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David Gonzales

(Vocus) June 10, 2008

Short films about a woman who makes art out of bugs, a look at surfing on the Snake River, and profiles of ski makers and kite enthusiasts secured first prize for David Gonzales of Jackson as winner of the first Wyoming Short Film Contest. Gonzales accepted the honor in a ceremony last night at the Jackson Hole Film Festival. “I was surprised and honored to receive this recognition. It’s exciting to find out my work seems to be heading down the right path,” Gonzales said. He will be awarded $ 25,000 from the Wyoming Film Office.

“We started this contest to help promote filming in Wyoming. One of the requirements was that the storyline had to be about Wyoming somehow and David’s work was judged by a panel of Wyoming people with a wide variety of production experience,” noted Michell Howard, film office manager. Gonzales’ features were premiered in Jackson yesterday. The prize money will go toward production of his next film which will be shot in the state. Howard says the state film office received more submissions than anticipated. “We were pleased with the response and the quality of the films,” she added.

Gonzales studied screen writing in college and began his working life as a writer for the Dallas Morning News. He spent many years writing travel articles and as a still photographer. “If the way that we’re transmitting all our information these days in online then it seems like you should be trying to use the full extent of the computer’s and the Internet’s capability to communicate your message – and that’s really video,” he said. Gonzales believes he could make a full-length feature film using the prize money from the state. “I didn’t realize what the film office was doing to boost our work. It is greatly appreciated.”

Howard said the Jackson Hole Film Institute worked in partnership with her office to host classes for grip and electrical workers during the event this past week. “We have to build more of a crew base – an infrastructure. If Wyoming is going to get more film projects local resources are essential,” she said.

The main attraction for filmmakers is Wyoming’s recently instituted film incentive program which offers up to a fifteen percent rebate on production dollars spent in the state if a minimum of $ 500,000 is budgeted for a project. “The legislature believed in what we wanted to do. We were losing a lot of production to other states and countries, like Canada, and if Wyoming was going to gain back lost ground we had to level the playing field,” Howard asserted.

The short film winners are going to be available for pubic viewing on the state tourism website – www.wyomingtourism.org later this week.


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Los Angeles, CA (Vocus) September 14, 2007 -

– After receiving hundreds of film submissions from around the globe, the Cinema City International Film Festival (CCIFF) Committee is proud to announce & excited to showcase the chosen 2007 film selections. Cinema City is excited to launch its inaugural year collaborating with Suzanne De Laurentiis Productions, hosting Universal AMC Cinemas, Universal City Walk, Universal City/North Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and the Universal City Hilton.

“We were both thrilled and overwhelmed with the number of quality films that were submitted for our first year,” says Suzanne De Laurentiis, Festival Co-Creator.

The Cinema City International Film Festival (CCIFF) is sure to excite filmmakers around the world and promises to join the ranks of other top Film Festivals with National acclaim and recognition. The combination of festival location, partners, sponsors and supporting production team will garner competitive submissions, resulting in an outstanding array of diverse and exciting features, documentaries and short films. CCIFF will also present an elaborate schedule of red carpet events, parties and student showcases. Festival honorees are set to be announced shortly.

For a complete listing of events, seminars and schedule updates, please visit www.cciff.com


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