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Dec 082010
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Smallville star Allison Mack recently took a short break to cater to her other artistic skills such as film making. The young actress who plays Chloe Sullivan on Smallville took some time off to star in a short film entitled Alice and Huck, which was written by R.W. Gray and directed by Kaleena Kiff, two of Mack’s best friends. The film is a labor of love, as she hopes to raise money to complete post-production work in time to sent it to various film festivals around the country. Fans probably couldn’t wait to see Mack in the upcoming short, so a teaser clip has been released online. describes the movie as “a short film that explores desire and missed connections in a universe where it’s possible to try and try again.”

Moreover, Mack recently talked about the joy of making the film in a post on her official website. She wrote, “It felt so good to be a part of a project from its inception, to be a part of creating something from start to finish and really feel like I was a part of the whole process. I can’t tell you all how incredibly fulfilling this was. I so encourage all of you to be a part of something like this at some point in your life. Find the thing that you love doing, the thing that you feel the most inspired and excited by… And do it!”

“It was the most amazing experience I have had in a very long time! To be a part of a team of people doing what they love only because they love it was so inspiring and exciting!” Mack said.

As a fund-raiser, Mack is selling Alice & Huck promotional items such as t-shirts which cost , and a sponsorship package worth 0. Currently, they have raised 29.03, just another 00 short of her 00 goal. For more details about the film and to get an insight on Mack’s current projects, log on to

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