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by T Hoffarth

Hollywood movies are among the best films all over the world. Always, people tend to watch these movies and speak highly of them.

Among the Hollywood films, a movie impressed me very deeply, Brokeback Mountain, which is directed by the renowned film director Ang Lee. In my points of view, this is a film which has not too much relationship with the homosexual, he just tells the love of the world and love is everywhere; but there are some defects. All the people should be equal. It reflects profound social reality in one’s inner desire, people are very shocked.

1 Movie Plot

The story takes place in the summer of 1963, in the western Wyoming in United States, Young Farmers Jack and Ennis worked in Brokeback Mountain, inaccessible depths of the ranch. They lived a hard and monotonous life in the mountains, guarding against the possible that the invasion of sheep suffering beast. Jack is more talkative than Ennis, but the passage of time, it has resulted in untold both tacit.

A particularly cold night, they slept in tents together; under the role of alcohol and hormones, something that should not happen took place. In the days of Brokeback Mountain, they both spent the best time of their life. After seasonal grazing, Jack and Ennis had to separate. Ennis keeps staying at the ranch married Emma who has married once, and has two lovely daughters while Jack went to Texas, with his wife Lucy Lin, his business was flourishing.

Four years later, Jack sent a greeting card to Ennis, and the two ones once again reunit. They are aware of the emotional hearts of hot, so in the next 10 years, these two person regularly date “fishing.” Alma is sad, but Jack and Ennis are also suffering from great prejudice and secular pressures. Ultimately, Jack’s accidental death has come to a full stop to the feelings of the two disputes over ten years……

2 Director Description

Ang Lee, a renowned Chinese director. In recent years, he is very popular in the international movies. In the Pacific, Atlantic, both sides they made good achievements, so far he has won two Academy Awards, two Venice Film Festival Golden Lion Awards, and the two Berlin Film Festival Golden Bears. It is no exaggeration to say that he has set up a bridge between Eastern and Western cultures. As a childhood growing up in traditional Chinese families, who, in addition to direct, “Pushing Hands,” “The Wedding Banquet,” “Eat Drink Man Woman” and other Chinese-language film, but also he directed “Sense and Sensibility” and other English language films, but also took some purely commercial films such as “Ice Storm”, “ride with the devil.”

3 Actor description

Jake Gyllenhaal, on the 19 December 1980, was born in Los Angeles, two years after, he transfered into the film experience of young Jake Gyllenhaal, although a simple experience but his superb acting and full of spiritual eyes, which gives a very promising new acclaim on behalf of the actor.

Jake Gyllenhaal, whose famous film is the young inspirational film in1999 “October Sky” plays a courage to pursue the dreams of young boys and Kelisiku who are impressive independent film. He has performed best “good girl” and Jennifer – Anne The film has wonderful performances by Houston, in 2003 Independent Spirit Award nomination, in 2004 as the actor who starred in “acquired”, in 2005 he starred in “Brokeback Mountain” so he was the 78th best supporting actor Oscar nomination. He starred in Catcher in the Rye (2002).

From Australia, Heath Ledger, whose passion is ignited by the sister Kate. When he starred in “Peter Pan” a drama in Australia, since drama opened career. Heath Ledger love performing, he continued on pay,ing and explorein in the theater, “On the drama of the road, he opened the door, he continued to pass through it.”

4 Video Comments

Everyone’s heart has a Brokeback Mountain. A person search of the truth of mine. As in the case of search they meet the thorns. As the responsibility and freedom is how to choose. I remember Bob Dylan song “He Was a Friend of Mine”, Love is carefully wrapped in one, which formed the philosophical and aesthetic sense of beauty. And this beauty comes from the director to express the objective, dispassionate observer stance, we see the narrator in the film becomes neutral, transparent, and on a large screen, he shows the world itself: a man wait for another man for all the life because of love.

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