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Jul 152011

by drmvm1

There are some studies conducted showing that children, from birth until they reach seven, are in the stage that they could acquire language easier. The ability of an individual to acquire languages will slowly decrease as they surpass puberty. How can adults learn language effectively and faster?

We are now living in am era of globalization, every country and culture has become connected whether it is in business, education and other fields. There is a need to be knowledgeable, not in just our local tongue, but also in other languages. It has be come a necessity to be able to be a part of the community, get better career opportunities, and therefore succeed.

There are different methods on how we can improve our skills of acquiring languages. Different aides like CDs, DVDs, books, dictionaries and magazines can be bought easily in bookstores. But experts have agreed that the most important method is by submerging ourselves of the language’s culture.

There are numerous experts who agree that the best way and most efficient method of teaching language would be what is called as “language immersion.” Reading grammar and vocabulary books are indeed important in order to increase language knowledge. But it is practice and exposure that you would find most helpful when learning a new language. For example, if you would go abroad and live there, then it would be inevitable that you would pick up the language. You are exposed to different aspects of culture that uses the language, like television, movies, radio, restaurants, museums, transportation and other public places.

Language immersion will keep learning language balanced. Language is something reflected by the people’s culture, thus, to understand the language it would be best to understand the ideas and concepts behind it by immersing in the culture. Aside from that, it keeps learning interactive and fun. You do not have to pour over boring texts for hours and still unable to retain anything.

Language immersion does not mean you would have to Spain to learn Spanish and go to France and fluently speak French. There are different ways to immerse ourselves in other cultures without spending too much on the airfare.

• You could start by renting foreign films and listening to different radio programmes using the language of your interest. For example, if you want to learn how to speak Spanish, then telenovelas would be a great way to get acquainted with the language. Telenovelas play a major role in Latin America’s pop culture. There are teachers who would testify that students would get involved in the dramas that they do not even realize that they are slowly improving their Spanish skills.

• Foreign films are also great avenues for language immersion. They are interesting, easy to access and of course in the language that you would like to learn.

• If you are not a big fan of foreign dramas and films, then you could certainly learn a lot from foreign sports. You could learn from the announcers and fans, just like in drama, you get involved with the sports that you keep track of it and gradually understanding what those announcers are actually reporting.

• Radio has played a major role in language acquisition. There are online radios from different parts of the globe which you can listen to. You may find it difficult in the beginning but later on, you will start to identify more and more words and eventually learn the language.

• Eating in foreign restaurants would also allow you to get acquainted to foreign dishes and how they were pronounced. Some restaurants would even include foreign performances while dining.

Learning different languages could be done in ways that you do not have to spend too much or leave the country. But if you feel that travelling will boost your experience and education, then go ahead. There are many options that you could choose from, make sure that you will be picking out the most practical.

Bollywood Crew Explore Joint Ventures, Filming Sites In Israel
JERUSALEM, July 11 (Bernama) — On a constant search to quench audience’ insatiable thirst for the exotic, a delegation of top Bollywood crew arrived in Israel Sunday, to explore joint ventures and scout potential filming locations.

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