Jul 272011

by coconut wireless

If you want to watch Hollywood movies online like I do then you’ll probably be interested in a way that you can watch movies whenever you please. It’s not that hard to do these days. You can sit at home in your own room with your computer or even running a connection to your big screen TV. You don’t have to spend all that much money compared with going to the cinema or renting a DVD. By having access to online movies you can actually watch a new film online soon after it’s been released by simply downloading it or streaming it directly to your computer.

One excellent aspect of this is that you’re not only limited to watching Hollywood movies online but you can also watch movies from all over the world. If you want you can organize your movie watching by countries or, what’s increasingly popular, by categories. If you understand another language you can watch a program from a foreign country. Movies from other countries these days are also routinely supplied with subtitles in English or in another popular language.

People are starting to become aware of the fact that what they are able to access through their computer far out performs what they can get through their local cable TV station or even through a satellite TV program. The beauty of the online services are that a person can download movies legally, watch them via streaming, or download to save for later, can view the movie in high definition, and are not limited to watching just movies online but can watch television programs, sports events, and other popular shows.

And don’t think because you’re streaming movies through the Internet you can only watch movies on your PC. It very easily to adapt your computer to a connection with your TV so you can stream shows directly to a large screen. With a wireless adapter you can also stream without a cable connection.

Despite what you might think these services do not cost an arm and a leg. They’re available for about the same price it might cost to go out to the movies once a month. The beauty of an online movie service is that you can watch a movie from any genre you’re interested in, whether it is action, thrillers, romance, comedy, horror films, or any other category of movie you can think of. You can even access classics that aren’t that easy to find these days. And if you want to watch new releases you can also do so without having to subscribe to cable service such as HBO. The only thing you need is in an Internet connection capable of high speed, your computer, and the freely available software.

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Jul 092011

A few nice movie images I found:

Transformers Optimus Prime – modo robot (Movie leader)

Nombre: Optimus Prime
Afiliación: Autobot
Línea: Movie
Tamaño: Leader
Año: 2006
Número de adquisición: 32

Uno de los mejores diseños que he visto en Transformers recientemente y uno de los mejores de la película. La transformación es bastante compleja y divertida. El modo robot es excelente, super articulado y se puede poner en poses muy divertidas y el modo alterno es muy real. Hubiera preferido sin las llamas, pero igual no me molestan mucho.

Un gran regalo de un gran amigo. Muchas gracias bro!


Transformers Optimus Prime – modo alterno (Movie leader)

Nombre: Optimus Prime
Afiliación: Autobot
Línea: Movie
Tamaño: Leader
Año: 2006
Número de adquisición: 32

Uno de los mejores diseños que he visto en Transformers recientemente y uno de los mejores de la película. La transformación es bastante compleja y divertida. El modo robot es excelente, super articulado y se puede poner en poses muy divertidas y el modo alterno es muy real. Hubiera preferido sin las llamas, pero igual no me molestan mucho.

Un gran regalo de un gran amigo. Muchas gracias bro!


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Jul 062011

A few nice movie images I found:

Movie Night at the Spaceship 1/4

So I think the order of events went something like this: I made some off-hand comment about "if only I could get a projector then we could watch movies out here" and Leon thought it was a good idea and Matthew practically went rabid.

A date was set, items were procured, and next thing you know, viola: a movie being projected onto a king-size sheet hung between two trees in the middle of Leon’s property in the middle of nowhere.

The fire was fantastic – at some point it was (and I’ll be conservative) about eight feet long by four feet wide. Of course at the beginning of the night that was a bit hot, but by the time the second movie was done at 1:00AM or so it was 35º out and we were all as close as we could get.

I’m so glad everyone could attend – I would really like to do this all again if the weather permits before I leave town.

Movies watched:
- (during setup) Cat Who Walked By Herself without subtitles, making it all the more fun
- Shaun of the Dead
- some Japanese animation that Bill showed us, the name of which I have forgotten
- various stupid short clips from my library of stupid short clips
- The Man Who Knew Too Much

Changi T3 Movie theatre

Free movies! Lol they were showing "DOA: Dead Or Alive". No wonder they’re free…

Movie Tunnel 2

Back to the Future II tunnel where Biff and Marty fight over the Almanac

Also the entrance to Toon Town in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

As you can see from this shot, it’s much, much shorter than the movies suggest.

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Jun 212011

The tamil movie Endhiran, which got rave reviews from critics around the world, is not a remake of Super Star Upendra Kannada film’s Hollywood. Previously it was rumored that it was a remake of the Kannada film. Although it is claimed that Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Bachchan rigid film is totally an original creation of the renowned director Shankar, one can not deny the fact that some of the striking similarities between the two films. Below are some of the similarities and differences between the two films.

In Hollywood Upendra played three roles, ie two people and a robot, while in Endhiran Rajini appears in two get ups like scientists and an android. A monkey plays a central role in Hollywood, and it goes, secrets and hidden agendas of the people and conveys the information to the Android. Where, as a mosquito plays the same role in Rajini film to the same job as monkey in Hollywood.

The robots in the two films are created to serve two different purposes of man. In Hollywood, Surendra (Upendra) in love with Manisha (Felicity Mason), but he is very shy and timid, she hesitates to express his love. To impress her, he seeks the help of his maverick scientist Professor (Ananth Nag), who creates his look-alike robots. While in Endhiran, Vaseekaran (Rajinikanth) itself is a scientist. Ignore his beloved Sana (Aishwarya Bachchan), he fought for five years for a humanoid robot that can be used in the Indian army, create to serve the society.

Humanoid robot in the two films have several qualities. You could understand the verbal commands and can act accordingly, like any other human being. They could dance, fight to understand several languages and have good memory. But in Endhiran Robot has tremendous qualities and is more powerful than those in Hollywood.

In Hollywood, the increase is Surendra’s scientists clone robots to think on his ability to act and how to win people to Manisha emotional. He gives the clone, the robot called U.S. 47 with a human discretion and emotion. In Endhiran, vase and upgrades, the robot called Chitti by including emotions such as anger, sorrow, love, kiss, to the robot by his professor (Danny Denzongpa) refused permission when the robot has no emotions, and it might even kill his own officers of the army.

With its Android strength and human intelligence, the robot U.S. 47 in Hollywood proves to be formidable enemy to his own creator and his followers. The robot developed love for Manisha and it goes out independently functioning programs at their own risk and it turns human society. In Endhiran vase destroyed the robot and dumped in the rubbish bin, if it is against his will. Chitti rise from waste and caused more destruction. Finally, the robot sacrificed his life for Surendra Chitti removed while in vase and places it in the display case, if it turns dangerous for society.

However, both Endhiran and Hollywood science fiction movie. But you can not stop using diffracted from the kind of technology in Endhiran. The graphic work used in the field of Endhiran Hollywood film industry. The robot in this film is a Spiderman Superman Terminator Godzilla. It is more powerful than all these beings. It can slide on the rails that run horizontally on a moving train, transformation in Anaconda can swallow even helicopters and fire at people with his fingers, without using a gun.

Finally, one can say that in spite of similar properties, not Endhiran is a remake of Kannada film Hollywood. The film has a different theme, story and characters. In addition, it has sound technology used in Hollywood movies. Beware of Shankar and Rajinikanth for producing such a brilliant film, making proudly South Indians on the national and international level.

Moore: Rocky Mountain Rep opens plush new Grand Lake digs
The June 10 opening of the $ 5.2 million, 296-seat new Rocky Mountain Repertory Theatre drew a packed house, and each attendee seemed to have played some part in willing this theater into existence. That and other news of the week.

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May 192011

Check out these movie images:

Transformers Megatron Movie Leader con Megatron Movie Voyager

Comparación entre Megatrones de la película, Leader y Voyager


A comparison between Movie Megatrons, Leader class and Voyager class.


Postcrossing – Movie tag

sent by Jukka (Davynn), Finland

James Dean with Elizabeth Taylor (but no idea which movie:))

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Apr 012011
short film
by vancouverfilmschool

It is a festival bonanza for Delhi based filmmaker Nikhil Sablania and a moment to cherish. Nikhil, a young filmmaker, is going to represent India at the 9th International Student Film & Video Festival (ISFVF) of Beijing Film Academy (BFA), Beijing, China with his film Siski (The Sigh).

The Beijing Film Academy is a state-run film institute in Beijing, China. The film school is the largest institution specialized in the tertiary education for film and television production in Asia and has earned international recognition for its achievements in film production.

Nikhil Sablania’s short film Siski (the sigh) would be showcased along with 46 other films from different nations. The film was made as his academic project at one of the premier film institute in India, ‘Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute” (SRFTI) an institute run by Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India.

It is a moment of pride for all Indians and a happy moment for Nikhil Sablania, a Dalit filmmaker, for whom it is a dream come true. Speaking about his film Nikhil said, “I always loved horror films. When I got into the film institute it was my dream to make a horror film, but there were many obstacles. First the duration of thirty minutes was not sufficient as we are used to watching feature length horror movies where the first thirty to forty minute are only to establish the horror feeling. Second, it was a challenge to make a horror film with a limited budget & time. And lastly, there always the risk of an intended horror film turning into a comedy (he laughs). But I am happy that the film has been appreciated by the Beijing Film Academy and by the global audience and so I feel satisfied with my work and it makes me even more passionate to make more good films in the future.”

His film Siski (The Sigh) is a twenty nine minutes short horror film telling the story of a young couple who shift into a new house and find themselves in an array of supernatural incidents that unveil a painful and horrific story, and this story changes their lives. The film is written & directed by Nikhil Sablania, the Cinematography is by Vinod Veerakumar, Sound by Ratheesh Ravindran & Editing by Shubhojeet Bhattacharjee. Sudhir Raut, Sanchita Das, Arindam Saha & Riya Podar are main cast of the film & Music is composed by Bhaskar.

The film also got international recognition last year when it became the opening film of the horror section at 13th Portobello Film Festival, London, UK, the biggest independent film competition in UK.

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Mar 112011

Some cool movie images:

Empty Movie Theater Empty Heart

GRAND LAKE THEATER, OAKLAND CALIFORNIA: My latest published photo shoot for San Francisco Magazine (in the current issue on newstands now) was Lake Merritt. Lake Merritt is truly one of the highlights of Oakland. Beautiful water, natural water fowl, and wonderful restaurants nearby. My favorite photographic gem of all though in this part of Oakland is the Grand Lake Theater. I sold a photo of the Grand Lake Theater once that they used in a Choice Hotels commercial.

This is a shot of the interior of the Grand Lake Theater. It is a large and cavernous place and feels lonely when you are there by yourself hanging out and shooting outside the screening theaters.

To check out all of my shots from this Lake Merritt shoot you can visit my Lake Merritt set on Zooomr.

movie poster

a dedication to one of my favourite movies…

strobist information: 480ex packed in paper on both sides

The Movie Project: Green Nine

Technical info

Location: Scorzè, 20km from Venice, Italy
Lens: Nikkor 50mm (ƒ/1.4D) — ƒ/2
Shoot: ISO 200 | 1/250s — full manual
Filters: None
Strobist: 2 SB-900+ Exybox triggered by 1 SB-900 on camera, both on 45° angle to the man

The story

Still screenplaying. ;)

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Mar 052011

by T Hoffarth

Hollywood movies are among the best films all over the world. Always, people tend to watch these movies and speak highly of them.

Among the Hollywood films, a movie impressed me very deeply, Brokeback Mountain, which is directed by the renowned film director Ang Lee. In my points of view, this is a film which has not too much relationship with the homosexual, he just tells the love of the world and love is everywhere; but there are some defects. All the people should be equal. It reflects profound social reality in one’s inner desire, people are very shocked.

1 Movie Plot

The story takes place in the summer of 1963, in the western Wyoming in United States, Young Farmers Jack and Ennis worked in Brokeback Mountain, inaccessible depths of the ranch. They lived a hard and monotonous life in the mountains, guarding against the possible that the invasion of sheep suffering beast. Jack is more talkative than Ennis, but the passage of time, it has resulted in untold both tacit.

A particularly cold night, they slept in tents together; under the role of alcohol and hormones, something that should not happen took place. In the days of Brokeback Mountain, they both spent the best time of their life. After seasonal grazing, Jack and Ennis had to separate. Ennis keeps staying at the ranch married Emma who has married once, and has two lovely daughters while Jack went to Texas, with his wife Lucy Lin, his business was flourishing.

Four years later, Jack sent a greeting card to Ennis, and the two ones once again reunit. They are aware of the emotional hearts of hot, so in the next 10 years, these two person regularly date “fishing.” Alma is sad, but Jack and Ennis are also suffering from great prejudice and secular pressures. Ultimately, Jack’s accidental death has come to a full stop to the feelings of the two disputes over ten years……

2 Director Description

Ang Lee, a renowned Chinese director. In recent years, he is very popular in the international movies. In the Pacific, Atlantic, both sides they made good achievements, so far he has won two Academy Awards, two Venice Film Festival Golden Lion Awards, and the two Berlin Film Festival Golden Bears. It is no exaggeration to say that he has set up a bridge between Eastern and Western cultures. As a childhood growing up in traditional Chinese families, who, in addition to direct, “Pushing Hands,” “The Wedding Banquet,” “Eat Drink Man Woman” and other Chinese-language film, but also he directed “Sense and Sensibility” and other English language films, but also took some purely commercial films such as “Ice Storm”, “ride with the devil.”

3 Actor description

Jake Gyllenhaal, on the 19 December 1980, was born in Los Angeles, two years after, he transfered into the film experience of young Jake Gyllenhaal, although a simple experience but his superb acting and full of spiritual eyes, which gives a very promising new acclaim on behalf of the actor.

Jake Gyllenhaal, whose famous film is the young inspirational film in1999 “October Sky” plays a courage to pursue the dreams of young boys and Kelisiku who are impressive independent film. He has performed best “good girl” and Jennifer – Anne The film has wonderful performances by Houston, in 2003 Independent Spirit Award nomination, in 2004 as the actor who starred in “acquired”, in 2005 he starred in “Brokeback Mountain” so he was the 78th best supporting actor Oscar nomination. He starred in Catcher in the Rye (2002).

From Australia, Heath Ledger, whose passion is ignited by the sister Kate. When he starred in “Peter Pan” a drama in Australia, since drama opened career. Heath Ledger love performing, he continued on pay,ing and explorein in the theater, “On the drama of the road, he opened the door, he continued to pass through it.”

4 Video Comments

Everyone’s heart has a Brokeback Mountain. A person search of the truth of mine. As in the case of search they meet the thorns. As the responsibility and freedom is how to choose. I remember Bob Dylan song “He Was a Friend of Mine”, Love is carefully wrapped in one, which formed the philosophical and aesthetic sense of beauty. And this beauty comes from the director to express the objective, dispassionate observer stance, we see the narrator in the film becomes neutral, transparent, and on a large screen, he shows the world itself: a man wait for another man for all the life because of love.

Spielberg buys rights to WikiLeaks book
Hollywood film mogul Steven Spielberg has bought the rights to the story of the WikiLeaks saga, the Guardian reported Wednesday.

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Mar 052011

A few nice movie images I found:

Self portrait during a bad movie

The best movie on the fight was the very poor ‘Accepted’.

Nunzio The Movie Filming in Boro Park 1978 ’78 70s

Nunzio The Movie in Boro-Park 1978 Starring Davi Proval:

This "C" movie was about a retarded, daydtraming delivery boy, who gets his wish to do a Superman-like deed for someone. I have more photos of this shoot somewhere.

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Feb 152011

Some cool movie images:

a snippet of the best movie

I work at a theater, and so I was able to get my hands on some film pieces from the Juno commercial, which I’m pretty for sure is the best movie ever made.

I also had to spend my entire afternoon watching my friends’ presentations of their mock funeral, and that really put a damper on my day. So, I thought that a fitting song for both Juno and a funeral would be
The World Spins Madly On
by The Weepies.

they shot a movie once

in my home town

everybody was in it

from miles around

out at the speedway, some kinda elvis thing

well i ain’t no movie star,

but i can get behind anything.

..yeah, i can get behind anything.

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