Nov 172011, Provider of Short Term Production Insurance, Now Expands into Utah

You dream it, we’ll cover it

Woodland Hills, CA (PRWEB) September 16, 2011

“..the calls kept coming in, so I decided to just go for it..” says David Karubian, CEO of Brilliant Insurance Services. For the past 9 years, Brilliant Insurance Services has provided short term production insurance for indie film makers as well as regular producers of film, TV, documentaries, music videos and commercials. Currently they are licensed in 11 states, including CA which is where they are based, OR, NV, AZ, TX, HI, NC, NY, NJ, FL and now UT.

Most of the time, an “indie” film maker that needs film insurance, he or she typically will ask a colleague where the good deals are or often have their production assistants help look for such deals. The internet has made this process easier and has a very detailed overview of the variety of programs offered. Applications are downloadable, however most applicants call and speak with David prior to completing any forms.

“It’s something I do and it’s something I like to do,” says David. “The movie insurance is just something I was doing a lot of, due to my proximity to Hollywood… the young film producers coming out of film school all have something to prove, and I love hearing their story lines and feeling their enthusiasm as we do their quotes…. As the calls came in, I developed my markets and slowly began adding states to transact in..” says David.

There is competition in the market, but the prices we offer and the certificate services we provide are the best in the industry. The coverage offered ranges from general liability, coverage for rented production equipment, coverage for vehicles, workers compensation, errors & omissions and more. Although some producers do film without the proper coverage (commonly referred to as “gorilla style), most legitimate productions have to apply for permits and need certificates to show the city. In either case, if they are renting equipment, the rental house will need insurance on the gear.

According to David, “…yes I am the CEO, but it’s my favorite type of policy to sell and I really like the ‘crowd’ who have made me feel accepted.” “Working with film producers has made me feel inspired at times, wanting me to do films of my own” says David. To speak with David, he can be reached by calling (888)504-8484 xt 203, or by emailing him at David(at)MovieInsure(dot)com. He is friendly, and outgoing and can be quoted as saying “…it’s as close to being in Hollywood as I can get..”

Production insurance is unique to each project. Depending on the budget size, duration, amount of rented equipment, stunts, and so forth, the prices can range from $ 500 to $ 5000 on insurance for a short term policy. Many producers own their own gear, but may have to rent some vehicles. All of this can be accommodated. Annual policies are also available and are definitely a cost saving move.

Like a lot of industries, the film industry is small in terms of social networking and the fact that is always growing and emerging. Jokingly David adds, ”ha ha…sometimes I feel like they [the indie producers] get to have all the fun, while I am stuck in the office all day…” Nevertheless, there is rumor that some new technology coming to help David get out of the office more. Stay tuned for more developments on that front.

In the mean time, the folks at Brilliant Insurance Services are going to add more states to as the demand warrants. In addition to having a really nice website, and a wide variety of programs custom tailored on a short term or annual basis, one would definitely want to get a quote from David before making a final purchase.



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Jun 182011

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Brubaker Films, in association with T-Street Productions, gain acceptance into the 2004 Los Angeles International Short Film Festival.

HOLLYWOOD, CA (PRWEB) July 30, 2004

“Earl’s Your Uncle” was written by Jared Tweedie, directed by Thomas Phillips and produced by

Jason P. Brubaker of Brubaker Films LLC, in association with T-Street Productions.

A very prestigious invitation, the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival is sanctioned by The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. In the past, nineteen of the films screened have been nominated for Oscars in the best short film category. Five have won.

Earl’s Your Uncle is a sort-of-film-noir-comedy with a fantastical edge exposing the dark underbelly of crime, deceit, malice, mayhem and wellÂ… stale doughnuts. The film was shot in b/w Super 16mm during March 2004.

Brubaker is excited. “The crew has worked very hard to make this happen. I couldn’t have asked for a better, more talented team. Tom and Jared deserve this. They work very hard. And the LA Short Fest is an honor.”

Phillips says he really enjoys working with Brubaker because he is so supportive and encouraging. “All I know is this… When Brubaker says he is going to do something, he does it. No excuses. He takes the good with the bad. I can’t wait to read Seven Ten Split and move into a feature.” (Brubaker is currently packaging his feature project, Seven Ten Split. The film is slated for production in Brubaker’s hometown of York, Pennsylvania in September 2005).


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Apr 192011

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Suncast Entertainment’s Santiago Jr. Has Short Film “Fallen Hero” Accepted Into Prestigious LA Shorts Film Festival

Scottsdale, AZ (PRWEB) June 21, 2010

SunCast Entertainment VP of Creative Development announced today that his short film “Fallen Hero” has been accepted into the prestigious LA Shorts Fest, July 22-30.

“Fallen Hero” is a super 16mm short film written, directed and executive-produced by Santiago Jr. It premiered at the Phoenix Film Festival in May, and earned high praise at the Scottsdale Community College Film Festival, taking top honors in the categories of Best Dramatic Short and Best Produced Screenplay. It also earned second place for editing.

“It is a tremendous honor to have this film accepted by the LA Shorts Film Fest along with so many other great films,” Santiago Jr. said. “I worked with a fantastic cast and crew on this project, and we wouldn’t have this opportunity without their hard work.”

The LA Shorts Fest, in its 14th year, is an Academy Award nominating film festival that is attended by top industry talent, agents and studio executives. In past years, 33 films that were featured in the LA Shorts Fest have gone on to earn Academy Award nominations, while 11 filmmakers have won an Oscar.

“Fallen Hero” is Santiago’s fourth short film. His other previous works include “Diablita”, “Once Upon a Time in the Desert” and the award-winning “El Trafico”.

Santiago Jr. is working on his fifth short film, “Xtraction”. This action-thriller set in Mexico and the world of organ trafficking is currently in pre-production with SunCast Entertainment LLC., and is scheduled to begin filming in Arizona in July.

Santiago Jr. is a two-time fellow of the National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP) Writers Lab in 2006 and 2007; and a two-time fellow of the NALIP Producers Academy as a producing fellow in 2006 and as a directing fellow in 2007. He also was a two-time finalist for consideration to the Sundance Writers Lab in 2007 and 2008.

A proud client of William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, SunCast Entertainment is a film and media production company whose mission is to make commercially viable, culturally significant, emotionally resonant and intellectually satisfying film and media entertainment for distribution across multiple platforms in this era of “new media” and digital technology. SunCast Entertainment currently has several projects in various stages of pre-production, including the short film “Xtraction” and the highly-anticipated Marco Santiago Jr. feature film “86”.

To find out more about SunCast Entertainment go to, or follow on Twitter at



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Jan 172011

Evanston, IL (PRWEB) July 13, 2006

Pawky, a short film distribution and consumer media company, today, launched its new service,, which allows people to watch short film, upload video, and take part in an online community of filmmakers and web users alike.

“We showcase hand-picked, award-winning short film that is not readily available to the general public through any other online venue,” said Paul Birman, Pawky co-founder and Vice President of Operations. “We also provide people with a chance to organize and display their own work, which may be in the form of video, images and a variety of other mediums.”

Users watch and rate featured short films and upload their own videos from camcorders, digital cameras, cell phones and other devices. These users can, then, spread these films and their own videos to their family and friends as well as their extended online social network.

After the free and simple registration process, Pawkers, as members of the site are known, can create a customized profile, start and participate in forums, maintain a blog, add favorite films and videos to their profiles and spread these clips to others in their extended network.

The Viewer and the Critic

The number of film festivals showing short film has risen in recent years as short film’s popularity continues to grow. Other than festivals, though, the venues where filmmakers can take their innovative and original work is limited. Pawky features and distributes entertaining short films, which people might otherwise never see.

“It is like an ongoing film festival where the audience can interact with the filmmakers on their own terms,” said Alexander Oleynikov, Pawky co-founder and President. “It’s a perpetual question and answer session.”

Pawkers and web users alike can search for short films within several categories and also by tags. After they watch the film, they can rate it, write a review and contact the director or crew. These professionals maintain profiles on the site.

The Director and the Producer

The world of online video has exploded during the past few months. The web is inundated with video of everything from daily occurrences, to freak accidents to news events.

Pawky allows its members the convenience to collect and organize these videos on their profiles. Pawkers can spread these videos or keep them private, exclusively available to their friends. These videos co-exist with the professional short films featured on the site, but are distinct and separate.

“We have something that sites such as YouTube cannot offer,” added Birman. “We have professional short films that are meant to be watched and discussed.”

The Pawker

Pawky effectively fuses all the short film sites, viral video hubs and community sites into an aesthetically pleasing and intimate setting.

“Pawky houses content that you cannot see anywhere else on the web,” Oleynikov said. “It does more than simply entertain you for a minute. These films are carefully crafted and intended to make people question the world and think about issues differently, as well as entertain.”

Birman and Oleynikov said that the ideal Pawker is an individual who is not afraid to take a glimpse at the world through an artist’s eyes.

Oleynikov added, “Short film, in general, possesses the ability to take the viewer out of their own time and place, if only for a few minutes, and delve into issues and ideas that they would normally not have the opportunity to ponder.”    

About Pawky

Founded in Oct. 2005, Pawky, which defines as “shrewd and cunning, often in a humorous manner” in Olde English, is a web-based distribution portal for short film and video.

It also serves as an on-line community where filmmakers and Pawkers can interact, upload video to their profiles, create image galleries, post blogs, and much more. Featured Short Film and Animation is available for viewing on the home page and in a separate section of the website, with new content added weekly.

These films will be ad-supported and free for everyone, including non-members. Featured content is also distributed to such outlets as airlines, hand-held devices, on-demand TV units and other sources.

Its unique style and originality will catapult to the top of the consumer media market.

For further information:

Elina Miller

elina @



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