Nov 292010

A short film is popular among independent movie makers. It is made with cheaper cost and gives more room to express freely. However, there are some movie makers who only consider it as a step stone to a film with long story.

A short film, in the truth, is not a reduction of long films or is not only a plane of training. This film has its own characteristics that are different from long film. This film is not narrower in meaning or even easier to make.

As analogy, in literature world, a good writer of short story does not surely write a novel well. On the contrary, a writer of novel does not surely understand the way a short story talks.

As an expression media, short film is always marginal from the point of view of the viewers because it cannot get the proper media for distribution and exhibition. So, this film is not like short story in literature world.

Technically, short film is a type of films that has duration below 50 minutes. Even though there are other limitations that arise from several other sides in the world, this technical limitation is hold by most sides conventionally. Related to the way this film talks, it gives freedom for its makers and viewers. That is why, its form varies.

The duration of short film can be 60 seconds. The most important thing is the idea of the film and the use of its communication media can last effectively. The most interesting thing from this film is when the variations create the new state of minds about film generally, and then give many contributions to the cinema development.

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