Apr 162011

Check out these short film images:

Kino:Borderlands – Day 1

Over five days, and working within pre-designated areas on the far edgelands of South-East, East and North-East London, participants will venture into the city’s furthermost parts to make short films. Drawing inspiration from Iain Sinclair’s writings on London’s Edgelands and films such as Andrew Kötting’s GALLIVANT exploring the coast of Britain, the challenge aims to explore and document the psychogeography of the city’s outer limits. Here there be monsters… perhaps!


Buzzard Buzzard projections

Opening night for the London Short Film Festival at the ICA

Comedy director Tim Plester

Opening night for the London Short Film Festival at the ICA

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Dec 292010

Some cool short film images:

rubber johnny

released in july. a short film and 40 page book by chris cunningham. music by aphex twin. looks like a good un. see it

youtube find “first crush”

sweet short film by Julia Pott about falling in love
watch it here

antonella colorful

questa è la mia amica antonella, una videomaker indipendente.. potete guardare alcuni dei suoi cortometraggi presso www.myspace.com/avdigital

this is my friend antonella, an independent videomaker.. you can watch some of his short films on www.myspace.com/avdigital

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