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Oct 162011
short film
by George M. Groutas

Generally movie makers release a short episode of their upcoming movies for advertisement purpose. These short film or episodes are known as movie or film trailers. These movie trailers or previews are always advertised by the producers and distributors at cinema theatres and multiplexes during the start of the already running film or during interval.

In earlier times movie trailers were shown at the end of the film in cinema theatres and for that these short advertisements are known as movie trailers. But this trend did not last for long as audience almost left as the movies finished. So now these movie trailers are usually shown at the beginning of a movie. This way audience gets attracted by the movie before its release by watching its trailer.

Producers also advertise their upcoming movies on television as well as through internet. The best place to watch movie trailers online is

Trailers ordinarily consist of a series of selected shots or environs from the flick to be released to the general public for viewing. Since the purpose is to attract the audience, experts choose most exciting, funny, or noteworthy parts of the flick but it is often in the abbreviated form because trailer may last from less than two and half minutes as required. Trailers tell the story of a movie in a highly condensed, maximally appealing fashion. Sometimes there are more than one versions of the trailer.

You will be surprised that there are companies that specialize in making movie trailers especially known as Peliculas in Spanish for the movie studios. Sometimes movie trailers are made especially for the promotion purpose and the scenes shot for the trailer may not be found in the original movie.

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