Sep 132011

A few nice new release movie images I found:

Quentin Tarantino taking questions at the Castro after Inglourious Basterds
new release movie

Soundtrack streaming (for now)

A french movie theater plays a big role in the film

More New Release Movie Images

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May 012011

A few nice new release film images I found:

new release film

Rolleicord V, Fuji Pro 400h, f16 2min

Grand Central Terminal, Filming of…
new release film

I believe they were filming ‘Arthur’ to be released some time in 2011

Note the green-screen ad. All of the normal billboards were replaced with green screens, presumably to allow for easy ad replacement later on.

Based on this page:…

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Apr 012011

Some cool independant film images:


20080613 HG_81

20080613 HG_75

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Mar 172011

Check out these hollywood film images:

The Graduate
hollywood film

One of the more famous scenes from the Graduate, starring Dustin Hoffman, Anne Bancroft, and Katharine Ross, took place in this church located in La Verne, and not Santa Barbara as the movie depicts. La Verne is located about 35 minutes East of Hollywood. Wayne’s World 2 spoofed this scene for their movie using this same church and this site was also used for the filming of Bubble Boy.

HPL Film Fest 2008 – Hollywood
hollywood film

The Hollywood Theatre has been the home of the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival for as long as I can remember. Despite being very old, and almost falling apart in some places, it’s a gorgeous building. And really, the sense of impending decay kind of adds a little atmosphere to Film Festival.

Melrose Place
hollywood film

This is the apartment building that was used for the filming of the TV show Melrose Place. It is located in Los Angeles, CA. However, it’s actually on Greenwood Place and not on Melrose Place.

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Feb 242011

Some cool British film images:

BFI Southbank

BFI Southbank

BFI Southbank

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Jan 222011

A few nice hollywood movie images I found:

Great Movie Ride Entrance Walt Disney Hollywood Studios
hollywood movie

Great Movie Ride Sign Walt Disney Hollywood Studios
hollywood movie

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Dec 292010

Some cool short film images:

rubber johnny

released in july. a short film and 40 page book by chris cunningham. music by aphex twin. looks like a good un. see it

youtube find “first crush”

sweet short film by Julia Pott about falling in love
watch it here

antonella colorful

questa è la mia amica antonella, una videomaker indipendente.. potete guardare alcuni dei suoi cortometraggi presso

this is my friend antonella, an independent videomaker.. you can watch some of his short films on

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Dec 232010

A few nice movie images I found:

Jackie Chan Movie Star

Kung Fu Action Movie Star JACKIE CHAN on board the float title :
Better City, Better Life by Shanghai World Expo / Roundtable of Southern California ~ Rose Parade 01 January 2010 ~ Pasadena, California

Keystone K-48 Bel Air Movie Camera

Manufactured around 1960 by Keystone Mfg. Co. of Boston, Massachusetts. This is an 8mm (i.e. “regular 8”) moving camera with a three lens turret. The only lens attached is a Keystone-Elgeet 1/2inch f/1.9. The camera used a Bel-Air Magazine to hold the 8mm film which had to be flipped a minute and a half (at 16 frames per sec) through shooting. Yes, that’s right—consumer 8mm films were only 3 minutes long. And people use to complain about sitting through someone’s movies. Must mean that watching a 60 minute MiniDV of the trip to Europe is a living hell… [grin]. The camera was a wind up and had an adjustable frame rate from 12 to 48 fps. A mechanical gage on the top of the camera showed the amount of film left on that side. And “stop action” (specifically one frame at a time) was a feature provided by lifting up on the shutter release lever instead of pressing down.

see the vimeo movie…Wildy Beastie…

Jardina getting fit? HFF everyone* the movie on

Do join the new Blurvision Video group, sister group to Blurvision

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