Nov 012011

ForeverLawn and Create a Bocce Experience in Times Square for NYC International Film Festival

ForeverLawn Bocce court in Times Square offered NYC International Film Festival visitors a unique recreational opportunity.

Albuquerque, NM (PRWEB) August 31, 2011

ForeverLawn, the leading artificial turf company, installed a premium synthetic grass bocce court in New York’s Times Square last week as part of the New York City International Film Festival. ForeverLawn partnered with to construct an interactive bocce court in the bustling city location, where festival participants, tourists, and locals could play and learn about the centuries-old game. The ForeverLawn bocce court was constructed adjacent to the outdoor movie screening area, where 220 films from 27 countries aired during the festival, which took place from August 19 – 25. The all-weather turf by ForeverLawn provided players with a soft, comfortable grass surface that was well-suited to the game of bocce and durable enough to withstand the heavy foot traffic in Times Square.

“ForeverLawn is a great surface for bocce play. It’s great looking, durable and is pretty much maintenance free,” said John Lehmann, president of “We recommend ForeverLawn turf as an ideal bocce court surface for bocce. Bocce balls roll true and the surface is comfortable to play on. These courts can be installed quickly and virtually anywhere – enabling bocce to be played indoors, in urban areas or even in a backyard. ForeverLawn brings bocce to a bigger audience.”

Bocce Grass by ForeverLawn provides and excellent surface for the game of bocce due to the unique construction and design of the turf. The grass features a dense blade structure with a textured thatch, in a unique, short blade construction that provides the right amount of resistance and surface tension for a realistic bocce ball roll and bounce. This new product provides the required cushioning needed to protect the bocce balls, which could crack or break on a hard surface like concrete. According to Lindsey Lehmann of, other artificial turf products require additional padding to create the soft surface needed for a bocce court. “The ForeverLawn product worked amazingly well on top of concrete, and didn’t need any padding beneath it,” said Lehmann. “The ForeverLawn court was comparable to a croquet lawn, which provides a suitable amount of resistance and a smooth roll.”

ForeverLawn offers several high-end landscape turfs including one that is a DuPont product. DuPont™ ForeverLawn® Select Synthetic Grass offers homeowners and commercial properties a lush, beautiful grass landscape that requires no water, fertilizer or mowing. The all-weather turf performs equally well in extreme heat and heavy snowfall, and requires very little maintenance to stay lush year round.

ForeverLawn offers a number of specialty products engineered for specific sports and recreation applications, including Playground Grass, SportsGrass, GolfGreens, and K9Grass. Well known for their industry leadership, ForeverLawn has contributed several important innovations to the turf industry, including the development of the first ASTM safety-rated artificial grass system for playgrounds, called Playground Grass. A soft, durable, safe surface, Playground Grass is certified by the International Play Equipment Manufacturers’ Association (IPEMA) and is safety-rated by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) for fall-heights up to 12 feet. Continuing to innovate in the playground space, ForeverLawn announced its most recent contribution to the playground industry earlier this month, called XStatic™ antistatic technology. The patent-pending technology reduces static on the playground surface, which is important to children with hearing aids or other electronic devices. For more information about Playground Grass by ForeverLawn, visit

For football fields and other high-impact sports facilities, ForeverLawn offers its SportsGrass line of artificial turf products. Engineered for durability and high performance, SportsGrass provides a consistent, cushioned grassy surface ideal for athletes. The turf of choice for a growing number of regulation high school football fields, city parks, and indoor sports facilities, SportsGrass provides an incredibly natural underfoot feel with reduced infill flyout. For more information about SportsGrass by ForeverLawn, visit

Even dogs can benefit from the recreational grass surfaces offered by ForeverLawn. The company’s K9Grass product line is designed for use with dogs, and offers unique features such as a knitted flow-through backing, durable blades, antimicrobial protection, and a no-infill design, making it the ideal surfacing option for dog parks, kennels, pet boarding facilities, and vet clinics, both indoors and out. For more information about K9Grass, visit

About ForeverLawn

ForeverLawn provides innovative synthetic grass products to create better landscapes worldwide. In areas where real grass is difficult to grow or maintain—due to high traffic or poor conditions—ForeverLawn offers a natural-looking alternative that is beautiful, functional, and durable. In addition to its landscape lines, ForeverLawn also offers specialty products including SplashGrass, K9Grass, SportsGrass, Playground Grass, and GolfGreens. ForeverLawn—Grass without limits. ForeverLawn can be found on Facebook or Twitter.



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Oct 282011

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2008 International Film Festival Summit Features a Panel Addressing How to Appropriately Measure Your Festivals Success

New York, NY (PRWEB) November 26, 2008

The 5th Annual International Film Festival Summit (IFFS) announces that the River Run, AFI Dallas and San Diego International Film Festivals as well as Ashland Independent Film Festival will take part in a panel discussion that will address considerations and metrics for success including: number of films, number of acquisitions, celebrities, size of audience, longevity, number of impressions and reach at this year’s summit taking place December 7-9, 2008 in Las Vegas.

The session entitled “Success Metrics: Where to Set the Bar”, will take place Monday, December 8th at 4:00 pm and be moderated by Andrew Rodgers, Executive Director, RiverRun International Film Festival.

There are so many different definitions of success and “bigness.” There are film festivals that attract hundreds of thousands of people, and yet are not on the mainstream radar, and festivals which show only a few dozen films that are world famous. This session will address considerations and metrics for success including: number of films, number of acquisitions, celebrities, size of audience, longevity, number of impressions and reach? Most notably, these different metrics have differing relevance to the constituents served by festivals – audiences, filmmakers, sponsors, media, film industry etc. Hear from different festivals on how they approach benchmarking and defining success.

Panelists include Michael Cain, Artistic Director & CEO, AFI Dallas International Film Festival, Graham Leggat, Executive Director, San Francisco International Film Festival, and Joanne Feinberg, Director of Programming, Ashland Independent Film Festival.

Some of this year’s attendees include: AFI Fest Presented by Audi, Atlanta Film Festival, Austin Film Festival, Bside, Starz Denver Film Festival, FilmThreat, Palm Springs International Film Festival, River Run International Film Festival, San Diego Film Festival, San Francisco International Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, Gen Art, San Diego Asian Film Festival, DC Shorts Film Festival, Seattle International Film Festival, AFI Dallas International Film Festival, SXSW, Variety, Withoutabox and many, many more.

The 2008 IFFS Presenting Sponsor is Withoutabox. Platinum sponsors include B-side with Gold sponsors Enta USA and The NEB. Other sponsors include: Agile Ticketing, Avid, AAA Flag & Banner, AREA 4,, inticketing, Festival Media Corporation,, FilmMaker Magazine, FilmThreat, MovieMaker, NAMAC, Production Hub, Qube Digital Cinema and Variety.    

About International Film Festival Summit (IFFS):

The International Film Festival Summit is the only annual conference and trade show for professionals from the film festival industry. The IFFS provides a platform for the community to explore ways to collaborate and promote the advancement of the film festival industry. This is a place to dialogue with your peers, share insights and gain knowledge that will help you grow your film festival and foster sustainability. The IFFS is dedicated to providing resources, information and avenues of communication for industry professionals and the entertainment industry. For IFFS Europe visit For IFFS North America visit


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Oct 242011

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Award-Winning Drama Makes Its Canadian Debut; JuneBug Films’ “Planting Melvin” Screens at ReelHeART International Film Festival

Menlo Park, CA (PRWEB) June 20, 2006

Since making its debut at the prestigious Cinequest Film Festival last year, “Planting Melvin” has won acclaim — and awards — for its positive depiction of women and promotion of female empowerment. Toronto filmgoers will have their first opportunity to see the award-winning drama when “Planting Melvin” makes its Canadian debut during the ReelHeART International Film Festival, June 19-24, 2006.

The film screens on June 21 at 9:15 p.m. at Innis Town Hall at Innis College, University of Toronto, 2 Sussex Ave. For ticket information, visit

“Planting Melvin” focuses on the lives of two seemingly opposite characters: Billie, a beautiful socialite dealing with the physical and emotional effects of an abusive marriage; and Melvin, a dying World War II vet with secrets of his own. This unlikely friendship becomes their safe harbor as they confront their individual issues and learn—together —one of life’s most difficult lessons … letting go.

As the film’s writer, director and producer, Kari Nevil of California-based JuneBug Films, is thrilled with the positive response “Planting Melvin” has received from audiences at film festivals across the country.

“Because JuneBug is an all-female film company, we are especially committed to the positive representation of women and empowering them to find a better life for themselves and their children,” Nevil said. “The fact that the film has been so well received by audiences says a lot about the progress we’re making in our society toward the advancement of women. And we are very excited about bringing our film to Toronto and sharing our message as part of ReelHeART.”

In addition to praise from audiences, “Planting Melvin” has won acclaim from advocacy groups and arts organizations including its recent selection by the National Film Review Board of Canada for “representing anti-violence against women and children in an international way.”

“Planting Melvin,” starring Irene Bedard (Smoke Signals), Yvette Freeman (ER), Alma Martinez (Born in East LA), Don Most (Happy Days), Hal Robinson (Paulie) and Richard Van Vleet (All My Children), screens on June 21 at 9:15 p.m. at Innis Town Hall at Innis College, University of Toronto, 2 Sussex Ave. For ticket information, visit

JuneBug Films was founded by Kari Nevil in 1990. She ran the company out of her purple house in San Francisco before the group moved into American Zoetrope with Francis Coppola. Today, JuneBug Films operates out of Menlo Park with a team of L.A. and San Francisco-based collaborators that provide filmed entertainment in the form of narrative features, documentaries, short films, music videos and corporate films.

JuneBug Films has created features including “At Risk” (Vince Vaughn’s first feature), “Your Guardian” and “Planting Melvin.” The company’s recent film, “Car Stories” – their first foray into documentary films – is currently making the rounds of independent film festivals, generating buzz and gathering fans from Florida to California. JuneBug is working to make “Car Stories” an episodic series.

For more information, please visit


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Oct 202011

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Tahoe Reno International Film Festival Pays Tribute to Melissa Joan Hart

Incline Village, NV (PRWEB) August 25, 2006

Highlighting entertainment industry professionals whose life and work is a force for positive world change, the Tahoe-Reno International Film Festival (T-RIFF) today announced it will honor actor Melissa Joan Hart at this years festival.

Hart will be recognized for her conscious TV and film career during the past three decades. On Saturday, August 26th at 5:30 p.m. in the Alpine Showroom, at the Resort at Squaw Creek, the festival will pay tribute to her career. The short film she directed, Mute, will be screened that evening at 10:30 p.m. as part of the Thriller Series. Perhaps best known for her starring role on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (1996-2003), Hart has had a full career in television, film and on the Broadway stage since she began acting at age four.

“I am excited about participating in this year’s festival and appreciate being recognized for my positive, family oriented approach to entertainment,” says Hart, an actress, singer, and Vice President of Hartbreak Films, a production company she runs with her mother. “After being offered many inappropriate film and television roles as a teenager, my mom and I created our own production company. This step helped me to focus on family friendly and socially conscious entertainment projects.” Now a young mother herself, her first child was born in January of this year, Hart is even more aware of the importance to produce television shows and film that teaches or empowers people while entertaining them.

Frederick Levy will host the tribute event. Levy, a board member of T-RIFF, guides the careers of actors, authors, screenwriters, and directors as the president of Management 101. Levy also develops and produces film and television, and has written four books about the entertainment industry, including The Hollywood Way.

The Tahoe/Reno International Film Festival (T-RIFF) offers a unique film festival experience that educates, touches hearts, inspires ideas, and connects audiences to the joy deep within their souls for film lovers from around the world. For the official T-RIFF event schedules, film times, and pass or ticket purchases, visit or call the Tahoe/Reno International Film Festival at 775.298.0018.

About Tahoe/Reno International Film Festival

The Tahoe/Reno International Film Festival (T-RIFF) is an elite destination dedicated to enriching community culture and raising awareness of quality films –both as an art form and a catalyst for positive social change. T-RIFF is a world class, multi-day international film festival in Northern Nevada, which supports unbridled freedom of artistic expression through year-round film screenings, TV production, and screenwriting courses. T-RIFF is the only competitive International Film Festival in Northern Nevada, attracting over 1,000 film submissions from filmmakers around the world each year.

Media contact:

Stellar Communications (800) 858-2712

Morris Nash / John Stellar



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Oct 072011

by Dallas Film Society Images

Shanghai, with its colorful lights and vibrant ambiance, is undoubtedly one of the worlds leading cities and among the most populated in China. Its historical treats and intriguing sites do not fail to present a thrilling experience for the eager traveller. Among its fine attractions, witness one of the largest and most glamorous film festivals in Asia, known as the Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF). Founded in the year 1993, it is famous for being China’s only A- category international film festival accredited by the FIAPF.

Held in June each year, the Shanghai International Film Festival is an event in which filmmakers and visitors world wide take pride in attending. With the growth of the Chinese film industry, this has become an international platform where four main programs are held. This includes competition which consists of the ‘Golden Goblet Award’ and the ‘Asian New Talent Award’. These awards aim to inspire new talent as well as creativity and the competition is judged by exceptional celebrities around the globe.

Another program called ‘SIFF Mart’ is one made up of China Film Pitch, Catch (CFPC Film Market), and Co-production Film Pitch and Catch (Co-FPC). It is the most specialized film trade launch and attracts international buyers, producers and distributers. It helps in attracting potential investors to film projects and also helps in discovering fresh skills. Furthermore, the SIF forum which follows the principle ‘China’s way and worlds value’ serves the industry and is considered to be the most significant platform. It is divided into four parts, namely the Keynote Seminar, President Lecture, Master Class and Round Table. In addition, there is the International Film Panorama which includes sections known as Official selection, Global Village, Tribute to Masters, View China and Spectrum. There are diverse styles seen in the films that are presented in this section and it presents an opportunity to make the public and media aware of the latest in international cinema.

Make your stay in Shanghai worthwhile by choosing a fabulous Shanghai serviced residence. If you are looking for a comfortable Business accommodation Shanghai, the ideal place would be the Somerset Xu Hui, which offers you a luxurious and delightful stay.

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Sep 222011

This year at the annual Telluride Film Festival, Telluride Film Festival and The Library of America present a special program in honor of artist and film critic Manny Farber. “The Celebration of Manny Farber” will include an intimate bookstore signing of The Library of America’s September 2009 release Farber on Film: The Complete Film Writings of Manny Farber with editor Robert Polito. Since 1975 the Deauville American Film Festival has been showcasing American cinematographic diversity, hosting Hollywood royalty, as well as discovering new talents, actors, directors. This year more than 100 films will be presented to the public on three sites through September 13 in Deauville, France. International animation show, Fantoche 09, in Baden from September 8-13, offers a film programme in several parts of the use of human beings in animated film, and over several editions of the festival, Fantoche explores the interface between animation film and game design. The Temecula Valley International Film & Music Festival social calendar runs September 9-13 starting with Opening Night Festivities, followed by daily & nightly filmmaker/musician receptions, industry workshops, a Lifetime and Career Achievement Awards Black Tie Gala, a Sunday morning Hot Air Balloon Ride, a Closing Night Wrap party and Best of Fest special screening presentations. A Disney fan experience in which guests will enjoy exhibits, screenings, presentations and interactive experiences from every part of The Walt Disney Company happens in Anaheim, September 10-13. Talent from Walt Disney Pictures films, ABC, Disney Channel, ESPN and more will be on hand for meet-and-greets, and Disney Couture will debut its new line at a fashion show.

This year’s Chicago Underground Film Festival, September 10-17, follows past festival blueprint in which selected films often ignore limitations of genre, and which alternative music films, political agitprop, formal experimentation, and high camp are not uncommon elements of the Festival program. During the Toronto International Film Festival 2009, September 10-17, everyone is invited to Yonge-Dundas Square (YDS) for a playful and dynamic line-up of free screenings, concerts, performances, guest appearances, and special events. The TriMedia Film Festival has an innovative “tri-media” focus, with independent film, TV pilots/specials, and live theatre, rated a PG-13 or equivalent rating limit, and screenings and exhibit entries from all over the world. Festivities running September 11-13 in Fort Collins, open with a Double Feature and VIP Celebrity Party. At the West Coast Documentary and Reality Conference in Santa Monica, there are two areas of professional interest that are designated: The Documentary Village and The Reality Village. The third day of the conference, which runs September 14-16, will be entirely devoted to PitchFest, a live presentation for Documentary and Reality producers to pitch new concepts to network and development executives for potential acquisition. At a Film Finance Forum East, set to run September 16-17 in New York, speaking faculty discuss how to minimize risk when financing films; provide the latest updates on tax incentives and tax credits; address financing strategies and structures; and address effective distribution trends and brand integration resources to lower costs and increase revenue streams.

The Florida Media Market, September 16-20 in Orlando, is an annual market for film, documentary, television and media deal-making whose goal is to educate and build a platform where independent film and media makers meet with international buyers, distributors and production companies to buy, sell and network. Rosanne Cash will be the subject of the Americana Music Association’s Festival & Conference 2009 Keynote Interview, conducted by author/journalist Michael Streissguth, when the Convention gathers in Nashville, September 16-19. The First Annual Martha’s Vineyard Songwriters Festival, running September 18-19, will combine pop and country BMI hit makers in exclusive live music lineups and intimate settings, adopting the same approach of the Key West Songwriters Festival. Formerly known as IFP Market, Independent Film Week is an ongoing showcase in New York for the discovery of new projects in development and new voices on the independent film scene. From September 19-24, among conference highlights, are select scenes from IFP’s Independent Filmmaker Labs uncovering next year’s film festival circuit from IFP’s Documentary & Narrative Rough Cut Labs. The New York Television Festival is held annually each fall (September 21-26) in New York City, and along with the Independent Pilot Competition, the Festival features panel discussions, premiere screenings, and other special events designed to honor television as an institution and art form. The International Bluegrass Music Association presents its annual business conference for the bluegrass music industry with artist showcases, an exhibit hall with more than 100 booths, professional development seminars, member constituency meetings, and more, all happening September 28 through October 4 in Nashville. The Business of Entertainment is a two-part workshop on September 30 in Minneapolis that addresses: “Best Practices in Production Payroll Management,” outlining best practices in production payroll management; and “Before The Camera Rolls”, an interactive primer on production scheduling and budgeting.

The above events are only a sample of what is fully listed. Complete details are on the “Media, Entertainment and Performing Arts Industry News and Events” page. Video and podcast versions of this news summary are also available at popular video sites around the Web like MySpace, YouTube, Daily Motion, as well as on The Actor’s Checklist podcast blog. Follow the posting of the news summary on Twitter at: This month on the video news summary you will again see a dynamic array of artists in performance of film and music. These videos are now available on the Free Home Video Showcase which now serves as an archive for all past video presentations but without the audio news narration. The Actor’s Checklist is proud announce the return of the photo gallery which you can visit to upload valuable head shots or other photos of your choice, create profiles, and use your pictures or others found on the gallery as ecards which you can email to friends and associates with messages.

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Sep 072011
short film
by Max Sparber

Jazz pianist, Kyoko Oyobe, leads the late night jam session in New York City, Lower Eastside’s newest bar, cafe and jazz venue, The Moldy Fig, Tuesday nights in July. The establishment presents it’s jazz offering with an assortment of casual diversions like chess, shuffleboard, Scrabble, and backgammon, and a small plate menu from the kitchen. Poets will feel welcome in this Lower East Side element. Kyoko Oyobe who writes original compositions, is from Okayama, Japan, and has released her first album, ‘Cookin’ at Smalls’, recorded live at Smalls Jazz Club in Greenwich Village, now available on the web at cdbaby.


Taking place in New York City through July 9 to celebrate its 12th Anniversary, Latin Alternative Music Conference is geared towards the marketing of Spanish-language alternative music. A connected SummerStage event in Central Park on July 6 features performances by Spanish music standouts Jarabe De Palo, Mexican songstress Ely Guerra, Afro-Peruvian electronica folk artist Novalima and Miami’s DJ Mr. Pauer. A July 8 panel (one of several) addresses, “Patrons of the Arts: Who Are Today’s Music Investors?”


An upcoming series is geared towards producing web series and new media content, in a crash course format, and is coming to New York City. Taught by Emmy-winning professionals and union reps, participants will learn how to create, market, distribute, and monetize a successful web series. The classes cover everything from strategy and pitch to advertising and promotional strategies. WTVW is including the Showbiz Labor Guide, a comprehensive software program for budgets, labor laws, and union contracts, using easy to understand terms. The Showbiz Store is the retail division of Media Services that caters to the specific technology needs of the media and entertainment industry.


It is fairly well known that The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge — aka Prince William and Kate Middleton — have recently been traveling throughout North America, with stops throughout Canada and California. The couple is also slated to be on hand for the Variety Venture Capital New Media Summit on July 8 in Beverly Hills. Variety’s Summit will explore how the investment community is driving technology innovation that is critical for the growth of the evolving entertainment industry. At the Summit, top financiers, studio leaders and start-up founders will debate how best to keep this momentum going, creating new media services and products that cross growing numbers of platforms and devices.


The Artivist Film Festival and Artivist Awards are produced by The Artivist Collective, Inc., a charitable organization creating this platform for artists to share  inspirational and informative films with the world. As an avenue for filmmakers to screen their unique, socially-conscious films to the general public, Artivist works interchangeably with the artists and their causes. Filmmakers come together through the organization to share resources, collaborate, and network with other artists and entertainment industry professionals. According to the organization this process has also led to funding agreements for future film projects. Screenings from July 8-10 will take place in cities: Austin, Atlanta, Chicago, Sedona, Seattle, Washington D.C. August will have screenings in Hollywood, and September will will move to New York City.


Anyone can join the Florida Chapter and fellow music community members in Miami for a casual networker hosted by Florida Chapter Board Governor, Serona Elton. Slated for every second Tuesday of the month, attendees can enjoy complimentary hors d’oeuvres and 2 for 1 drink specials on beverages until 8:30 pm, courtesy of Eden South Beach. There’s always free admission for Recording Academy members and anyone who would like to learn about or join The Recording Academy.


BMI is a sponsor of the Kauai Music Festival, a four-day undertaking in the art of songwriting held on the island of Kauai, beginning July 13. Through the one-on-one meetings, small group sessions, workshops, panel discussions, open mic activities, and other planned events, festival participants will be able to consult and get feedback directly from the songwriting pros staffing the festival. In addition to the annual Songwriter Conference, the KMF organizes and hosts other educational, networking, and showcase events throughout the year such as the KMF Songwriter Search, an annual songwriting contest with the winner getting free attendance to the annual KMF Songwriter Conference.


A July 18 Grammy Awards 101 Musical Achievement Workshop is a presentation of the Recording Academy Pacific Northwest and Los Angeles Chapters set to be held in Honolulu. GRAMMY Awards 101 + MusiCares Outreach will be an information session on: Recently Announced Awards Restructuring, important information about the 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards, important upcoming dates and deadlines, explanation of eligibility for submitted product, how to submit product for GRAMMY consideration, step-by-step narrative of what each submission goes through once it has been submitted into the awards process.


Casual Connect is the place to learn more about an industry that entertains 300 million people each month. So from July 19-21, learn all about iPhone, Social, Android, Flash, Browser MMO and Download Games, at Casual Connect Seattle 2011. Casual Games Association produces the Casual Connect event annually. And it’s not just learning workshops. Some slated networking events include: Pre-funk party hosted by Mochi Media, a relaxed, loungy party beer/wine/cocktails/light snacks; Minna Mingle hosted by EA Partners, a drink in the Grand Lobby after the final session in the Taper Auditorium; Official Casual Connect Party hosted by OpenFeint, with bowling, billiards, drinks and appetizers; another Minna Mingle hosted by TransGaming, presented Happy Hour style with beer, wine, cocktails; Official Casual Connect Party hosted by WildTangent, a lounge party with beer, wine, cocktails and appetizers taking place at the Seattle Aquarium.


Summer NAMM 2011 is the music products industry’s mid-year event showcasing the latest gear, sound and lighting technology, influential companies and the newest brands. Join music educators, students, parents, music advocates, recording professionals and houses of worship music leaders at the international music products industries’ mid-year gathering. Happening in Nashville, July 21-23, attend and get connected with other industry members at the NAMM Young Professionals event during Summer NAMM. Join the group at the Wildhorse Saloon on July 21 starting from 6:30 pm. NAMM, the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM), is the not-for-profit association that unifies, leads and strengthens the billion global music products industry.


Since its commencement in 1951, Melbourne International Film Festival has developed into Australia’s largest film event. MIFF hosts an assemblage of cinematic productions from over 50 countries for seventeen days (July 21 to August 7) each Winter (Australian winter), embellished with a slate of parties and special events that has been known to create a celebratory mood throughout the city. Separately and to its own merit, the Regent Theatre has been and continues to be home to many world renowned theatre productions including Disney’s The Lion King, We Will Rock You, and Singin’ in the Rain.


A compressed summary of the activity laden Action On Film International Film Festival in Pasadena, July 22-30, helps to highlight the many interesting events that will happen in its given span of time. There will be four days of workshops and seminars, two special non-profit benefit events and a few additional “surprises”. Opening Night Mixer and AOF VII Celebration. Nick Mancuso Acting Seminar Part 1 and 2 happens July 24 and 25. A free Sunday Brunch and Filmmaker Symposium is on July 24, and a Private Celebrity ‘Dinner With’ Special AOF Filmmakers and Writers happens in the evening. Closing night includes a Black Tie Dinner Pre-event Party, Black Tie Dinner and Award Show, There are screenings at Regency Academy Theater Pasadena with-filmmaker interviews on the Red Carpet and special gifts for everyone in attendance. Private ‘after’ and ‘pre-parties’ to be announced.


The 2011 New York International Latino Film Festival mission is to showcase the works of emerging Latino filmmaking talent in the U.S. and Latin America, and provide expansive images of the Latino experience, and celebrate the diversity and spirit of the Latino community. Programming from July 25-31 includes the flagship film festival in New York City, new music and art showcases, family and community events, scholarships for aspiring filmmakers, and a nationally recognized short film competition in partnership with HBO. The festival notably has had the endorsement of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s NYC Latin Media and Entertainment Commission since its formation in 2003.


FADE IN… the 15th Annual Hollywood Pitch Festival offers a chance to present your film or TV script, book, short or idea directly to 200 Hollywood agents, managers, producers, studio and productions executives, over three days starting June 29. HPF only has one class — a pitch class taught by a professional working filmmaker, and it is optional to take. But this year they are also providing one-on-one virtual pitch coaching via Skype starting two weeks prior to the festival. After session activities features a cocktail party Friday evening and VIP Contact Book that will be handed out.


The above events are only a sample of what is fully listed. Complete details are on the “Media, Entertainment and Performing Arts Industry News and Events” page which now has a language translation button to convert page contents into most widely used languages. A look ahead into August event dates will help you prepare for:  Flying Popcorn! Online Children’s Film FestivalNewport, in New Port, UNF Writers Conference, in Jacksonville, Siggraph 2011, in Vancouver, KRATKOFIL International Short Film FestivalBanja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Banja Luka, to provide just a small sample of upcoming events in advance. Also to alert viewers, a site revamp and redesign of The Actor’s Checklist is close at hand, with new interactive features, tools and resources to aid members, so please stay tuned.

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Aug 172011

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Explore Talent Recognizes the International Student Film Festival Hollywood as a Great Opportunity For Upcoming Filmmakers

Hollywood, CA (PRWEB) April 10, 2006

The International Student Film Festival Hollywood offers student filmmakers from all over the world an opportunity to make their own films and have them recognized by film industry leaders. Their goal is to serve as an international liaison between students and insiders to the industry.

The North Hollywood based-festival is an annual event organized by a California Nonprofit Corporation (ISFFH) and supplemented by the sales of hats, T-shirts, bags and other items pertaining to the festival’s promotion and advertisement.

Categories for the festival competition include: feature length films or videos, short films or videos, documentary films or videos, animations, and music videos. Student films will be showcased either through their video and/or film presentations. Foreign films or videos not produced in English require English subtitles.

Submitting a film requires the student to download a submission form that establishes the guidelines to the festival.

Films are judged by a carefully selected jury panel made up of professional film teachers, filmmakers, directors, producers, actors, distributors, agents, film critics and journalists.

Awards are given in the following areas: Best Feature, Best Short, Best Documentary, Best Animation, Best Music Video, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, and Best Screenplay. Prizes and scholarships are also awarded to the winners in each category.

The submission deadline for films is August 31, 2006. Films are shown from November 1st –5th in a location chosen in the NoHo arts district.

Interested parties are encouraged to go to or for more information. Related industry information can be found at or

# # #

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Aug 132011

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Las Vegas International Film Summit March 29th to April 5th, 2010


Las Vegas, Nevada (PRWEB) June 19, 2009

Las Vegas International Film Summit™ has been created by a group of highly experienced film-makers, marketing professionals, and top business executives, dedicated to the development and promotion of the art and craft of filmmaking.

This is a new space of expression for the art and craft of filmmaking. This yearly mega event will cover every single aspect of the motion-picture production process in an unprecedented 7 days tradeshow and an international film competition, to be held at the Sands Expo, The Venetian and the Palazzo Casino Resorts of Las Vegas, Nevada, from March 29th to April 5th, 2010. “Our mission is to use Las Vegas spectacular hotels and infrastructure to host the most influential film festival in the United States, and with that, contribute to the development of Las Vegas as an international cultural capital for the growing industry of cultural tourism”, said Joaquin Rodriguez, the festival coordinator.

Las Vegas International Film Summit ™ will be open to all industry professionals and film enthusiasts as well. We welcome everyone who is or wants to be part of the international filmmaking community”, he added.

Las Vegas International Film Summit will be divided in three major stages:

The Motion Picture Industry Network: A trade show that will host film commissions from all over the world, unions, production companies, equipment rental houses, wardrobe, locations, catering, EFX, post production, legal services, advertising and much more.

The Film Competition: A selection of 30 feature films, 10 short films, 10 feature documentaries and 10 student shorts films.

The International Film Showcase: A selection of International films representing 21 of the most influential producing countries of the world.

Las Vegas International Film Summit ™ will have over $ 90,000 dollars in prizes, spectacular red carpets, VIP parties, international premieres and much more.

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Jul 122011
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by k-ideas

One of the most celebrated events in Melbourne, the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) is a world famous film extravaganza held yearly in this vibrant city in Australia. Being the country’s largest film festival, the event is a celebration of a diverse mix of cultures as it features more than 400 movies from over 50 different countries and also is the largest display of Australian cinema. This critically acclaimed festival, was founded in 1951, is one of the oldest of its kind in the world and is definitely worth a trip to Melbourne to experience its magic.

Thousands of tourists stream in to witness the festival making it a joyous event that contributes millions of dollars to the Melbourne economy. The MIFF also remains a member of Melbourne’s top 4 film festivals. Last year the film festival which was the 57th annual one was held between July 25th and 10th August 2008. This year it will be held from 24th July to 9th August 2009, and is great time to plan a visit to Melbourne and be part of this event.

Some of the popular awards presented at the festival include the awards for feature films and documentary movies. A competition for short films of different categories is also held, though largely the festival remains non-competitive. Catering to all ages, the festival has a special feature where certain recent international films are shown that specifically appeal to younger teens, enabling the festival to become a family experience.

Apart from the actual film showings, the event casts a party like atmosphere across the whole city with its many parties and celebrations that are bound to make your stay in the city an entertaining and thrilling one.

If you plan to visit Melbourne to be part of this special movie extravaganza, the Langham Hotel Melbourne provides a luxurious base from which to conveniently access the place where MIFF will be held. The hotel is a preferred and more popular choice among visitors amid the many hotels in Melbourne due to its relaxing and elegant atmosphere.

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