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VersusMedia’s Short Film Contest Seeks Entries

(PRWEB) May 23, 2005

VersusMedia is seeking entries for their first ever “Film Versus Music” ten minute film short contest starting on June 1st. Just as the name says, we want this film short contest to glorify the usage of music in film! It is our hope that this contest will help spread the benefit of musicians and filmmakers working together with a common goal, exposure. Usage of music in film can come from a wide range of film topics and genres, so we are not requiring a set theme to the film submissions.

The contest is open to any and all filmmakers worldwide. All films submitted in our contest are requested to use music from at least one independent musician. To support this need, filmmakers are recommended to use our “film seeking music” project listing service to locate their music needs. To date, we’ve assisted nearly 700 film projects worldwide with their music needs from our core database of musicians looking for exactly these types of opportunities.

To help eliminate extra costs for clearing the necessary music, we will be offering every musician and filmmaker in our database the ability to create One Free Digital Film License Agreement using our site throughout the duration of this contest.

Winners: We will name one Grand Prize winning film, which will receive a check for $ 1,000 US. Along with the winner, nine runner-up films will be placed on a professional DVD which will be made available for purchase early in 2006.

Requirements: The entry fee of $ 25 as well as a printed and signed copy of the release forms should be submitted with each film entry.

For further information regarding this contest, please visit the following webpage.

Sponsors: We are interested in speaking with film or music oriented companies looking to possibly donate service and/or product in exchange for sponsorship. Please contact us if you are interested.

About VersusMedia

Our service lists multiple types of film projects not limited to Film School student projects, small budget Indie Films, Digital Short Films, Corporate Projects and Films, and TV show pilots. It helps build a network base which may lead to future opportunities with larger budgets, rather than instant success and money. We’ve helped find music for films in India, Australia, the Netherlands, Canada, and as well as in the US. Some of the larger projects have been for films slated for Sundance, Cannes, and other international film festivals. We now offer, Digital Film License Agreements, a unique technology which allows our musicians and filmmakers the ability to legally sign licensing agreements electronically, and meets all security requirements in over 30 countries currently.

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Jul 182011
short film
by Profound Whatever

Hello, All

We are presently conducting a NATIONAL CONTEST to discover talented Teens aspiring to be Filmmakers, to bring on-board as “Assistant Director” on our up-coming Indie feature-film project.


The project is a film about Child-Abuse, based on 3 remarkable true stories of hope & survival.

A raw & gritty film, TUCHT is a psycho-thriller/dark-dramedy that doggedly depicts – unflinchingly – the exigent social-welfare issue of child-abuse (and its related consequential issues of mental illness & suicidal depression), inspired by the lives of the four remarkable individuals upon whom the story’s main characters are based.

TUCHT palpably shows – in a very darkly hilarious manner at times – the undeniably proven power of unconditional love & forgiveness to heal even the most horrific of human conditions.

With a unique blend of genres – blockbuster action, dark-comedy, provocative sensuality & intense psychological drama – TUCHT is a truly groundbreaking film that effectively brings the potentially life-changing genre of “message-oriented” films to the mainstream audience.

In TUCHT’s subplot, the main characters experience a truly profound & cathartic therapeutic meditation: an experience the audience can also mutually experience if they choose, an experience with the powerful potential to literally heal troubled lives.


Teens, with the permission of parent/guardian, can submit their videos (clips, short-films, personal message, etc.) to ASAOPE‘s YouTube account to join the contest.

A celebrity-panel of judges (TBA) will preside over the contest, and make the final choice(s).


Contest Date(s): November 26, 2010 thru December 23, 2010

AGES: 13-19

Locale(s): USA

Detailed info on the contest can be found at ASAOPE’s official website:

Any/All Inquires regarding the contest can be e-mailed to:

Film’s official website:

Thanks, we look forward to hearing from you!

Peace, Love, & Success
Alex Molina, Artistic Director
ASAOPE Independent FilmWorks, LLC

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Mar 062011

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) March 14, 2005

Film Genesis (FG) launches it’s “Script-to-Film” Screenwriting Contest via its website, Now, screenwriters as far away as Maine can get a taste of Hollywood… from the director’s chair.

A well-known fact about becoming a filmmaker in Hollywood is that new filmmakers must have a history of making films. These films are their calling cards. They demonstrate the filmmaker’s ability to write, direct and produce quality films. In other words, these films show that the high demands of studio executives will be met.

As more and more aspiring filmmakers embark on the journey of acceptance into Hollywood’s mainstream most ultimately discover that independent filmmaking can be a tremendous challenge. Securing funding to turn ‘indie film’ dreams into a reality can be daunting. Even so-called low-budget films can be terribly expensive. Most new directors turn to short films but they soon discover that film stock costs money; production crews cost money; scripts; film/video equipment costs money and post-production services cost money.

Even if an aspiring filmmaker courageously bites the bullet, sacrifices and eventually completes their own self-funded film they find a new challenge. The new “opponent” to do-it-yourself filmmakers are the powerful, dynamic and visually stimulating films that film school students are turning out. Cinematically, film school students are producing some of the most visually stunning short films. Films that come very close to looking as though they were produced in a studio. Can indie filmmakers stand up to the competition?

Daryl Harkless, founder of Film Genesis, says yes. “The reason why Film Genesis was born is because their was no specific vehicle for the entrepreneurial, rogue, guerilla filmmakers to break through — now there is.” Harkless, is an entrepreneur who enjoys nurturing the creativity of young filmmakers. When the idea for Film Genesis first came to him he immediately surrounded himself with independent filmmakers, screenwriters, and other industry professionals to fine-tune the idea. The result: the Film Genesis Script-to-Film Contest.

Together with Three Nineteen Productions, an independent production company and FloodGate Media, a production services company, Film Genesis opens the doors for tomorrow’s writer’s today. This contest was created specifically, but not exclusively, for aspiring writer/directors. Unlike other screenplay contest, the winner of the Film Genesis does not have his script “passed around.” Instead, the winning writer is presented with the opportunity to direct a short film based on their script. Film Genesis will produce.

Being hired to direct a film that has been professionally produced is the ultimate validity of a filmmaker’s potential. “More important than just making a film is what we do afterwards,” says Harkless. “When the film is complete, Film Genesis looks at all the upcoming film festivals and submits the film. We handle all the expenses on the winning writer’s behalf.”

What does Film Genesis hope to get from their efforts? According to Angelo Bell, writer/director at Three Nineteen Productions, their vision is very clear. “We want to make films and we want to give aspiring filmmakers a chance they wouldn’t otherwise have.”

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Feb 142011


(Vocus) January 28, 2008

A Wyoming short film contest was introduced at the Sundance Film Festival last week to glowing reviews. A $ 25,000 first prize is being awarded to the winning entry with a storyline that takes place in Wyoming, features Wyoming, or presents the state as a major character. Prize money will go toward production of the winner’s next film shot in Wyoming. “We’re trying to build a buzz. If you can get more independent, smaller filmmakers interested in Wyoming first that will help us bring in bigger projects down the line. It’s a sort of trickle up effect,” said Colin Stricklin of the Wyoming Film Office.

The ‘Film the West’ reception at Sundance in Park City, Utah on January 24th allowed filmmakers the chance to lean more about the contest and invite their participation. “A lot of people seemed interested. We spoke with both domestic and foreign producers during a four-hour concentrated effort,” Stricklin said.

Films are due before May 9 and entries must be 15 minutes or less in length. “The short film format allows for all levels of experience and expertise. Our format is wide open and the possibilities are limitless,” Stricklin noted. There is no entry fee and submissions are being accepted at: The winning effort is to premier at the Jackson Hole Film Festival, June 5-9, 2008 in Jackson, Wyoming.

“This is a first-time project designed to foster film production in the state while simultaneously giving filmmakers an opportunity they might otherwise overlook. We’re very excited at the early response,” said Michell Howard, Wyoming Film Office Manager. Howard also used the Sundance setting to promote the state’s new Film Industry Financial Incentive Program which allows production companies to be reimbursed up to 15 percent on dollars spent on a Wyoming film shoot.

More information about the incentive program and the short film contest is obtainable online at:


Michell Howard or Colin Stricklin

PH: 307.777.3400

info @


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Jan 212011

David Gonzales

(Vocus) June 10, 2008

Short films about a woman who makes art out of bugs, a look at surfing on the Snake River, and profiles of ski makers and kite enthusiasts secured first prize for David Gonzales of Jackson as winner of the first Wyoming Short Film Contest. Gonzales accepted the honor in a ceremony last night at the Jackson Hole Film Festival. “I was surprised and honored to receive this recognition. It’s exciting to find out my work seems to be heading down the right path,” Gonzales said. He will be awarded $ 25,000 from the Wyoming Film Office.

“We started this contest to help promote filming in Wyoming. One of the requirements was that the storyline had to be about Wyoming somehow and David’s work was judged by a panel of Wyoming people with a wide variety of production experience,” noted Michell Howard, film office manager. Gonzales’ features were premiered in Jackson yesterday. The prize money will go toward production of his next film which will be shot in the state. Howard says the state film office received more submissions than anticipated. “We were pleased with the response and the quality of the films,” she added.

Gonzales studied screen writing in college and began his working life as a writer for the Dallas Morning News. He spent many years writing travel articles and as a still photographer. “If the way that we’re transmitting all our information these days in online then it seems like you should be trying to use the full extent of the computer’s and the Internet’s capability to communicate your message – and that’s really video,” he said. Gonzales believes he could make a full-length feature film using the prize money from the state. “I didn’t realize what the film office was doing to boost our work. It is greatly appreciated.”

Howard said the Jackson Hole Film Institute worked in partnership with her office to host classes for grip and electrical workers during the event this past week. “We have to build more of a crew base – an infrastructure. If Wyoming is going to get more film projects local resources are essential,” she said.

The main attraction for filmmakers is Wyoming’s recently instituted film incentive program which offers up to a fifteen percent rebate on production dollars spent in the state if a minimum of $ 500,000 is budgeted for a project. “The legislature believed in what we wanted to do. We were losing a lot of production to other states and countries, like Canada, and if Wyoming was going to gain back lost ground we had to level the playing field,” Howard asserted.

The short film winners are going to be available for pubic viewing on the state tourism website – later this week.


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