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Nov 122011

Some cool movie images:

M. Bison: the Movie

Yes, Raul Julia’s "M." is a spoof of Josh Brolin’s "W." The late Raul Julia has played a part as villain General M. Bison in the Street Fighter movie, along with Gomez Addams.
The Movie "M." looks into the life of world conquerer Manfred W. Bison sympathetically
"W." is property of Oliver Stone and Liongate.
M. Bison and Street Fighter is property of Capcom

Helvetica, The Movie.

I love fonts.

Back in college, I would horde them on my computer like there was no tomorrow. So, when Helvetica, The Movie had a screening at the Landmark Embarcadero Cinemas, I was all on it.

I’d never actually had a preference for or against Helvetica prior to watching the movie, and after viewing it, while I came away with a lot more perspective and background on the font, I had no further leanings one way of the other…as the designers had mentioned, it’s like air, it’s like off-white paint – it’s just there.

guess the movie

I saw this movie last night and I liked this scene so much that I decided to take a still photo of my TV screen. The movie wasn’t so good, as most sequels.

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