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Dec 232010

A few nice movie images I found:

Jackie Chan Movie Star

Kung Fu Action Movie Star JACKIE CHAN on board the float title :
Better City, Better Life by Shanghai World Expo / Roundtable of Southern California ~ Rose Parade 01 January 2010 ~ Pasadena, California

Keystone K-48 Bel Air Movie Camera

Manufactured around 1960 by Keystone Mfg. Co. of Boston, Massachusetts. This is an 8mm (i.e. “regular 8”) moving camera with a three lens turret. The only lens attached is a Keystone-Elgeet 1/2inch f/1.9. The camera used a Bel-Air Magazine to hold the 8mm film which had to be flipped a minute and a half (at 16 frames per sec) through shooting. Yes, that’s right—consumer 8mm films were only 3 minutes long. And people use to complain about sitting through someone’s movies. Must mean that watching a 60 minute MiniDV of the trip to Europe is a living hell… [grin]. The camera was a wind up and had an adjustable frame rate from 12 to 48 fps. A mechanical gage on the top of the camera showed the amount of film left on that side. And “stop action” (specifically one frame at a time) was a feature provided by lifting up on the shutter release lever instead of pressing down.

see the vimeo movie…Wildy Beastie…

Jardina getting fit? HFF everyone* the movie on vimeo.com/348087

Do join the new Blurvision Video group, sister group to Blurvision www.flickr.com/groups/blurvisionvideo/

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