Jul 182011
short film
by Profound Whatever

Hello, All

We are presently conducting a NATIONAL CONTEST to discover talented Teens aspiring to be Filmmakers, to bring on-board as “Assistant Director” on our up-coming Indie feature-film project.


The project is a film about Child-Abuse, based on 3 remarkable true stories of hope & survival.

A raw & gritty film, TUCHT is a psycho-thriller/dark-dramedy that doggedly depicts – unflinchingly – the exigent social-welfare issue of child-abuse (and its related consequential issues of mental illness & suicidal depression), inspired by the lives of the four remarkable individuals upon whom the story’s main characters are based.

TUCHT palpably shows – in a very darkly hilarious manner at times – the undeniably proven power of unconditional love & forgiveness to heal even the most horrific of human conditions.

With a unique blend of genres – blockbuster action, dark-comedy, provocative sensuality & intense psychological drama – TUCHT is a truly groundbreaking film that effectively brings the potentially life-changing genre of “message-oriented” films to the mainstream audience.

In TUCHT’s subplot, the main characters experience a truly profound & cathartic therapeutic meditation: an experience the audience can also mutually experience if they choose, an experience with the powerful potential to literally heal troubled lives.


Teens, with the permission of parent/guardian, can submit their videos (clips, short-films, personal message, etc.) to ASAOPE‘s YouTube account to join the contest.

A celebrity-panel of judges (TBA) will preside over the contest, and make the final choice(s).


Contest Date(s): November 26, 2010 thru December 23, 2010

AGES: 13-19

Locale(s): USA

Detailed info on the contest can be found at ASAOPE’s official website: www.asaope.info/tucht-ehadcontest

Any/All Inquires regarding the contest can be e-mailed to: tucht@asaope.info@asaope.info

Film’s official website: www.asaope.info/tucht

Thanks, we look forward to hearing from you!

Peace, Love, & Success
Alex Molina, Artistic Director
ASAOPE Independent FilmWorks, LLC

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