critic Christopher Wetzel, were established to support independent filmmakers in their efforts to explore the art of comedy on film.

A 35mm print of THE BALL will screen at the awards ceremony before a star studded audience and ChicagoÂ’s film elite. The gala evening, which includes a reception following the show, is a benefit for the educational programs of the Gene Siskel Film Center.

THE BALL starring Max Gillies as cricket loving Prime Minister Howard and Gabby Millgate as a soccer loving refugee has, since its release in 2003, screened at more than 60 international film festivals and received widespread acclaim. In 2004 the film was short listed for best short live action film in the 2004 Oscars race and nominated for a United Nations Media Peace award. More recently, the film was invited to screen for the Yale University film faculty in Connecticut, alma mater of Jodie Foster, the Cohen Bros and David Hyde Pierce, where the film was enthusiastically received. The film also recently screened along side director Vicky Jensen’s (“Shrek” “A Shark’s Tale”) first live action film at the River Run Film Festival in the U.S.

The film was written and directed by Anny Slater and co-produced with Lily Hamdan and Serafina Froio. Ms SlaterÂ’s second film The Adventures of Roman Pilgrim a 30 minute dance film will be released in July and has an impressive line up of Australian musical and comedic talent including a score by jazz impresario James Morrison. The film traces the antics of Roman Pilgrim as he leaves the Australian outback town of Hope down the Road of Life in search of his lost voice and the Songlines of the Earth. The film was shot in Tiboorburra 4 hours north of Broken Hill New South Wales Australia.

Contact: E: T: +612 98181813 F: +61298181213


Digital photos available on request


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Sep 132011

by coconut wireless

It’s a lonely boring day, the dvd rental shop is closed and you dont have enough energy to visit the nearest cinema hall. So, what you do now? Download latest movies over the internet and watch them? Oh Yeah! Seems like a good idea! You hurridely open your computer, search google for downloading free movies, you land up on a site, and just when you click “Download” the website starts asking for money, credit card details, where do you live, and how many dogs you have, etc, etc. Being frustrated and rebuked you close your computer, and go off to sleep. This is called waste of energy, time, and in some cases, money.

Isn’t there any solution to this problem?

Yes, there is! A couple of months ago a new website has been launched, it’s name is Gingle ( Now what’s new in that? The answer is everything. Unlike other movie downloading websites which charges you 15$ -16$ for downloading latest flicks and 8$ -9$ for downloading older counterparts, Gingle does’nt charge you anything!! Nor this site asks for any user registration, etc.

For downloading movies what you have to do is to just visit Gingle, go to download section, select your movie, and click the download button, save the movie to your computer and when download completes kick back, watch and relax!!. Can there be anything more easy and simple than that?

Gingle has the best aspects of a movie website:

1- NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED – Perhaps the first good reason why anyone should download movies from gingle. So, say good-bye to those websites which require you to enter your credit card details and deprieve you of your hard earned cash in the name of downloading movies.

2- LATEST MOVIES availiable – The Second best reason for downloading movies from gingle. Gingle ensures that it’s users get quality, free latest hollywood movies for download free of cost, so dont be surprised to see latest hollywood flicks on it’s download page, just after 2-3 days of their release.

3- NO ACCOUNT, NO FUSS – It is normal for people to forget their username or password, so for added bonus you dont even have to register with them, recieve their news letter etc, etc. Put into another words, visit,click,download and enjoy!

4- NO ADS – like other websites filled with advertising, popups, animation ads, etc gingle gives you a respite with it’s clean looks and no ad policy.

5- CAN’T FIND? REQUEST THEM – You cannot find your favourate movies? request for them in the movie request form, and see them added for download.

6- GINGLE TOOLBAR- Gingle wants it’s users to be updated with the movies being added to Gingle, so it provides a nifty toolbar known as “Gingle bar” this toolbar is a lightweight toolbar which not only provides you alerts on the new movies being added but also provides you links to the movie download section. The toolbar requires atleast FireFox 2.0 or Internet Explorer 6.0 (default with Windows Xp).

So, always remember that movies can always be downloaded from

And do tell about it to every idiot who goes around saying “Movies cant be downloaded for free from the internet”! – that’s what we believe in!

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Sep 132011

A few nice new release movie images I found:

Quentin Tarantino taking questions at the Castro after Inglourious Basterds
new release movie

Soundtrack streaming (for now)

A french movie theater plays a big role in the film

More New Release Movie Images

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Sep 102011
short film
by George M. Groutas

This past weekend, at the recommendation of a friend and colleague, I treated myself to a wonderful comedy/drama short about people and relationships, titled Socks and Cakes, a Woody Allen inspired short from writer / director Antonio Padovan.

Shot in New York City’s Greenwich Village, the fifteen minute film takes a comic and dramatic look at the jealousies and frustrations that arise between five friends who have gathered together for a dinner party. They flirt. They drink. They argue. They talk about love, sex and life. They come for a lamb dinner and red wine, but some of the characters end up walking away with so much more.

I have to tell you that even for a fifteen minute short film, I saw a beginning, a middle and an end…and found it all utterly charming and even a little moving. I’ll take a film like this over  3-D any day of the week.

Writer / director Padovan’s film stars an immensely talented actor named Timothy J. Cox (his delivery and demeanor reminiscent of a young Richard Dreyfuss) as Harry, a downtrodden literature professor who still has very strong feelings for his ex-wife Amanda, played by the luminous Kirsty Meares.

Meares’ Amanda is now married to Harry’s best friend Richard (Jeff Moffitt), but there’s trouble in Richard and Amanda’s marriage, although Amanda tries to put on a brave face as the party she and Richard are planning is about to start. Aside from Harry, the other guests expected to attend are cocky real estate giant David (Ben Prayz) and his young girlfriend, the seductive Sophie (Alex Vincent). Upon meeting Sophie, Richard is quite taken with her and his nowhere near subtle flirtations with her begin. Harry is also fascinated by Sophie, but more for the fact that she’s with an idiot like David (his words). Harry’s dislike of David stems, I imagine, from his suspicions that David and Amanda were intimate in the past; a fact Amanda confirms in the films’ final and best scene. In it, Amanda, in a wine fueled rage, admits to Harry that her marriage to Richard is ending and that her future is uncertain.

Socks and Cakes is not a film about solving life’s problems; it’s a film about simply addressing those life problems, which people commonly don’t like to do. The problems that these characters face in the film, issues with commitment, insecurity and trust, don’t get solved quickly, certainly not in fifteen minutes, but in Padovan’s film, we see a glimpse…a sign, a hope that people like Harry and Amanda are going to take the steps to make it better. 

Padovan’s script weaves between sharp and funny word play, especially when all five characters sit for dinner and muse on various topics, to some very moving and dramatic revelations about the insecurities that we all feel about where our lives have gone and where they have not. At fifteen minutes, Padovan shows us some very interesting characters. 

Shot in continuous takes, the film moves at a crisp pace, with scenes flowing nicely from one to the next. Credit for the stellar camera work goes to director of photography Alessandro Penazzi, whose work impresses here. 

All of the performances are spot on. This is a true ensemble piece, although Cox and Meares are exceptional…especially Cox, who manages to bring considerable warmth and charm to the role of the hapless schnook Harry.

Socks and Cakes is not a film that you’re likely going to see at a movie theatre near you, although I hope that big things happen for the film in the future.

According to, the film has received great reviews across the board from numerous sites on the internet.

If you wish to view the film yourself, visit the films’ official website at



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Sep 102011

xml:lang=”en” lang=”en” xmlns=””>

VersusMedia’s Short Film Contest Seeks Entries

(PRWEB) May 23, 2005

VersusMedia is seeking entries for their first ever “Film Versus Music” ten minute film short contest starting on June 1st. Just as the name says, we want this film short contest to glorify the usage of music in film! It is our hope that this contest will help spread the benefit of musicians and filmmakers working together with a common goal, exposure. Usage of music in film can come from a wide range of film topics and genres, so we are not requiring a set theme to the film submissions.

The contest is open to any and all filmmakers worldwide. All films submitted in our contest are requested to use music from at least one independent musician. To support this need, filmmakers are recommended to use our “film seeking music” project listing service to locate their music needs. To date, we’ve assisted nearly 700 film projects worldwide with their music needs from our core database of musicians looking for exactly these types of opportunities.

To help eliminate extra costs for clearing the necessary music, we will be offering every musician and filmmaker in our database the ability to create One Free Digital Film License Agreement using our site throughout the duration of this contest.

Winners: We will name one Grand Prize winning film, which will receive a check for $ 1,000 US. Along with the winner, nine runner-up films will be placed on a professional DVD which will be made available for purchase early in 2006.

Requirements: The entry fee of $ 25 as well as a printed and signed copy of the release forms should be submitted with each film entry.

For further information regarding this contest, please visit the following webpage.

Sponsors: We are interested in speaking with film or music oriented companies looking to possibly donate service and/or product in exchange for sponsorship. Please contact us if you are interested.

About VersusMedia

Our service lists multiple types of film projects not limited to Film School student projects, small budget Indie Films, Digital Short Films, Corporate Projects and Films, and TV show pilots. It helps build a network base which may lead to future opportunities with larger budgets, rather than instant success and money. We’ve helped find music for films in India, Australia, the Netherlands, Canada, and as well as in the US. Some of the larger projects have been for films slated for Sundance, Cannes, and other international film festivals. We now offer, Digital Film License Agreements, a unique technology which allows our musicians and filmmakers the ability to legally sign licensing agreements electronically, and meets all security requirements in over 30 countries currently.

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Sep 072011
short film
by Max Sparber

Jazz pianist, Kyoko Oyobe, leads the late night jam session in New York City, Lower Eastside’s newest bar, cafe and jazz venue, The Moldy Fig, Tuesday nights in July. The establishment presents it’s jazz offering with an assortment of casual diversions like chess, shuffleboard, Scrabble, and backgammon, and a small plate menu from the kitchen. Poets will feel welcome in this Lower East Side element. Kyoko Oyobe who writes original compositions, is from Okayama, Japan, and has released her first album, ‘Cookin’ at Smalls’, recorded live at Smalls Jazz Club in Greenwich Village, now available on the web at cdbaby.


Taking place in New York City through July 9 to celebrate its 12th Anniversary, Latin Alternative Music Conference is geared towards the marketing of Spanish-language alternative music. A connected SummerStage event in Central Park on July 6 features performances by Spanish music standouts Jarabe De Palo, Mexican songstress Ely Guerra, Afro-Peruvian electronica folk artist Novalima and Miami’s DJ Mr. Pauer. A July 8 panel (one of several) addresses, “Patrons of the Arts: Who Are Today’s Music Investors?”


An upcoming series is geared towards producing web series and new media content, in a crash course format, and is coming to New York City. Taught by Emmy-winning professionals and union reps, participants will learn how to create, market, distribute, and monetize a successful web series. The classes cover everything from strategy and pitch to advertising and promotional strategies. WTVW is including the Showbiz Labor Guide, a comprehensive software program for budgets, labor laws, and union contracts, using easy to understand terms. The Showbiz Store is the retail division of Media Services that caters to the specific technology needs of the media and entertainment industry.


It is fairly well known that The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge — aka Prince William and Kate Middleton — have recently been traveling throughout North America, with stops throughout Canada and California. The couple is also slated to be on hand for the Variety Venture Capital New Media Summit on July 8 in Beverly Hills. Variety’s Summit will explore how the investment community is driving technology innovation that is critical for the growth of the evolving entertainment industry. At the Summit, top financiers, studio leaders and start-up founders will debate how best to keep this momentum going, creating new media services and products that cross growing numbers of platforms and devices.


The Artivist Film Festival and Artivist Awards are produced by The Artivist Collective, Inc., a charitable organization creating this platform for artists to share  inspirational and informative films with the world. As an avenue for filmmakers to screen their unique, socially-conscious films to the general public, Artivist works interchangeably with the artists and their causes. Filmmakers come together through the organization to share resources, collaborate, and network with other artists and entertainment industry professionals. According to the organization this process has also led to funding agreements for future film projects. Screenings from July 8-10 will take place in cities: Austin, Atlanta, Chicago, Sedona, Seattle, Washington D.C. August will have screenings in Hollywood, and September will will move to New York City.


Anyone can join the Florida Chapter and fellow music community members in Miami for a casual networker hosted by Florida Chapter Board Governor, Serona Elton. Slated for every second Tuesday of the month, attendees can enjoy complimentary hors d’oeuvres and 2 for 1 drink specials on beverages until 8:30 pm, courtesy of Eden South Beach. There’s always free admission for Recording Academy members and anyone who would like to learn about or join The Recording Academy.


BMI is a sponsor of the Kauai Music Festival, a four-day undertaking in the art of songwriting held on the island of Kauai, beginning July 13. Through the one-on-one meetings, small group sessions, workshops, panel discussions, open mic activities, and other planned events, festival participants will be able to consult and get feedback directly from the songwriting pros staffing the festival. In addition to the annual Songwriter Conference, the KMF organizes and hosts other educational, networking, and showcase events throughout the year such as the KMF Songwriter Search, an annual songwriting contest with the winner getting free attendance to the annual KMF Songwriter Conference.


A July 18 Grammy Awards 101 Musical Achievement Workshop is a presentation of the Recording Academy Pacific Northwest and Los Angeles Chapters set to be held in Honolulu. GRAMMY Awards 101 + MusiCares Outreach will be an information session on: Recently Announced Awards Restructuring, important information about the 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards, important upcoming dates and deadlines, explanation of eligibility for submitted product, how to submit product for GRAMMY consideration, step-by-step narrative of what each submission goes through once it has been submitted into the awards process.


Casual Connect is the place to learn more about an industry that entertains 300 million people each month. So from July 19-21, learn all about iPhone, Social, Android, Flash, Browser MMO and Download Games, at Casual Connect Seattle 2011. Casual Games Association produces the Casual Connect event annually. And it’s not just learning workshops. Some slated networking events include: Pre-funk party hosted by Mochi Media, a relaxed, loungy party beer/wine/cocktails/light snacks; Minna Mingle hosted by EA Partners, a drink in the Grand Lobby after the final session in the Taper Auditorium; Official Casual Connect Party hosted by OpenFeint, with bowling, billiards, drinks and appetizers; another Minna Mingle hosted by TransGaming, presented Happy Hour style with beer, wine, cocktails; Official Casual Connect Party hosted by WildTangent, a lounge party with beer, wine, cocktails and appetizers taking place at the Seattle Aquarium.


Summer NAMM 2011 is the music products industry’s mid-year event showcasing the latest gear, sound and lighting technology, influential companies and the newest brands. Join music educators, students, parents, music advocates, recording professionals and houses of worship music leaders at the international music products industries’ mid-year gathering. Happening in Nashville, July 21-23, attend and get connected with other industry members at the NAMM Young Professionals event during Summer NAMM. Join the group at the Wildhorse Saloon on July 21 starting from 6:30 pm. NAMM, the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM), is the not-for-profit association that unifies, leads and strengthens the billion global music products industry.


Since its commencement in 1951, Melbourne International Film Festival has developed into Australia’s largest film event. MIFF hosts an assemblage of cinematic productions from over 50 countries for seventeen days (July 21 to August 7) each Winter (Australian winter), embellished with a slate of parties and special events that has been known to create a celebratory mood throughout the city. Separately and to its own merit, the Regent Theatre has been and continues to be home to many world renowned theatre productions including Disney’s The Lion King, We Will Rock You, and Singin’ in the Rain.


A compressed summary of the activity laden Action On Film International Film Festival in Pasadena, July 22-30, helps to highlight the many interesting events that will happen in its given span of time. There will be four days of workshops and seminars, two special non-profit benefit events and a few additional “surprises”. Opening Night Mixer and AOF VII Celebration. Nick Mancuso Acting Seminar Part 1 and 2 happens July 24 and 25. A free Sunday Brunch and Filmmaker Symposium is on July 24, and a Private Celebrity ‘Dinner With’ Special AOF Filmmakers and Writers happens in the evening. Closing night includes a Black Tie Dinner Pre-event Party, Black Tie Dinner and Award Show, There are screenings at Regency Academy Theater Pasadena with-filmmaker interviews on the Red Carpet and special gifts for everyone in attendance. Private ‘after’ and ‘pre-parties’ to be announced.


The 2011 New York International Latino Film Festival mission is to showcase the works of emerging Latino filmmaking talent in the U.S. and Latin America, and provide expansive images of the Latino experience, and celebrate the diversity and spirit of the Latino community. Programming from July 25-31 includes the flagship film festival in New York City, new music and art showcases, family and community events, scholarships for aspiring filmmakers, and a nationally recognized short film competition in partnership with HBO. The festival notably has had the endorsement of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s NYC Latin Media and Entertainment Commission since its formation in 2003.


FADE IN… the 15th Annual Hollywood Pitch Festival offers a chance to present your film or TV script, book, short or idea directly to 200 Hollywood agents, managers, producers, studio and productions executives, over three days starting June 29. HPF only has one class — a pitch class taught by a professional working filmmaker, and it is optional to take. But this year they are also providing one-on-one virtual pitch coaching via Skype starting two weeks prior to the festival. After session activities features a cocktail party Friday evening and VIP Contact Book that will be handed out.


The above events are only a sample of what is fully listed. Complete details are on the “Media, Entertainment and Performing Arts Industry News and Events” page which now has a language translation button to convert page contents into most widely used languages. A look ahead into August event dates will help you prepare for:  Flying Popcorn! Online Children’s Film FestivalNewport, in New Port, UNF Writers Conference, in Jacksonville, Siggraph 2011, in Vancouver, KRATKOFIL International Short Film FestivalBanja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Banja Luka, to provide just a small sample of upcoming events in advance. Also to alert viewers, a site revamp and redesign of The Actor’s Checklist is close at hand, with new interactive features, tools and resources to aid members, so please stay tuned.

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