Sep 302011

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Surreal Film Short ‘The Crooked Eye’ Has Los Angeles Premiere in Dances With Films Independent Film Festival

The Crooked Eye

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 6, 2009

“The Crooked Eye,” the latest film short from film and television character actor, D.C. Douglas, will have its Los Angeles premiere on June 9, 2009 at 5 p.m. at Laemmle’s Sunset 5 as a part of the Dances With Films Independent Film Festival. Chosen by the festival to be a part of an exclusive block of CGI shorts, the film will be discussed by a panel from the Visual Effects Society prior to the screening. Tickets are $ 12 and can be purchased via the Dances With Films website.

Dances With Films supports and celebrates the true independent film spirit by mandating that only films without celebrity actors, writers, directors or producers will be selected for festival competition. Though the film is narrated by Academy Award Winner Linda Hunt, “The Crooked Eye” was accepted due to the independent nature of the production, which was adapted for the screen, directed, produced, edited and financed by D.C. Douglas. In addition to Mr. Douglas, only three talented visual effects technicians, led by Pency Kinnard, created the CGI environment of the 19-minute film.

Starring Fay Masterson (“Eyes Wide Shut” with Tom Cruise) and Katherine Boecher (NBC’s “Heroes”), “The Crooked Eye” spends a day in the life of Sharon (Ms. Masterson) as she struggles with a recent divorce and a current perception problem.

Part live action, part animation, the film dreamily weaves between past and present, delicately painting a psychological portrait of a troubled woman. “The Crooked Eye” is a visually stunning adaptation of Betty Malicoat’s short story of the same name.

Having already played the 26th Miami International Film Festival and the 40th Nashville Film Festival, “The Crooked Eye” is now playing up and down the West Coast this month, most notably at the prestigious Palm Springs International ShortFest at the end of June. Only five months into its festival run, the film has already become an official selection of eleven festivals.

Aside from personal film endeavors, D.C. Douglas is primarily known for his on-camera and voice over work. His high profile projects include NBC’s “Boston Common” and the celebrity GEICO campaigns with the likes of Little Richard, Joan Rivers and the late Don Lafontaine.

For more information on “The Crooked Eye,” visit the official website. For information about D.C. Douglas, visit D.C. Douglas’ Film and TV website and voice over website.



“The Crooked Eye” will soon be available for rent via IndiePix Films and iTunes. You can purchase a DVD from the Amazon movies section for only $ 10.99.



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Sep 222011

This year at the annual Telluride Film Festival, Telluride Film Festival and The Library of America present a special program in honor of artist and film critic Manny Farber. “The Celebration of Manny Farber” will include an intimate bookstore signing of The Library of America’s September 2009 release Farber on Film: The Complete Film Writings of Manny Farber with editor Robert Polito. Since 1975 the Deauville American Film Festival has been showcasing American cinematographic diversity, hosting Hollywood royalty, as well as discovering new talents, actors, directors. This year more than 100 films will be presented to the public on three sites through September 13 in Deauville, France. International animation show, Fantoche 09, in Baden from September 8-13, offers a film programme in several parts of the use of human beings in animated film, and over several editions of the festival, Fantoche explores the interface between animation film and game design. The Temecula Valley International Film & Music Festival social calendar runs September 9-13 starting with Opening Night Festivities, followed by daily & nightly filmmaker/musician receptions, industry workshops, a Lifetime and Career Achievement Awards Black Tie Gala, a Sunday morning Hot Air Balloon Ride, a Closing Night Wrap party and Best of Fest special screening presentations. A Disney fan experience in which guests will enjoy exhibits, screenings, presentations and interactive experiences from every part of The Walt Disney Company happens in Anaheim, September 10-13. Talent from Walt Disney Pictures films, ABC, Disney Channel, ESPN and more will be on hand for meet-and-greets, and Disney Couture will debut its new line at a fashion show.

This year’s Chicago Underground Film Festival, September 10-17, follows past festival blueprint in which selected films often ignore limitations of genre, and which alternative music films, political agitprop, formal experimentation, and high camp are not uncommon elements of the Festival program. During the Toronto International Film Festival 2009, September 10-17, everyone is invited to Yonge-Dundas Square (YDS) for a playful and dynamic line-up of free screenings, concerts, performances, guest appearances, and special events. The TriMedia Film Festival has an innovative “tri-media” focus, with independent film, TV pilots/specials, and live theatre, rated a PG-13 or equivalent rating limit, and screenings and exhibit entries from all over the world. Festivities running September 11-13 in Fort Collins, open with a Double Feature and VIP Celebrity Party. At the West Coast Documentary and Reality Conference in Santa Monica, there are two areas of professional interest that are designated: The Documentary Village and The Reality Village. The third day of the conference, which runs September 14-16, will be entirely devoted to PitchFest, a live presentation for Documentary and Reality producers to pitch new concepts to network and development executives for potential acquisition. At a Film Finance Forum East, set to run September 16-17 in New York, speaking faculty discuss how to minimize risk when financing films; provide the latest updates on tax incentives and tax credits; address financing strategies and structures; and address effective distribution trends and brand integration resources to lower costs and increase revenue streams.

The Florida Media Market, September 16-20 in Orlando, is an annual market for film, documentary, television and media deal-making whose goal is to educate and build a platform where independent film and media makers meet with international buyers, distributors and production companies to buy, sell and network. Rosanne Cash will be the subject of the Americana Music Association’s Festival & Conference 2009 Keynote Interview, conducted by author/journalist Michael Streissguth, when the Convention gathers in Nashville, September 16-19. The First Annual Martha’s Vineyard Songwriters Festival, running September 18-19, will combine pop and country BMI hit makers in exclusive live music lineups and intimate settings, adopting the same approach of the Key West Songwriters Festival. Formerly known as IFP Market, Independent Film Week is an ongoing showcase in New York for the discovery of new projects in development and new voices on the independent film scene. From September 19-24, among conference highlights, are select scenes from IFP’s Independent Filmmaker Labs uncovering next year’s film festival circuit from IFP’s Documentary & Narrative Rough Cut Labs. The New York Television Festival is held annually each fall (September 21-26) in New York City, and along with the Independent Pilot Competition, the Festival features panel discussions, premiere screenings, and other special events designed to honor television as an institution and art form. The International Bluegrass Music Association presents its annual business conference for the bluegrass music industry with artist showcases, an exhibit hall with more than 100 booths, professional development seminars, member constituency meetings, and more, all happening September 28 through October 4 in Nashville. The Business of Entertainment is a two-part workshop on September 30 in Minneapolis that addresses: “Best Practices in Production Payroll Management,” outlining best practices in production payroll management; and “Before The Camera Rolls”, an interactive primer on production scheduling and budgeting.

The above events are only a sample of what is fully listed. Complete details are on the “Media, Entertainment and Performing Arts Industry News and Events” page. Video and podcast versions of this news summary are also available at popular video sites around the Web like MySpace, YouTube, Daily Motion, as well as on The Actor’s Checklist podcast blog. Follow the posting of the news summary on Twitter at: This month on the video news summary you will again see a dynamic array of artists in performance of film and music. These videos are now available on the Free Home Video Showcase which now serves as an archive for all past video presentations but without the audio news narration. The Actor’s Checklist is proud announce the return of the photo gallery which you can visit to upload valuable head shots or other photos of your choice, create profiles, and use your pictures or others found on the gallery as ecards which you can email to friends and associates with messages.

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Sep 022011

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Independent Film ‘Horrors of War’ to Debut with Sneak Previews in 10 Cities

Columbus, Ohio (PRWEB) April 28, 2006

The feature length independent film “Horrors of War” will have exclusive sneak preview screenings. Previews are scheduled throughout May and June in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Indianapolis, Austin, Youngstown, and sneak previews have already sold out in Ohio. The film, co-directed by John Whitney and Peter John Ross, was shot and produced entirely in Ohio.

“Horrors of War” takes place in Europe in World War II, centering on a group of GIs that encounter science fiction and horror based phenomena in battle. Crossing genres like “X-Files” and “Saving Private Ryan,” the storyline follows Lt. John Schmidt as he comes face to face with a horde of Nazi nightmare secret weapons. “Horrors of War” was made with an eye for bigger production values found in most indie films.

“With the downward trend in big Hollywood movies, and alternative like our film appeals to audiences,” said says producer/co-writer Philip R. Garrett, formerly of DreamWorks, who left a job working on Disney animated features to work in independent film in Central Ohio. “’Horrors of War’ mixes genres and has action, horror, humor, and science fiction. This film is very different. It offers people something they can’t find anywhere else.”

Horrors of War is the first feature film by directors John Whitney and Peter John Ross, both award winning short filmmakers. Co-director John Whitney had recent airings of his short film “Passion” on The Independent Film Channel as a finalist in the IFC Media Lab contest. Producer Sean Reid, formerly with E! Entertainment Television, made his feature “Redemption” in Los Angeles before moving back to Ohio.

“We were able to make something really ambitious with a World War II setting, science fiction elements, and special FX that show just what we have to offer in terms of various film talents,” says Peter John Ross, co-director of the film. “I can’t wait to show it on the big screen all over the country.”

World War II Re-enactors were brought on board the project to bring authentic props, vehicles, weapons, and costumes to the film. Most World War II re-enactors are former Civil War re-enactors that have switched over to something more contemporary. The new trend extends to re-enacting D-Day on Lake Erie as well as other famous battles from the 1940’s. World War II re-enactors came from several states away to participate in the filming. They also acted as extras in the larger battle scenes in the film, adding scope with realism.

In a move that’s becoming rare in independent film these days, Horrors of War was shot on film. With advances in High Definition and the availability of professional video equipment, the filmmakers chose to go with actual celluloid for the feature. Mixing formats from 35mm film to Super 16 and even Super 8 film for flashbacks, gave the film its unique look.

“I was amazed at the quality of the production, and I loved that it was shot on film, that meant the right people are involved and behind the project, not just some amateurs with a video camera, “ says Tony Kandah, executive producer and sales agent for the film. “The authenticity of the uniforms the guns, the amount of bullets that were fired in one scene is more than what most Hollywood productions fire in an action film, I was hooked.”

North American DVD rights are currently in negotiation for Horrors of War, and several foreign DVD releases are already set. The Japanese DVD releases on July 7th, 2006. Hollywood Wizard is the exclusive sales agent representing the film for theatrical, television, and home video.

The shows in Los Angles, Austin, San Francisco, Seattle, and Indianapolis are with Landmark Theatres, the nation’s largest art-house chain, and features first-run independent and foreign films. The New York show is at the Two Boots Pioneer Theatre, mixing current independent and foreign films with special programs and retrospectives, The Pioneer is a haven for filmmakers and film lovers alike. Dates and showtimes can be found on the official movie site

“Horrors of War” is a co-production between Columbus, Ohio based Sonnyboo Productions, Arbor Ave Films, and Hollywood Wizard based in Los Angeles, California. Additional information including multimedia clips and more can be found at the official movie website



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Apr 072011

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Independent Black Film Festival (IBFF) Announces 2nd Annual Film Festival

(PRWEB) November 17, 2004

Few artistic mediums have the power to reach across cultures, languages, and time itself to influence millions of people in the visual language of their daily lives. Film has such power. The Independent Black Film Festival has partnered with the Dallas Austin Foundation, a non-profit, to award and showcase independent features, documentaries and short films at our juried four (4)day Film Festival in Atlanta, Georgia March 3-6, 2005.

Merging urban film, 3D animation, broadband and game technologies, the Independent Black Film Festival will celebrate the achievement of people of color in the arts & entertainment community while encouraging and empowering upcoming artists, through a showcase of diverse and provocative seminars, conferences, panels & screenings.

Created by Asante Addae, the Independent Black Film Festival expands the borders of the typical film festival by exploring the technological advances occurring within the film, music and gaming industry.

In addition to the usual foray of feature films and shorts offered at most festivals, IBFF will showcase computer animation, film scoring techniques and screenwriting workshops in tribute to the emerging opportunities for independent filmmaking and writing.

Professional training courses in the industryÂ’s leading specialized software, SOFTIMAGE®, will also be offered in response to the accelerating demand for trained animators and pc gamers additionally PRO TOOLS® will teach a course in Audio Engineering.


• Documentary Jury & Audience Award

• Shorts Jury & Audience Award

• Animated Short Audience Award

• Best Film Score

• Best Screenplay

• Best Music Video     

For more information



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Mar 302011

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Vision Forum to Host the First Annual San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival and $ 10,000 Jubilee Awards

SAN ANTONIO, TX (PRWEB) April 22, 2004 -

— The Vision Forum, Inc.® is pleased to announce the first annual San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival and Jubilee Awards. The event will host independent Christian film shorts produced by a new generation of enterprising and creative Christian filmmakers, including home educators, film students of all ages, and independent professionals. The festival will feature film screenings, exciting cultural events, special classes, and workshops with talented directors and filmographers.

“America is discontent with Hollywood’s negative monopoly stranglehold on film and culture,” said Doug Phillips, president of the Vision Forum. “The intense hatred by Hollywood elites for Christianity and the value system which it embodies has created a rift in American culture, and profoundly damaged the American family. We intend to respond, not by cursing the darkness, but by lighting a candle.”

“We seek to motivate the next generation of filmmakers to raise a presuppositionally Christ-honoring standard, and to develop alternative vehicles outside the Hollywood machine for producing and distributing films which will build, bless, and benefit the American family.”

“We believe the Hollywood monopoly is about to be broken,” Phillips said. “Thanks to the development of inexpensive and readily accessible technologies, the success of new channels for distributing films, and the rise of a new generation of entrepreneurial and creative Christian filmmakers, there never has been a better time for Christians to influence their culture for Christ.”

“By providing a platform for Christians to present their art, and by offering appropriate recognition for excellence in Christian film production, we hope to encourage this movement for the glory of God.”

Amateur and professional filmmakers from around the nation have a rare opportunity to present their distinctively Christian films, to have them critiqued, and be rewarded for their hard work. The event will take place in San Antonio, Texas, November 11-13 at the newly expanded 1.3 million square foot Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center. The Jubilee Awards for Christian film shorts will be presented to the best narrative, best documentary, best political, and best creation film. The $ 10,000 Jubilee Award grand prize goes to the best film of the festival. A best film trailer and an audience award will also be presented.

For more information on the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival and Jubilee Awards, or to join us at the event, please visit the festival Web site at:

Press Contact:

Mark Stubblefield

The Vision Forum, Inc.

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Mar 262011

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Short Film Shot in Ecuador Looks for Financing to Shoot Feature at Independent Feature Project Market in New York

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 17, 2007

!Salve, Oh Patria!, a short film shot in Ecuador, South America by Spanish first-time director Alicia Diaz is set to look for financing to shoot the feature film at the IFP Market in New York City the week of September 16.

¡Salve, Oh Patria! or Fight For Country in English, is about an American widow living in Ecuador, South America, who struggles to get her son out of jail after he is imprisoned during an uprising against the government. Her son Gabriel is determined to follow in his popular Socialist father’s footsteps after his assassination by powerful American oil men.

The film was shot in the summer of 2007 in Ecuador by a production team from the New York Film Academy that consisted of a crew from Spain, India, and the US. In addition, there was a local crew that was a huge help to these experienced film students.

“The goal was always to produce this short film to showcase our talents to potential financiers — my vision was to produce a short film first, participate in the film festival circuit and then start raising funds to finish the feature,” says Alicia Diaz, writer, director and producer of the film.

Production company NetHead Films, Inc., headed up by Producer William Henao has recently launched the website for the film complete with trailer, production notes, photo gallery, crew bios and more.

“We’re looking forward to attending the IFP Market and conference to showcase our work and hopefully get the financing needed to work on the feature film to be shot in 2008,” says William Henao.

For additional information visit

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Jan 132011

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 10, 2006

Harlem Globetrotters, Panhandlers, and the China cultural revolution at Tiananmen Square rarely share anything in common – except for an Oscar Nomination. Distributed by Passion River Films, these independent films are compiled in the new DVD release: HARDWOOD / RYAN / SUNRISE OVER TIANANMEN SQUARE: Unique Award Winning Short Films.

In “Hardwood,” documentary filmmaker Hubert Davis, son of former Harlem Globetrotter Mel Davis, explores how his father’s decisions affected his life and those of his extended family. At its core, this Oscar nominated documentary validates the power of redemption and healing the bonds between father and son.

Academy Award Winner for Best Animated short film, “Ryan” is an independent film tribute to Canadian animator Ryan Larkin who produced some of the most influential animated films of his time. Today, Ryan lives on welfare and panhandles for spare change in downtown Montreal. Director Chris Landreth questions how an artistic genius can tumble into life on the streets in this animated short film.

“Sunrise Over Tiananmen Square” offers a personal documentary of political upheaval in China through a rich collage of original artwork and archival photographs. China born director Shui-Bo Wang illustrates his family’s ordeal during the Cultural Revolution, and his experience during the chaos of the Tiananmen Square uprising decades later in this Oscar nominated documentary.

This new DVD release of Academy Award nominated independent films and documentaries is available on March 28th at retailers and on-line stores nationwide.

To schedule interviews with Director Hubert Davis or to request a screener copy for these independent films, please contact Dante Guintu, 732-321-0711 x175.

Click here to view each independent film and documentary trailer in this DVD. To download a media kit for these independent films or to request a DVD screener, please contact Dante Guintu.

About the distributor Passion River Films:

Since 1998, Passion River Films has been devoted to acquiring, distributing, and representing unique independent films and documentaries. As a film distributor, they also offer marketing services to filmmakers self-distributing their independent film. For more information, visit

Passion River Films publicity contact:

Dante Guintu, VP Marketing & Film Distribution

732-321-0711 x175

416 Main Street, 2nd Floor

Metuchen, NJ 08840

(f) 732-321-4105

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