Feb 182011

A few nice movie images I found:

dvd stack, see any you know?

this is most of my dvd collection, i didn’t include all my boxed sets and special editions that come in weird boxes! :P

feel free to add notes for your favourite movies if you see them in there! :D

taken for the stacks group… i’m not just showing off honest!

Sideways Movie Poster

Movie poster for Sideways. Focuses on the dark comedy of the movie, specifically when Paul Giamatti drinks the spit bucket. The red looks like blood, but it’s just wine.

I also make music with my two brothers. If you have a minute check it out. www.3sonsproductions.com

Question: Why Are Movie Characters So Often Cardboard-Thin?

This is one of the few high concept shots I have ever taken concious of the concept. Most of the time the concepts (if any) are born after the fact as a result of a weird association.

This time, I actually saw the cardboard cut-outs at a movie theatre in the building where I work (I usually take a shortcut to the metro station through their lobby) and the title came to my mind and only then did I start shooting.

More Movie Images

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