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 Your headshot is like an American Express Card for an Actor or Actress. Don’t leave home without it!

Will I get paid as Actor and how much?
Yes. The million dollar contract would be nice but probably won’t be the case. You should get paid something even if it’s just a meal and a copy of the work for your demo-reel. Non-union commercials can pay as little as or as much as ,000. Union commercials can pay between 00-0,000. This would be based on where they’re shown and how many times they’re shown.

Do I need an agent?
Yes. Agents have access to all of the quality and higher paying jobs.

How do I get an agent?
Submit a headshot and resume along with a cover letter. (The cover letter should introduce you and tell them what you want.)

What does an agent want from me?
Agents want a look that they don’t have. They want you to have experience and training. If you have a look that they are deep in, you’d better have more experience and training than anyone they have. They want a self starter that knows what they’re doing. Agents like actors that are low-maintenance and high return.

If I have an agent should I continue to look for auditions?
Yes. Help your agent help you, by gaining more experience.

Should I do extra work?
Yes. It’s a good way to get on a real set to see what things are like.

I submitted my headshot/resume for an audition and they did not contact me. Did they lose it?
No. More than likely they got your submission but didn’t feel you were right for their project. However just in case you can always resubmit to them if they’re still auditioning.

How do I find out about auditions in L.A. or New York?
Finding them is not the hard part, it’s getting in the door.

1. California and New York are Union States all S.A.G. jobs will require you to be a S.A.G. member to attend. The non-union jobs won’t pay enough for you to travel from Texas to California or New York.

2. S.A.G. Local Hire. This S.A.G. rule prohibits the hiring of out of state talent unless the producer pays for their travel and accommodations. This cost could easily exceed what it would cost the producer to hire a local name talent with years of experience.

What is an open audition and a closed audition?
An Open Audition is opened to anyone that wants to attend.

A Closed Audition is by prearranged appointment only. This is setup between the Casting Director and the talent’s Agent or Manager. Don’t crash this audition (they will call the police).

What is talent and how do I know if I have any?
Acting is a learned skill. Talent is when training meets practice, practice, practice. Nobody is born with talent. (Michael Jordan was cut from the first basketball team he tried out for.)

What roles should I try out for?
You should try out for everything that you are physically right for. However don’t do anything that would make you feel uncomfortable. (It’s hard to give a quality performance if you’re uncomfortable.)

What is S.A.G.?
The Screen Actor’s Guild is the Union that represents actors for Film, Television, and Commercials and now the Internet.

When should I join S.A.G.?
Joining S.A.G. offers many benefits but Texas is a right-to-work state. Which means you don’t have to be a member to do Union work. However Union members cannot do non-union work. (Over of all work in Texas is Non-Union.)

Do I have to be attractive to be an actor?
No. We use all types and looks.

How old do I have to be?
We use talent from babies to senior citizens.

Do I need to be able to memorize well?
Yes. But it is a skill you can acquire with practice.

Do I have to do dangerous stunts?
No. That’s what stunt people are for. They’re trained professionals. Kind of, “don’t do this at home”, thing.

Do I need a web-site?
No. Casting Directors will not have time to look at your web-site.

Do I need business cards?
No. But postcards with your picture on the front make nice thank you cards. Every audition you attend be sure to send a thank you card with your picture. (Every time you get your face and name in front of the casting directors it’s a good thing.)

What should I do to market myself?
Step 1. Get training and practice, practice, practice.
Step 2. Build you resume. Audition. Audition. Audition. Your first projects probably won’t be with Steven Spielberg for a million dollars. Look at Student films, ultra-low-budget feature films, short films, public service announcements (PSA’S), and extra work.
Step 3. Get an agent. (People will take you seriously if you have an agent)
Step 4. Market to the local Casting Directors. (The local Casting Directors will be more likely to see you.) Send them your headshot and resume. If they offer a workshop… go meet them and show them what you can do. Some actors refer to these workshops as paid auditions. I would refer to it as a scouting trip. The
Casting Directors will let you in on their personal likes and dislikes. SEE: http://texasactingclasses.com for more information on acting training.

Texas Actor’s Studio was named “Best” in Dallas News Magazine. SEE: http://texasactingclasses.com for more information on acting training.

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