Dec 062011

Some cool movie images:

Movie Screen V

Don’t you ever cross that bridge in your mind again
(It’s like a movie screen)


Movie Screen III

Don’t you ever cross that bridge in your mind again
(It’s like a movie screen)


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Nov 122011

Some cool movie images:

M. Bison: the Movie

Yes, Raul Julia’s "M." is a spoof of Josh Brolin’s "W." The late Raul Julia has played a part as villain General M. Bison in the Street Fighter movie, along with Gomez Addams.
The Movie "M." looks into the life of world conquerer Manfred W. Bison sympathetically
"W." is property of Oliver Stone and Liongate.
M. Bison and Street Fighter is property of Capcom

Helvetica, The Movie.

I love fonts.

Back in college, I would horde them on my computer like there was no tomorrow. So, when Helvetica, The Movie had a screening at the Landmark Embarcadero Cinemas, I was all on it.

I’d never actually had a preference for or against Helvetica prior to watching the movie, and after viewing it, while I came away with a lot more perspective and background on the font, I had no further leanings one way of the other…as the designers had mentioned, it’s like air, it’s like off-white paint – it’s just there.

guess the movie

I saw this movie last night and I liked this scene so much that I decided to take a still photo of my TV screen. The movie wasn’t so good, as most sequels.

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Oct 192011

by ronocdh

According to figures from FSSI, the Narnia films feature in the top five Hollywood franchises released in India, with the previous installment Prince Caspian collecting 270 million rupees ( million), putting it among the top 10 highest-grossing Hollywood films in India of all time.In September, Narnia series producer Mark Johnson previewed 30 minutes of his Dec. 10 release The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. One teenage fan, Johnson recalls, impressed him as “sweet and polite.” So when the lad e-mailed him with questions about the film, Johnson wrote back with detailed responses, discussing, among other things, the controversial addition of Gael, a character not in the original book. Ping! The recipient posted it in the form of an interview to the blog “I saw it at 6 a.m., and I called my assistant to tell them to take it down,” Johnson says. “He has to learn you can’t take a private conversation and make it public.” The site complied and replaced the post with: “I’ve been asked to take the interview down until further notice.” But the cryptic message led readers to believe Johnson had revealed spoilers — which wasn’t the case, according to the producer. On further reflection, Johnson reversed course, and it was back up. Sounds like this kid might become a Hollywood reporter himself.

SEOUL — Foreign films performed poorly at the Korean box office in November, attracting 2.8 million admissions, according to the Korean Film Council.

Skyline, a sci-fi film about an alien invasion attracted 620,000 admissions, the only Hollywood film that sold over 500,000 tickets. The market share for foreign films remained at 34.8% in November.

The market share for Korean films, on the other hand, set a new record for market share with 65.2% and posted a box office gross of 40.3 billion won (.5 million). Haunters, an action thriller starring the duo of Kang Dong-won and Go Soo attracted 2.03 admissions. Overall the market share for Korean films broke 60% for the last three months.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.It is the first time in the history of the Royal film performances that the Queen has donned 3D glasses to watch a movie.


Watch And Download Movie: The Chronicles of Narnia Movie 2010 Online Free

Visit Here:

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Oct 042011

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‘Homeland’ The Movie Begins Filming in Massachusetts Former New Bedford – Somerset Residents Bring ‘Hollywood’ Home

Los Angeles (PRWEB) April 2, 2008

“Homeland,” a dramatic view of post-9/11 paranoia, will begin filming in New Bedford, Massachusetts on April 5th under the direction of area ex-pat Don Burton. In addition to local businesses being used as an additional character, the film will be shot entirely by local film crews.

“Homeland” tells the story of a young man who makes a routine stop at his local cafe after a long, cold day at work. After ordering, he sits with an apparent suicide bomber who forces him to ask himself: “Am I living the life I was meant to live?”

Set in coastal New Bedford, Massachusetts, “Homeland” will be filmed at “On a Roll,” cafe. The location engages viewers with anticipation and familiarity: this restaurant could be your corner cafe.

“It’s important for us to film in a community that gives viewers a sense of familiarity,” said Don Burton, Producer/Director. “But, our most important goal is to build a bridge from Hollywood to the community that saw us grow and create opportunities for future film productions in the area.”

“Homeland” Writer/Producer Adam P. Cray also stars in the film as The Repairman. Cray has directed & acted in several short films including “My First” & “Two Devils Lunch”. Cray, a former resident of Westport & New Bedford, is a University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth alum (’97).

“Homeland” also features Tommy Whalen as Kevin. Whalen has written, directed and acted in various film projects, including “Pennywise”, “Last Seen” and featurettes for NBC’s “Heroes.” Whalen, a former Dighton resident, is a University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth alum (’07).

Producer/Director Don Burton is a creative director and editor who has worked on over 50 DVD featurettes for titles that include the 2007 Independent Spirit Award winner “Talk To Me,” “Taxi Driver” and “Pretty Woman”. Burton has co-produced documentaries in Brazil and Europe and edited the feature film “Ranchero” premiering March 2007 at the Sacramento International Film Festival. Burton is a former Somerset resident and graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth (’97).

“Homeland” is a collaborative project between Burton’s Flickering Spaces and Cray’s Cinemastar Productions.

About Flickering Spaces

Launched in 2001, Flickering Spaces is an online portal for film and fine arts projects. Flickering Spaces provides an ‘online’ portfolio feature that showcases current and past collaborative projects.

About Cinemastar Productions

Founded in 1998, Cinemastar Productions has produced various films, music videos, PSAs, & trailers including “Last Seen”, “Alarma” & “This Boy of Ours”.

For further information & to coordinate interviews, please contact: Ana Lydia Ochoa, “Homeland” The Movie, Media Relations, padma media & marketing, 1.310.598.5735


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Vocus, PRWeb, and Publicity Wire are trademarks or registered trademarks of Vocus, Inc. or Vocus PRW Holdings, LLC.

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Sep 282011

Some cool movie images:

Disney – Great Movie Ride – Casablanca (Explored)

This is from the Casablanca scene of Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ marquee attraction – the Great Movie Ride.

This picture made it to Flickr Explore April 24, 2008 – #189!

The Movie Project meets Tango: Sixteen

Technical info

Location: "Grande Albergo Ausonia & Hungaria" – Lido, Venice, Italy
Lens: Nikkor 50mm (ƒ/1.4D) — ƒ/1.4
Shoot: ISO 1000 | 1/250s — full manual
Filters: Hoya Yellow + Green
Strobist: 1 SB-900 (-3.0 ev) + Exybox triggered by the D700 built-in flash, on the right of the subjects.

The Movie Project meets: Tango: the project and cooperation between Bazzmann labs and Tangoblivion is continuing.

More photos in the next days.

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Sep 132011

A few nice new release movie images I found:

Quentin Tarantino taking questions at the Castro after Inglourious Basterds
new release movie

Soundtrack streaming (for now)

A french movie theater plays a big role in the film

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Sep 042011
short film
by mediagrouptv

A highly popular and celebrated event, the Los Angeles Film Festival is a world class movie gala that showcases some of the most critically-acclaimed filmmakers, critics, film industry professionals and new talent from other countries. Recognized as a world class event, it is held every year in the month of June in Westwood Village, California, and focuses on the best of American and international cinema for a period of 10 days.

Anticipated crowds for this year’s Festival, which is from 18th to 28th June 2009, are expected to be over 100,000 people as streams of movie lovers from all over the world come together to celebrate it. The main part of this exciting Festival is made up of over 100 feature films, 100 short films and approximately 50 music videos that originate from about 40 different countries. These films run alongside major premieres that feature popular stars, seminars, panels and outdoor screenings.

Highlights of the Festival include the exclusive Filmmaker Retreat that is hosted by the Festival’s annual Guest Director, and the Spirit of Independence Award ceremony and bash. A popular highlight among the younger audience is the short film features that are produced by high school students and the music video section.

At the end of the festival, popular awards that are handed out include the Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature, Audience Award for Best Documentary Feature, Best Narrative Short Film, Best Documentary Short Film and Best Animated/Experimental Short Film. Some of the more prizy awards given out carry a cash prize of ,000 and include categories such the Target Filmmaker Award for Best Narrative Feature and the Target Filmmaker Award for Best Documentary Feature.

If you are a movie lover, this event is the right place for you to come and experience the joy of movies together with thousands of other movie lovers. Visitors looking to stay at one of the hotels in Pasadena in Los Angeles should consider the luxurious and elegant Langham Hotel Pasadena which is an ideal base to frequent this Festival.

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Aug 292011

Check out these short film images:

Can’t See For Looking movie stills

This past weekend, my friend Yu asked me to take some movie stills for the short film she’s directing, Can’t See For Looking. A really cool experience, learning about making films, meeting interesting people, and lots about artificial lighting!

Can’t See For Looking movie stills

This past weekend, my friend Yu asked me to take some movie stills for the short film she’s directing, Can’t See For Looking. A really cool experience, learning about making films, meeting interesting people, and lots about artificial lighting!

Can’t See For Looking movie stills

This past weekend, my friend Yu asked me to take some movie stills for the short film she’s directing, Can’t See For Looking. A really cool experience, learning about making films, meeting interesting people, and lots about artificial lighting!

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Aug 202011

Check out these movie images:

Movie Night Party

Movie Night Party Ideas and Supplies
How To Make Popcorn Cupcakes

Movie Etiquette 101

Excited to see Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland! I love Alice the most for some reason.

Inspired by the movie. Big head and font. lol Ok, I’m actually just bored. I do silly things when bored.

But seriously, don’t you hate people who talk loudly while in the cinema? And yes, no to cellphones either.

I need somebody to watch the movie with. *ahem, ahem*

Texture from Playingwithbrushes

Alice in Wonderland font is called PF Wonderland Pro.

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Jul 302011

Some cool movie images:

Day 99/365 – Curious Case, Great Movie

Tonight I met up with my friend Adriana and we went to the movie theater in Chinatown to see "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button." It was excellent. Although it’s a fairly long movie (2:47), it never seemed long and didn’t drag at all. The story kept moving and kept you interested in learning what was going to happen next.

In case you are unfamiliar with the plot, the movie concerns a guy who is born backwards in time — he starts out as an old man with arthritis and cataracts and then grows younger as he ‘ages.’ It’s based on a short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald and although it’s a bit of a "high concept" premise, the movie never feels contrived. It’s engrossing, adventurous, dramatic, romantic, melancholy, and — in quite a few spots — flat out funny.

The performances were good. Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett did a nice job with their parts, but the movie was absolutely stolen by the actress who played Pitt’s adoptive mother. The actor who portrays the tugboat captain did quite a good job as well. They also did an amazing job with the make-up and computer animation, so that it never looked fakey as the characters either aged or got younger.

The movie definitely has echoes of "Forest Gump" in that it deals with a boy growing up with the stigma of being ‘different’ who is very close to his protective mother, who comes of age traveling the world and serving in wartime, who has a star-crossed romance with a woman he’s known since childhood, and who fears that any child of his will suffer from his condition. Despite that, though, it doesn’t feel like a retread or a knock-off of any other film.

Two things to look out for if you decide to go see this movie — the guy who pops up occasionally to discuss being struck by lightning and the moment every woman in the theater sighs simultaneously. Here’s a hint, it features Pitt riding a motorcycle and seemed to have a pretty universal effect on the distaff portion of the audience (including Adriana). The guys were less impressed. It was a cool motorcycle, though.

(January 15, 2009)

Movie Figures

This i the end with movie figures. I’ve left room for Movie 2 stuff.

This is not all of my Transformers just the ones I keep out on display.

I was Originally going to try to use Live Photo Gallery to make a Panorama but it didn’t work out so here are the raw photos.

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