Aug 092011

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The Little Guardian in Cannes

Cannes, France (PRWEB) May 11, 2008

Filmmaker Gilbert Khoury is quickly establishing himself as a powerhouse for thriller films. After his take on I Will Get You Harry brought out the chills in us all, Khoury pushes the intensity in his films one more notch up with The Little Guardian.

While the story is certainly less sequential than regular films shown in the market, it involves the audience enormously.

The story focuses on the relationship between a couple and their dishonesty to each other. The film brings out an interesting theme that everybody can relate to.

In Khoury’s film, The Little Guardian attains an astounding visual style. It uses a mix of various camera setups and movements where it brings closer the storyline to the audience.

“My passion is to entertain people and brings them stories they can relate to” says Gilbert Khoury. ” “The Little Guardian achieved my goal”.

The Little Guardian

Directed by Gilbert Khoury

(Short Film, Thriller, 8 Min 40 Sec)


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Jun 062011

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Engineering Firm Post-Produces A Digital Short Film That Will Be Screened At 2006 Cannes Film Festival

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) May 21, 2006

Durrenberger Engineering, Inc. used its proprietary Digital Video To Film transfer process to create the 35mm print of the short film entitled “Atenea Y Afrodita” that will be shown at “Tous Les Cinemas du Monde” program of the world-famous festival, on May 24 at 1pm.

The 2006 “Tous Les Cinema du Monde” program features the work of over 80 international producers. This is the first year that an entry from Venezuela was selected to be shown.

The short film “Atenea Y Afrodita”, that was produced by Harold Lopez Garroz in Venezuela, was filmed using digital video camera technology and editted using non-linear computer editing technology. The producer and team mastered a digital video (DV) tape, then sent the master to Durrenberger Engineering, Inc. who performed the transfer of the DV tape from the video domain to a 35mm motion picture print. This print, known as the Release Print, is capable of being projected in virtually any motion picture theater worldwide.

Durrenberger Engineering, Inc. completed the transfer at its San Diego facility and using various service firms in Burbank CA. The transfer process is as follows. Durrenberger Engineering, Inc. post-produces a 35mm negative of the short film videotape at its San Diego facility. Then the negative is sent to a motion picture film development lab in Burbank, where the film is developed, then to a sound stage facility where sound is synchorized to picture, and finally, back to the development lab which makes the final 35mm print.

Durrenberger Engineering, Inc has been producing DV To Film Transfers for over five years. The firm has transferred several feature films which have been distributed in Europe, USA and Mexico, as well as many short films that have been screened in festivals such as Ottawa International Animation Festival, etc. In addition, the firm has produced movie trailers for films such as “Word Wars” (Seventh Arts Releasing), “Stuey” (Starring Michael Imperioli) and “Unspeakable” (Starring Dennis Hopper).


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May 252011

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It’s Like the Cannes Film Festival: Only Shorter

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 20, 2004

It is not everyday that anyone gets to watch more than ten spectacular films in two unbelievably fast hours in one theater-sitting. And this November, Asbury Shorts of New York will make this most incredible and rare film moment a possibility.

Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, Asbury Shorts of New York is a touring exhibition of the worldÂ’s most entertaining, independent short films. The Asbury show covers the crème de la crème of shorts in all categories including animation, comedy, drama, documentary and experimental.

Founded by Doug LeClaire in 1980, what started as a passion to find the most engaging short films, has now flourished into a successful, annual showcase of the world’s best shorts. Doug LeClaire, show director says, “Asbury’s mission is to share the magic of short films with movie enthusiasts who are looking for more than what the Hollywood formula offers. Audiences always re-discover the beauty of ‘less is more’ from our discerning selection of short films and this year, we promise to deliver yet another captivating show!”

This year’s roster includes two past Asbury Shorts selections, ‘Balance’ (1989 Oscar Winner for Best Animated Short Film) and ‘Mona Lisa Descending a Staircase’ (1992 Oscar Winner for Best Animated Short Film), as well as a new selection by award winning TV commercial Director Jason Reitman, ‘Consent’. ‘Consent’ has recently won the Audience Choice Award at The Seattle International Film Festival and a Grand Jury Prize at The Aspen Shorts Film Festival.

These shorts were carefully picked from more than 200 award-winning submissions by the worldÂ’s elite filmmakers that were honored at prominent United States festivals, including The Academy Awards, The Seattle International Film Festival, Cannes and Sundance Film Festivals.

Tom Mooney, president of Headquarters, the leading commercial film company in the United States, will host two hours of this wildly entertaining, dynamic, sexy and thought provoking event. Mooney has been in the commercial business for more than 20 years and was the former chairperson of the Association of Independent Commercial Producers award shoe at the Museum of Modern Art.

The 25th Asbury Short Film Show will be held on Thursday, November 11, 2004, at The New SchoolÂ’s Tishman Auditorium (West 12th St. between 5th & 6th Aves). Asbury will once again combine live music and unannounced surprises with 10-12 of the worldÂ’s most entertaining independent shorts (all under 20 minutes in length). Show starts at 8:00 p.m. and general admission tickets are $ 15 each. Tickets reservations can be made by calling 917-612-2928.

For advertising, sponsorship and film submission information on the Asbury Short Film Show, please visit the official Web site at or contact Doug LeClaire, show director, at 917-612-2928.

About Asbury Shorts of New York-

The Asbury Shorts of New York was founded by Doug LeClaire in 1980, and is currently headquartered in Brooklyn, NY. An Asbury show is a fast paced evening of highly entertaining animation, live action comedy, drama and genre that is utterly indescribable. Selecting shorts produced by the worldÂ’s elite filmmakers that are wildly entertaining, dynamic, sexy and thought provoking, AsburyÂ’s mission is to share these gems with an audience and introduce the magic of short films to those looking beyond the Hollywood formula.

Asbury presents its flagship show each November at The Tishman Theater in Manhattan and tours art house theatres and colleges across the country and Europe. Past celebrity hosts have included actors Edie Falco (The Sopranos), Harvey Keitel, Peter Gallagher, Aidan Quinn, Matthew Modine as well as Directors Frank Oz (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels), John Avildsen (Rocky, The Karate Kid) and Bob Giraldi.

EditorÂ’s Note: To obtain more information about the upcoming Asbury Short Film Show, or to speak with Show Director, Doug LeClaire, please call Vivien Teo at 212-353-8977 / 646-621-4978 or email


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Feb 262011

Houston & Los Angeles (PRWEB) May 27, 2008

Gatecrasher Films is pleased to announce that the feature film “Mutants” will be screened at this year’s Marché du Film at the Cannes Film Festival. In addition, it will be submitting its short film “First Date” to the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival. Gatecrasher Films and AV1 Productions also recently completed filming a music video for hip-hop superstar Lupe Fiasco.

The feature film “Mutants” will be screened at this year’s Cannes Film Festival’s Marché du Film, currently taking place in Cannes, France. The horror/science-fiction film stars Michael Ironside (“Top Gun”, “Starship Troopers”) and Steven Bauer (“Scarface”); directed by Amir Valinia of Gatecrasher Films / AV1 Productions, produced by George Kostuch and Matt Keith of K2 Pictures and co-produced by Ron Finberg of Gatecrasher Films. The film is being distributed by Spotlight Pictures. Amir also recently directed the films “Lords of the Street”, starring Kris Kristofferson, and “Lockjaw: Rise of the Kulev Serpent”, starring hip-hop superstar DMX.

The Marché du Film is the key business counterpart and heart of the Festival de Cannes, and it is the most important motion picture gathering in the world where, every year, cinema and dealmaking are at their best. More than 8,000 participants from 93 countries from the film industry, including producers, international sales agents, distributors and investors, are expected to converge in Cannes for the Marché du Film making deals for tomorrow’s films.

On a separate note, Gatecrasher Films will be submitting its short film comedy production “First Date” to the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival. The plot is about a couple on a blind date and what happens when they become too honest with each other. The film was directed by Amir Valinia and produced by Ron Finberg and Ming Wang. Accredited by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences the LA Shorts Fest is the largest, most recognized short film festival in the world.

Lastly, Gatecrasher Films / AV1 Productions recently completed production on the music video “Hip-Hop Saved My Life” for rap and hip hop superstar Lupe Fiasco. Directed by Dr. Teeth, the video also features singer/songwriter Nikki Jean.

Gatecrasher Films is full-service motion picture production company, specializing in films, music videos and commercials, using cost-effective strategies and efficient processes and techniques resulting in beautiful motion pictures at ultra-competitive rates.


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Dec 162010

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) May 21, 2007

San Francisco, California, scene of the best independent and artistic films is home to a new production company, Imaginative Productions. Short on dollars and long on talent and inspiration, new writer Tonya Foster, with her first screenwriting effort, Knocked Up, in 3 episodes at the Cannes Festival.

Tonya Foster, writer and also starring in 2 of the three episodes, a bay area resident and part of the newly formed Imaginative Productions travels to the prestigious Cannes Film Festival to represent her film at the short film corner.

Katarina Fabic, co-director and editor, also starring in the film is also in France. This is Katarina’s first time at the Cannes Film Festival. Katarina, a successful actress, will be making in roads and contacts for distribution of Knocked Up for all of us at the festival. Katarina can be found on the Shari Carlson Players Directory.

Taylor Meritt, an actress with the Shari Carlson Studio, is co-producer on Knocked Up, and was already set to go to the festival for her film, Knock Off, also at the short film corner.

Shari Carlson Studio trains talented performers from all over the world. Shari has a San Francisco Studio and a Hollywood Studio. Shari grew up in Hollywood and prefers San Francisco as a home base for the quality of life and the artistic integrity of the talent. Here you find some of the most unique and gifted talents in the world. It is almost as if they are attracted here by some cosmic invitation. The talent in the bay area thinks for themselves and are a truly creative gift to any production.

Shari Carlson, Producer, Director, and the DP on Knocked Up, has trained each of the Actors and was thrilled to direct them on the set. These actors come with an open, easy to direct presence that inspires everyone to a new level of creativity.

Shockingly these three films finished on an operating budget of 1,500 dollars, (not a typo) competing with multi million dollar productions.

No one else could have made a film like this on so little money.

Imaginative Productions / Imaginative Films

588 Sutter Street

Suite 325

San Francisco, CA 94102


Shari Carlson Studio

588 Sutter Street

SF, CA 94102

Suite 327

San Francisco, CA 94102


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