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PHOENIX, AZ, (PRWEB) June 9, 2004

El Trafico, an independent short film from Volarefilms LLC, makes its Western European premier at the 5th annual Filmstock International Film Festival in the UK. The film festival, scheduled to run from June 1st through June 15th will exhibit “El Trafico” as part of its slate of short and feature length films and documentaries.

Directed by first time filmmaker Marco Santiago, the story reflects the growing violence involved in the trafficking of humans. Set in Southern Arizona, the story depicts a young boy who gets caught-up in the underworld of human traffickers. “El Trafico” is one of a series of short films directed by Marco Santiago that deal with immigration issues in the United States, human trafficking in general, and their associated violence. “We feel that this film is as timely as you can get considering the current events in the United States and the rest of the world, and Filmstock is a great place to premier this film.” says Marco Santiago, director of “El Trafico”. “El Trafico is only the beginning. The plan is to continue to crank out content that is relevant, creative, and emotionally impacting.” he continues.

Along those lines, Volarefilms LLC is currently in production of a feature length documentary film titled “Into the Border”. In production since July 5th 2003, the documentary deals explicitly with the border issues in Arizona. Also in Production is a short film titled “Once Upon a Time in the Desert”, set to complete filming at the end of June, as well as a 30 minutes short film titled “86″, set to go into production in the September/October time frame. Volarefilms is also developing a feature length film, titled “Volare”, set to go into production in mid 2005.

For more information regarding the short film “El Trafico”, or for a copy of the “El Trafico” Press Kit, visit or contact Marco Santiago. IMDB information can be obtained at

Volarefilms LLC is an Arizona based independent film company engaged in the development and production of feature length motion pictures, film shorts, and documentaries with the aim of creating works that are commercially viable, culturally significant, intellectually satisfying, and emotionally impacting.


Marco Santiago

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