May 292011

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Donate to LGBT Film Project and Win True Colors Tour Tickets

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 21, 2008

An enterprising filmmaker is using the Internet to enlist the help of the gay and lesbian community to complete an independent short film. By donating to the film project, people can gain a film credit and possibly win 2 tickets to Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors Tour.

Jennifer Medvin, the writer and producer of the film which has the working title of “Gaydar,” announced a fundraiser for her latest LGBT independent film project this week. “Films can have a great impact on the world,” Medvin, who recently produced Helping Hand with Paula Marshall, passionately stated. “It is still extremely difficult to locate funding for gay films, so it is very important for the community to support each other.”

All donations are tax-deductible through Power UP and should be made before Sunday, 15, 2008 to be eligible to win the True Colors Tour tickets. Power UP is a non-profit 501(c)(3) film organization comprised of women and men, gay and straight.

The short film, which will be shot in and around Los Angeles, is about a lesbian who continually falls for straight women. She employs the services of “The Master” to teach her how to harness her gay sixth sense, otherwise known as gaydar. It is a spoof on master/student films such as Kill Bill, Karate Kid and Star Wars.

The cast includes Erin Cardillo, Gregory Zarian and Eric Martsolf, including a popular star making a cameo appearance. The remainder of the cast will be announced soon. Karen Wilkens, a three-time Emmy nominee and DGA Award winner, will direct the short.

For additional information about the short film, visit

About Myrina Films:

Myrina Films, LLC mission is to create high-quality LGBT films and videos that enlighten, educate, and entertain our community.


Jennifer Medvin, Producer

Myrina Films


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May 012011

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Alliance Group Entertainment Moves Forward With Latest Film Project, “Locker 541”

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 11, 2006

Due to the success of their last project, “Partners,” — a film short that Alliance Group Entertainment acquired from maverick Director Geo Santini and is currently in pre-production as a feature, entitled “Hotel California,” Alliance Group Entertainment is moving forward and utilizing the same formula for Geo Santini’s latest project, “Locker 541,” which is in developmental stages to be turned into the full-length feature entitled, “The Hustle,” by Alliance Group Entertainment.

“Locker 541” is a highly intelligent and character driven action piece about a pair of super-sophisticated but small-time con men who find themselves drawn into an international scandal that reaches to the highest levels of business and politics. The short is already being praised as a hip, slick, modern day version of “The Sting.”

The “Locker 541” film short drew upon the talents of many established actors, including Robert Miano (“Donnie Brasco,”) and Gary Daniels (“Submerged,” “Die Hard 4”, “Witness to a Kill”) and Jason Graham (“Dreamgirls”).

Looking to capture the attention of Industry insiders, and cause a studio bidding war similar to the negotiations for “Partners,” Alliance hosted a private, and exclusive screening of “Locker 541” on October 9, 2006—which was attended by top film executives and agents. “Our goal is to work with young, cutting-edge Directors to produce films that are quality, and that will compete successfully with any major studio film” says Alliance CEO Mike Karkeh.

Director Geo Santini is a prime example of Alliance Group Entertainment’s ability to recognize talent and work to develop successful projects. Geo Santini—known for his work as a music video Director—has worked with Alliance on several projects including, “Partners,” and the big screen adaptation of the short, entitled “Hotel California.” Santini also directed “Locker 541.” “Teaming up with writer R. Ellis Frasier, I took his feature film script, cut it down to 30 pages, and shot it as a short. I admit, it was a little ambitious, but I wanted to create a short film with a full story, a series of locations, and an ensemble cast. We had 5 days to shoot 13 locations, and a minimum amount of resources, but we made it work.” Explains Geo Santini.

Alliance recently finished production on a horror film, entitled “Lake Dead,” and a television pilot, entitled “The Executives.” The company will begin production in the near future on the films “Farm House” and “Confessions of a Pit Fighter, 2.”

For more information on Alliance Group Entertainment, please contact, Terrance Gillum at 323.365.4602 or Sherise Bright at 213.742.9048 or visit the site listed below.

Alliance Entertainment Group:

Alliance Group Entertainment is a multi-faceted entertainment company specializing in cutting-edge Film, Music and Television projects. The company also manages the careers of some of Hollywood’s hottest up and coming talent. Located in the heart of Hollywood, Alliance Group Entertainment’s staff of talented professionals, and impressive in-house facilities have earned the company the right to compete amongst the top entertainment entities as a “one-stop-shop” for all things entertainment.



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Mar 262011

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Short Film Shot in Ecuador Looks for Financing to Shoot Feature at Independent Feature Project Market in New York

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 17, 2007

!Salve, Oh Patria!, a short film shot in Ecuador, South America by Spanish first-time director Alicia Diaz is set to look for financing to shoot the feature film at the IFP Market in New York City the week of September 16.

¡Salve, Oh Patria! or Fight For Country in English, is about an American widow living in Ecuador, South America, who struggles to get her son out of jail after he is imprisoned during an uprising against the government. Her son Gabriel is determined to follow in his popular Socialist father’s footsteps after his assassination by powerful American oil men.

The film was shot in the summer of 2007 in Ecuador by a production team from the New York Film Academy that consisted of a crew from Spain, India, and the US. In addition, there was a local crew that was a huge help to these experienced film students.

“The goal was always to produce this short film to showcase our talents to potential financiers — my vision was to produce a short film first, participate in the film festival circuit and then start raising funds to finish the feature,” says Alicia Diaz, writer, director and producer of the film.

Production company NetHead Films, Inc., headed up by Producer William Henao has recently launched the website for the film complete with trailer, production notes, photo gallery, crew bios and more.

“We’re looking forward to attending the IFP Market and conference to showcase our work and hopefully get the financing needed to work on the feature film to be shot in 2008,” says William Henao.

For additional information visit

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Jan 312011

Some cool movie images:

The Movie Project meets Venetia: V:005 – Looks up

Technical info

Location: Sestriere di San Polo, Venice, Italy
Lens: Nikkor 24-70mm (ƒ/2.8G) — ƒ/2.8
Shoot: ISO 200 | 1/1400s — full manual
Filters: none
Strobist: none

The Story:

New story from the unseen Venice project: new project "The Movie Project meets: Venetia" from the "The Movie Project meets:" series.

Venice is a rich place.

Rich in buildings, rich in arts, rich in… water, but above all is rich, really rich, for you eyes pleasure.

One thing you need to bear in mind is to move your eyes 360°, constantly.

Little treasures are waiting for you, to be discovered. :)

The little treasure you are seeing is one of the most Venice’s life peculiarity: clothes hanging.

Since the living space is not always so large, there are not so many gardens available, many peoples left to dry the clothes hanging from a rope or string.

It’s a real popular use.

So, keeping your eyes up, you could see an elegant, original and coloured life’s painting like this. ;)

Movie to Misc

Movie Toys transitioning into Misc Liked figured that don’t fit elsewhere.

This is not all of my Transformers just the ones I keep out on display.

I was Originally going to try to use Live Photo Gallery to make a Panorama but it didn’t work out so here are the raw photos.

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Jan 162011

A few nice movie images I found:

The Movie Project meets Venetia: V:003 – Perspective

Technical info

Location: Riva Schiavoni in front of San Giorgio island, Venice, Italy
Lens: Nikkor 24-70mm (ƒ/2.8G) — ƒ/2.8
Shoot: ISO 640 | 1/40s — full manual
Filters: none
Strobist: SB-900 on camera (-2 stop)

The Story:

Hi there!

This evening there is a new shoot from the new project "The Movie Project meets: Venetia" from the "The Movie Project meets:" series.

Today I wish to show you a new view of the San Marco’s basin.

The island you’re viewing behind the dock is San Giorgio Island and the Redentore’s Church on the right, at the end of the dock.

This is how the sunset could be here, in the most magical city all over the world. ;)

Transformers Jazz G1 vs. Jazz Movie

Transformers Jazz G1 (Meister Encore Reissue) vs. Jazz Movie Deluxe

Great Placements in Movie History

Movie fans will appreciate how well placed this is

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