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The progression of technology and the relatively small attention span consumers have these days has made film channels like YouTube immensely popular. Marketers everywhere have been scrambling to go viral by creating engaging short films, whether comedic or informative, to help out with brand awareness. BMW, one of the most well-known luxury brands out there, is delving into its own marketing tangent, a little side project known as the BMW Documentary Film Series. Philadelphia BMW owners have already had a chance to watch the first installment of the series, called “The New City,” and it seems like many people have found it informative and engaging. What “The New City” attempts to do is to put urban living in perspective while giving us a taste of the progression that has yet to occur – including more efficient means of transportation and living. It discusses why cities have become so popular, citing reasons like mutually beneficial living arrangements and general accessibility of amenities and other things necessary for living. Your Philadelphia BMW dealership believes that the film offers some great insights for people living in the City of Brotherly Love.


“The New City” is only part one of an ongoing documentary series created by BMW’s team of marketers and creative types. The series is a great marketing tool to help out with branding initiatives that leverage new media as their driving channels. Philadelphia BMW addicts are excited for the next addition to the documentary series, which enthusiasts think will be a solid one following the release of “The New City.” According to the press release, “Additional chapters will appear each Tuesday throughout the month of February. To allow viewers to better engage with the films and to add to the ongoing dialogue, BMW designed an innovative new video player specifically for the films.  Viewers can access additional content around a theme, quote, or speaker in real time, while giving them the option to pause the main viewer. Additionally, they can also post their own thoughts or comments directly to specific moments of the film for others to see and react.” The first film looks at the concept of “megacities” (cities with more than 15 million inhabitants) and talks about the need for more room and more efficient living. Your Philadelphia BMW dealership was especially titillated by the talk of computer driven cars and what the future holds for the driving industry.


So what exactly does the future hold for driving? Well, we hope to explore a little more of these things in the next few installments of the BMW Documentary Film Series. Philadelphia BMW drivers believe that these films are done well enough to become their own primetime specials, but the short segments make it easier for the films to go viral, simultaneously making them more accessible to a wider audience. Your Philadelphia BMW dealership has had a preview of the rest of the films, and they expect that these should have no trouble going viral either. So get enlightened and check out “The New City” anywhere good movies are found online.

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Apr 192011

Gone are the days when film making was generation based and you could only be a film maker if your generation is into it and you are a son/ daughter of so and so. Now a day the scenario has changed very much with thousands of aspirants taking up film making courses to carve a niche for themselves. Although there are a handful of institutions which proffer professional film making courses, it is always advisable to do some research on the requirements, eligibility criteria and other in sights on the World Wide Web before plunging into this vocation.

One thing is for sure that pursuing such a specialized course may burn holes in your pocket. This can further escalate when other aspects such as accommodation, travel, food charges and study materials are concerned. The equipments associated with such courses are pretty expensive and one needs to be very precise about all the facets of getting admitted into a film making institute. Among other eligibility criterion, it is imperative to submit a short film or clip you shot to the management to make them convinced about your creative skills. Documentaries, short stories and low budget movies are definitely a cost effective alternative but can not compare to the feeling that ensues after a movie is officially declared blockbuster.

Not all are born with traits that define a super moviemaker but one can get acquainted with such attributes by pursuing media courses such as film making courses and film editing courses. The repute of eth film making school is of utmost importance as the superior the stature of the school, the better your prospects at making it big. One can see this course as a way of learning how to tell a story to your audience with a glint of emotion in it. Film Editing courses are also in vogue because an editor is responsible to make the original master piece a more perfect one. In earlier times, editors used to do their chores manually. But with advancement of technologies and advent of avant-garde gadgets and software; everything related to film editing has gone digital. Any one with a strong desire to become a film editor can now take up professional Film editing courses and can gain apt recognizance among the high flying ones.

But one necessitates the traits of high level of craftsmanship and ingenuity to do extremely well in this profession. A film editor has got great responsibilities on his/ her shoulders which is why they are also refereed to as second directors. Their functioning pertains to maintaining a flow in music, rhythm, pace, transition and all that stuff in a movie. This can make all the difference as excellent digital editing will draw more audiences to the movie thereby grossing affluence. One need to research eth expertise and experience of faculties, infrastructure of the film school, intensity of exposure, hands on experience before choosing a right institute to pursue film editing courses. Rest no more and find a right film school to pursue your dreams.

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Jan 092011

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 22, 2005

Director Geo Santini — whose best known for his visual, and cutting-edge music videos — is becoming Hollywood’s latest directing phenom. Santini’s recent film short Partners, (in conjunction with Alliance Entertainment Group), has caught the attention some of the film industry’s top executives.

Partners — which has been compared to Memento and Reservoir Dogs with an urban and edgy twist — revolves around 3 friends involved in the seedy crime world, and what happens when betrayal, greed, and dishonesty enter the picture.

Aware of the largely competitive film market, Geo Santini devised a strategy to gain the attention of film executives. Santini created Partners as a film short, giving investors a visually stunning sample of what a complete project would resemble. Apparently this young Director’s strategy has paid off, as his film short has sparked a bidding war between major moviemakers.

What caught the attention of industry insiders was Geo Santini’s ability to artfully combine scenes keeping the viewer continuously interested in the film. Viewers watching the short found themselves interested in learning more a bout the characters and where they were going next.

“I feel strongly that a good film will leave you desiring more, while leaving you satisfied at the same time. If you look at the top Director’s in the film industry, that is what they accomplish over and over again,” says Geo Santini.

Geo Santini and Alliance Entertainment Group are very close to announcing a major distribution counterpart for the feature film production of Partners. The feature film promises to be the next cult classic.

The film is set to begin shooting in January of 2006. In the meantime, the film short can be seen at many film festivals, including the The Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival on Saturday, October 22, 2005. For more information on Partners, please visit, or contact Terrance Gillum at 323.365.4602 or Sherise Bright at 213.742.9048.


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