Jul 062011

A few nice movie images I found:

Movie Night at the Spaceship 1/4

So I think the order of events went something like this: I made some off-hand comment about "if only I could get a projector then we could watch movies out here" and Leon thought it was a good idea and Matthew practically went rabid.

A date was set, items were procured, and next thing you know, viola: a movie being projected onto a king-size sheet hung between two trees in the middle of Leon’s property in the middle of nowhere.

The fire was fantastic – at some point it was (and I’ll be conservative) about eight feet long by four feet wide. Of course at the beginning of the night that was a bit hot, but by the time the second movie was done at 1:00AM or so it was 35º out and we were all as close as we could get.

I’m so glad everyone could attend – I would really like to do this all again if the weather permits before I leave town.

Movies watched:
- (during setup) Cat Who Walked By Herself without subtitles, making it all the more fun
- Shaun of the Dead
- some Japanese animation that Bill showed us, the name of which I have forgotten
- various stupid short clips from my library of stupid short clips
- The Man Who Knew Too Much

Changi T3 Movie theatre

Free movies! Lol they were showing "DOA: Dead Or Alive". No wonder they’re free…

Movie Tunnel 2

Back to the Future II tunnel where Biff and Marty fight over the Almanac

Also the entrance to Toon Town in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

As you can see from this shot, it’s much, much shorter than the movies suggest.

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