Aug 292011
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by ryanoelke

It’s an annual film festival that takes place in Salt Lake City, Utah, Charlotte U.S.A. It comprises of competition of American and international, dramatic and documentary, long and short films. It is providing a platform for American and international film makers. A large number of visitors take flights to Salt Lake City to attend this fair presented by the Salt Lake City Film Center and the Salt Lake Film Society. It has introduced American audiences to some of the most innovative films of the past two decades. In addition to American audiences it greatly attracts global audience through the streaming of short films, filmmaker interviews, and current news and box office information. Usually the festival premieres just one film, but this year it’s three: a dramatic film, a documentary and a series of shorts.


In vicinity of the Fare location there are many other attractions to entertain visitors such as world class skiing, restaurants, and plenty of other entertainment opportunities. Every year thousands of film fan take cheap flights to Salt Lake Cityto join this event. Films are showcased several times a week at different locations in and around Salt Lake City. Not only general public but also many celebrities come to the city to join these festivities. The most unique aspect to Sundance is that it takes place in a small high mountain town of Park City in the middle of winter. It is noted that most of the films coming out of Hollywood reflecting the interests of Hollywood.  Starting as a premier film Festival Sundance has now grown to include film culture events, panel discussions, youth programs, online exhibition, and live music. By attracting both locals and cheap Salt Lake City flights takers this fair creates a vibrant, unique community of artists and audiences that extends well beyond the mountains of Park City, Utah.


Important Information:

The Sundance Film Festival takes place over ten days each January in and around Park City, Utah. It focused primarily on the presentation of retrospective films and filmmaker seminars but with the passage of time it featured a national competition aimed at drawing attention to new American films made outside the Hollywood system. Visitors take cheap flights to Salt Lake City Utah Charlotte to get an exciting experience of film atmosphere. The screenings of festival take place at Salt Lake Society’s Tower Theatre,  876 East 900 South Salt Lake City, UT 84105.  Tickets can be purchased at the box office centers in Park City and Salt Lake City or at the film festival’s website. If you are taking cheap flights to Salt Lake City from UK or other place you can get all information about lodging, shuttles, and film schedules from the signs and booths placed there for festival attendees.

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Jun 092011

by edmundyeo

I am a very first time film maker from New Jersey and just lately finished my very first short film. They all pushed me to submit my film to some film festivals and wanted me to submit to some local film festivals as well. During the submission method I noticed that there was a film festival in Atlantic City that catered only to short films. It also was featuring a lot of retrospective film of some directors I wanted to meet. They also had a fantastic panel of judges who I was also familiar with and would enjoy to have them view my function.

After about a two month method of calling all the festivals I started receiving my acceptance letters to each and every 1 of the festivals but the Atlantic City short film festival. All of my friends in the market advised me that most initial time filmmakers do not get accepted to any festivals let alone 4 out of 5. With that becoming stated I felt fairly great about what had recently taken spot with all my acceptance letters and I was ready to move on. Then it finally came I was driving house from my day job and I received a call from Steve Stanulis 1 of the Co founders of the festival and he let me know personally that I was not only accepted but how significantly he loved the film.

All the others just sent me a letter and here he is Steve Stanulis, a properly respected actor and producer in the enterprise telling me how very much he loved my function. He also let me know that there were more than a thousand submissions and they only accepted twenty five films. When we arrived at the festival we ran into Tracy James the other Cofounder of the festival and he introduced himself and congratulated me on the project as properly once again nothing but class. A couple of of the actors in my film recognized Tracy James from a lot of the high profile work he has performed in the acting and modeling world. It was almost like speaking to Tom Cruize but Tracy was taller.

He told me what a good honor it was to be selected to this festival and I need to be proud of my achievement as a 1st time filmmaker. My film was picked to play on day two of the festival and when it finally screened the location was packed. What a fantastic honor to have all of the industry’s top people today not only view my film but give me great feedback on my perform as nicely. So I wanted to just thank the guys Steve Stanulis and Tracy James for throwing a top notch festival and giving me a night I will never forget. I did not win the Atlantic City film festival but the contacts and feedback I had received were a lot far more useful. My subsequent project is going to be a characteristic film and I just received word that the Atlantic City brief film festival has now grow to be the Atlantic City international festival and without a doubt will be submitting my next film there in 2011.

Short-film contest promotes solar power in Minn.
A group that backs the expanded use of solar power in Minnesota is kicking off a short-film contest. Environment Minnesota is campaigning for Minnesota to get 10 percent of its energy from solar by 2030.

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Jan 012011

Los Angeles, CA (Vocus) September 14, 2007 -

– After receiving hundreds of film submissions from around the globe, the Cinema City International Film Festival (CCIFF) Committee is proud to announce & excited to showcase the chosen 2007 film selections. Cinema City is excited to launch its inaugural year collaborating with Suzanne De Laurentiis Productions, hosting Universal AMC Cinemas, Universal City Walk, Universal City/North Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and the Universal City Hilton.

“We were both thrilled and overwhelmed with the number of quality films that were submitted for our first year,” says Suzanne De Laurentiis, Festival Co-Creator.

The Cinema City International Film Festival (CCIFF) is sure to excite filmmakers around the world and promises to join the ranks of other top Film Festivals with National acclaim and recognition. The combination of festival location, partners, sponsors and supporting production team will garner competitive submissions, resulting in an outstanding array of diverse and exciting features, documentaries and short films. CCIFF will also present an elaborate schedule of red carpet events, parties and student showcases. Festival honorees are set to be announced shortly.

For a complete listing of events, seminars and schedule updates, please visit


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