Nov 032011

WINGS: The Making Of BCATP Pilot
Music Video
Prod. Co.: NorthEastern Cablevision
A documentary about the British
Commonwealth air training school; its students,
instructors, and personnel. This story was told
on video in conjunction with the 50th
Anniversary of the closing of the base.

WINSLOW HOMER: An American Original
Children/Youth Production
Prod. Co.: Devine Productions (Artists) Ltd.
The most famous American painter of his day,
Winslow Homer was an artist with a distinctive
eye who was able to capture the mood of rural
and seaside America. Homer returns from the
Civil War disillusioned but his spirits return
when he is befriended by two teenagers who
disrupt his self-imposed solitude.

Achmist Film Inc.
Based on an experience of the director’s
grandfather, this short drama follows a young
Cree man into the bush where he is reluctantly
tending his father’s trapline only to run head-on
into the legendary Cree being, Pakaaskokan. At
first terrified, he is shocked to learn that there
was far more in his father’s stories than he ever
dared realize.

Prod. Co.: Canadian Film Centre
A brother and sister are reunited after 15 years,
but when he falls in love with his sister’s best
friend a new rift develops.

Prod. Co.: Norris Communications Ltd.
A celebration of winter in HD. Shot in High
Definition, this 5 minute broadcast special takes
the viewer on a up close and personal tour of
Winterlude, Ottawa’s winter festival.

Performing Arts/Entertainment
Amérimage Spectra
‘Wire Frame’ is the television adaptation of
Passare (2004) of Montreal based company O
Vertigo Danse. Constantly shifting from interior
to exterior perspectives, ‘Wire Frame’ explores
the creative process of an architect as he is
facing a moment of crisis while designing an
audacious building at the edge of a cliff. The
ultimate sacrifice of his own love becomes a
metaphor of the perpetual confrontation
between art and life.

After making a list of her “Conditions of
Satisfaction in a Mate”, a woman gets dragged
to a speed-dating event. She discovers that the
Universe does provide, but it has a sense of

Prod. Co.: Underwater Productions
With Frogs and Fishes is a visually evocative
film that journeys into the heart of a young
woman’s grief over the drowning death of her
first love. We share as she frees herself of guilt
and pain through a magical combination of
narration and dance in the natural setting of
summer camp.

Prod. Co: Wooden Nickel Productions
When an out of work actor’s obsession with
cleaning her apartment causes her to lose a
starring role, Dee decides she must get in touch
with her ‘inner slob’. And she does – with the
fervour of the truly neurotic.

Silver&Cold Productions
A young man wakes in a wooded area to find he
has no memory to explain his formal attire and
lack of shoes or socks. The truth can be an
elusive thing when you have been a witness.

Prod. Co.: Gallant Productions for Learning &
Skills Television of Alberta Limited
Global Change, about the environment, presents
evidence of what damage has been done, along
with scientific projections of what is likely to
occur. Witnessing The Impacts, program 2 in the
series, looks at global warming and the roles that
earth’s various systems play in it.

WOLVERINE: Devil of the North?
Prod. Co.: Cogent Benger Productions
Rarely seen but well known by their savage
reputation, by documenting ongoing research and
exploring native myths through animation, we meet
the “Devil Beast” of reputation, and the real animal.

Documentary Nature/Environment
Karvonen Films Ltd.
Set against some of the most dramatic backdrops in
Canada, from mountain peaks to deadly seas, The
‘Wolves of Labrador’ chronicles the timeless
wonder of the wolf and the caribou in a place few
people will ever see.

Documentary Short Subject
Prod. Co.: MuchMusic – The New Music
What’s a girl to do? Women in the music biz are
doubly scrutinized for their bodies as much as their
tunes. And now, in the age of plastic surgery, the
pressure is on for females to change their bodies to
fit an idealized beauty.

Documentary History
Prod. Co.: Leading Cases Productions Ltd.
In 1968, Irene Murdoch lost her battle for her share
of the family assets following the breakup of her
25-year marriage, but the ruling so enraged
Canadians that it swiftly forced dramatic changes in
the nation’s family law.

Documentary Social/Political
Prod. Co.: Cinefocus Canada
Women Of Change profiles women in Canada and
Mexico and reveals how they are challenging views
of globalization beyond just trade and commerce.

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Nov 012011

ForeverLawn and Create a Bocce Experience in Times Square for NYC International Film Festival

ForeverLawn Bocce court in Times Square offered NYC International Film Festival visitors a unique recreational opportunity.

Albuquerque, NM (PRWEB) August 31, 2011

ForeverLawn, the leading artificial turf company, installed a premium synthetic grass bocce court in New York’s Times Square last week as part of the New York City International Film Festival. ForeverLawn partnered with to construct an interactive bocce court in the bustling city location, where festival participants, tourists, and locals could play and learn about the centuries-old game. The ForeverLawn bocce court was constructed adjacent to the outdoor movie screening area, where 220 films from 27 countries aired during the festival, which took place from August 19 – 25. The all-weather turf by ForeverLawn provided players with a soft, comfortable grass surface that was well-suited to the game of bocce and durable enough to withstand the heavy foot traffic in Times Square.

“ForeverLawn is a great surface for bocce play. It’s great looking, durable and is pretty much maintenance free,” said John Lehmann, president of “We recommend ForeverLawn turf as an ideal bocce court surface for bocce. Bocce balls roll true and the surface is comfortable to play on. These courts can be installed quickly and virtually anywhere – enabling bocce to be played indoors, in urban areas or even in a backyard. ForeverLawn brings bocce to a bigger audience.”

Bocce Grass by ForeverLawn provides and excellent surface for the game of bocce due to the unique construction and design of the turf. The grass features a dense blade structure with a textured thatch, in a unique, short blade construction that provides the right amount of resistance and surface tension for a realistic bocce ball roll and bounce. This new product provides the required cushioning needed to protect the bocce balls, which could crack or break on a hard surface like concrete. According to Lindsey Lehmann of, other artificial turf products require additional padding to create the soft surface needed for a bocce court. “The ForeverLawn product worked amazingly well on top of concrete, and didn’t need any padding beneath it,” said Lehmann. “The ForeverLawn court was comparable to a croquet lawn, which provides a suitable amount of resistance and a smooth roll.”

ForeverLawn offers several high-end landscape turfs including one that is a DuPont product. DuPont™ ForeverLawn® Select Synthetic Grass offers homeowners and commercial properties a lush, beautiful grass landscape that requires no water, fertilizer or mowing. The all-weather turf performs equally well in extreme heat and heavy snowfall, and requires very little maintenance to stay lush year round.

ForeverLawn offers a number of specialty products engineered for specific sports and recreation applications, including Playground Grass, SportsGrass, GolfGreens, and K9Grass. Well known for their industry leadership, ForeverLawn has contributed several important innovations to the turf industry, including the development of the first ASTM safety-rated artificial grass system for playgrounds, called Playground Grass. A soft, durable, safe surface, Playground Grass is certified by the International Play Equipment Manufacturers’ Association (IPEMA) and is safety-rated by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) for fall-heights up to 12 feet. Continuing to innovate in the playground space, ForeverLawn announced its most recent contribution to the playground industry earlier this month, called XStatic™ antistatic technology. The patent-pending technology reduces static on the playground surface, which is important to children with hearing aids or other electronic devices. For more information about Playground Grass by ForeverLawn, visit

For football fields and other high-impact sports facilities, ForeverLawn offers its SportsGrass line of artificial turf products. Engineered for durability and high performance, SportsGrass provides a consistent, cushioned grassy surface ideal for athletes. The turf of choice for a growing number of regulation high school football fields, city parks, and indoor sports facilities, SportsGrass provides an incredibly natural underfoot feel with reduced infill flyout. For more information about SportsGrass by ForeverLawn, visit

Even dogs can benefit from the recreational grass surfaces offered by ForeverLawn. The company’s K9Grass product line is designed for use with dogs, and offers unique features such as a knitted flow-through backing, durable blades, antimicrobial protection, and a no-infill design, making it the ideal surfacing option for dog parks, kennels, pet boarding facilities, and vet clinics, both indoors and out. For more information about K9Grass, visit

About ForeverLawn

ForeverLawn provides innovative synthetic grass products to create better landscapes worldwide. In areas where real grass is difficult to grow or maintain—due to high traffic or poor conditions—ForeverLawn offers a natural-looking alternative that is beautiful, functional, and durable. In addition to its landscape lines, ForeverLawn also offers specialty products including SplashGrass, K9Grass, SportsGrass, Playground Grass, and GolfGreens. ForeverLawn—Grass without limits. ForeverLawn can be found on Facebook or Twitter.



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