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A highly popular and celebrated event, the Los Angeles Film Festival is a world class movie gala that showcases some of the most critically-acclaimed filmmakers, critics, film industry professionals and new talent from other countries. Recognized as a world class event, it is held every year in the month of June in Westwood Village, California, and focuses on the best of American and international cinema for a period of 10 days.

Anticipated crowds for this year’s Festival, which is from 18th to 28th June 2009, are expected to be over 100,000 people as streams of movie lovers from all over the world come together to celebrate it. The main part of this exciting Festival is made up of over 100 feature films, 100 short films and approximately 50 music videos that originate from about 40 different countries. These films run alongside major premieres that feature popular stars, seminars, panels and outdoor screenings.

Highlights of the Festival include the exclusive Filmmaker Retreat that is hosted by the Festival’s annual Guest Director, and the Spirit of Independence Award ceremony and bash. A popular highlight among the younger audience is the short film features that are produced by high school students and the music video section.

At the end of the festival, popular awards that are handed out include the Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature, Audience Award for Best Documentary Feature, Best Narrative Short Film, Best Documentary Short Film and Best Animated/Experimental Short Film. Some of the more prizy awards given out carry a cash prize of ,000 and include categories such the Target Filmmaker Award for Best Narrative Feature and the Target Filmmaker Award for Best Documentary Feature.

If you are a movie lover, this event is the right place for you to come and experience the joy of movies together with thousands of other movie lovers. Visitors looking to stay at one of the hotels in Pasadena in Los Angeles should consider the luxurious and elegant Langham Hotel Pasadena which is an ideal base to frequent this Festival.

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Jul 122011
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One of the most celebrated events in Melbourne, the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) is a world famous film extravaganza held yearly in this vibrant city in Australia. Being the country’s largest film festival, the event is a celebration of a diverse mix of cultures as it features more than 400 movies from over 50 different countries and also is the largest display of Australian cinema. This critically acclaimed festival, was founded in 1951, is one of the oldest of its kind in the world and is definitely worth a trip to Melbourne to experience its magic.

Thousands of tourists stream in to witness the festival making it a joyous event that contributes millions of dollars to the Melbourne economy. The MIFF also remains a member of Melbourne’s top 4 film festivals. Last year the film festival which was the 57th annual one was held between July 25th and 10th August 2008. This year it will be held from 24th July to 9th August 2009, and is great time to plan a visit to Melbourne and be part of this event.

Some of the popular awards presented at the festival include the awards for feature films and documentary movies. A competition for short films of different categories is also held, though largely the festival remains non-competitive. Catering to all ages, the festival has a special feature where certain recent international films are shown that specifically appeal to younger teens, enabling the festival to become a family experience.

Apart from the actual film showings, the event casts a party like atmosphere across the whole city with its many parties and celebrations that are bound to make your stay in the city an entertaining and thrilling one.

If you plan to visit Melbourne to be part of this special movie extravaganza, the Langham Hotel Melbourne provides a luxurious base from which to conveniently access the place where MIFF will be held. The hotel is a preferred and more popular choice among visitors amid the many hotels in Melbourne due to its relaxing and elegant atmosphere.

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Mar 292011

Alexandra Rose Rieger, teen Musician, Actress (“Akeelah and the Bee”) and Youth Ambassador for ‘In A Perfect World’ Foundation created and hosted a star studded event at The Los Angeles Ronald McDonald House (RMH) for children and families. This two-evening event was called ‘A Star In You,’ which provided a “fun and safe platform for children to star in their own variety show,” explains Rieger.  An article about this event is expected in November”s issue of Teen Vogue.


Alexandra Rose Rieger     “A Star In You” Poster

 On the first night, after the children and their families enjoyed ice cream, they were able to stand in the spot light as they explored and shared their inner stars. The footage was captured by Josh Sands, CEO of Hollywood Film and Acting Academy and highlights were edited in a short film. The second night, the children and their families walked the red carpet with other teen celebrities as they were celebrated as “stars” in their very own film.

Manuela Testolini, founder of ‘In A Perfect World’ (IAPW) pictured with girls who are at The Los Angeles Ronald McDonald House. IAPW sponsored “A Star In You” event. 


‘A Star in You” was sponsored by ‘In a Perfect World’ Foundation, which was founded by social entrepreneur Manuela Testolini where newly appointed Executive Director is Dr. Towanna Freeman. The event was supported by Hollywood Film and Acting Academy, Looking Ahead Program (division of SAG), and Ben and Jerry’s in conjunction with The Ronald McDonald House.


“A Star In You” event opened with Ice Cream provided by Ben & Jerry’s in Long Beach.

 Alexandra Rose Rieger at “Arts and Crafts” station of “A Star In You” event


 Alexandra Rose Rieger, teen philanthropist, has been involved with fund raising and supporting The Ronald McDonald House for several years. They play a key role for families nationwide by providing a home away from home for children and their families while critically ill children undergo treatment at local hospitals. Rieger is currently working on several projects including an upcoming ep which will be released in December 2008. In contemplating possible events as a Youth Ambassador, she drew inspiration from her upcoming singles. “Harmony,” which explores the passion of peace and the power in unity. Her song “Fairy Tale,” shaped the fairytalesque decorations with plenty of red, gold and royal blue colors; as well as stars, balloon bouquets and featuring real red carpet on premiere night. Mama and Paparazzi were also on hand to capture the keepsake memories of their brave cherished ones, most donning smiles. A precious commodity that often is lost amidst steely resolve during difficult times of treatment and recovery.


Teen celebrities participating in “A Star In You” 2nd Row Left to right: Musician/Actress and Youth Ambassador, Alexandra Rose Rieger (Akeelah and the Bee), Jillian Clare (General Hospital) Matthew Underwood (Zoey 101), Christopher Recupito Rossi (Miss Behave), Maiara Walsh (Cory In the House) From left to right front: Sammi Hanratty (Pushing Daisies), Joey Luthman (WEEDS).

 Many thanks to RMH staff who were accommodating and supportive. As a token of appreciation, ‘In A Perfect World’ provided their libraries with the premiere movie, showcasing how people coming together using funds in a strategic way can improve the quality of life of the RMH guests. A shorter form of this video can be seen online on you tube. When you support ‘In A Perfect World, you are helping empower youths to become socially conscious and responsible leaders; please visit to begin today.

 Congratulations to all the fellow teen celebrities who joined Alexandra for this momentous occasion: Jillian Clare (Days of Our Lives), Matthew Underwood (Zoey 101), Joey Luthman (WEEDS; An American Carol), Christopher Recupito Rossi (Miss Behave; Zoey 101); Maiara Walsh (Corey In The House), and Sammi Hanratty (Pushing Daisies, Suite Life). To view video of IAPW promo from the event click here.

 Group shot of Children and Families of LA Ronald McDonald House, IAPW Team and Teen Celebrities at “A Star In You” event.


Alexandra Rose Rieger’s music can be purchased on iTunes and Yahoo music. Rieger is a published author, please visit her website where her book “Harmony” can be purchased. As an attendee of Oprah’s Legend Ball Premiere, Rieger is cognizant of the fact that she stands on the shoulders of those who come before her. View scenes from her multi city tour of Africa and Europe scored to her hit single “Harmony” please follow this link. Proceeds from these purchases go to support ‘In A Perfect World’ and other charities that benefit children. Those of you who have a heart to make a difference, this is a wonderful way to join hands and make things happen now.


Group shot of participants of “A Star In You” Premiere/Red Carpet Night.  Guest included teen leaders from Looking Ahead as well as IAPW Team, Teen Celebrities celebrating the children and families at the Los Angeles’ Ronald McDonald House.

Have you any wool?
When a flock of sheep cry “wolf” in China, the bucks come rolling in. Wang Wei looks at the new stars of Chinese animation that are edging out old childhood icons like Mickey Mouse and Hello Kitty.

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Jan 172011

Evanston, IL (PRWEB) July 13, 2006

Pawky, a short film distribution and consumer media company, today, launched its new service,, which allows people to watch short film, upload video, and take part in an online community of filmmakers and web users alike.

“We showcase hand-picked, award-winning short film that is not readily available to the general public through any other online venue,” said Paul Birman, Pawky co-founder and Vice President of Operations. “We also provide people with a chance to organize and display their own work, which may be in the form of video, images and a variety of other mediums.”

Users watch and rate featured short films and upload their own videos from camcorders, digital cameras, cell phones and other devices. These users can, then, spread these films and their own videos to their family and friends as well as their extended online social network.

After the free and simple registration process, Pawkers, as members of the site are known, can create a customized profile, start and participate in forums, maintain a blog, add favorite films and videos to their profiles and spread these clips to others in their extended network.

The Viewer and the Critic

The number of film festivals showing short film has risen in recent years as short film’s popularity continues to grow. Other than festivals, though, the venues where filmmakers can take their innovative and original work is limited. Pawky features and distributes entertaining short films, which people might otherwise never see.

“It is like an ongoing film festival where the audience can interact with the filmmakers on their own terms,” said Alexander Oleynikov, Pawky co-founder and President. “It’s a perpetual question and answer session.”

Pawkers and web users alike can search for short films within several categories and also by tags. After they watch the film, they can rate it, write a review and contact the director or crew. These professionals maintain profiles on the site.

The Director and the Producer

The world of online video has exploded during the past few months. The web is inundated with video of everything from daily occurrences, to freak accidents to news events.

Pawky allows its members the convenience to collect and organize these videos on their profiles. Pawkers can spread these videos or keep them private, exclusively available to their friends. These videos co-exist with the professional short films featured on the site, but are distinct and separate.

“We have something that sites such as YouTube cannot offer,” added Birman. “We have professional short films that are meant to be watched and discussed.”

The Pawker

Pawky effectively fuses all the short film sites, viral video hubs and community sites into an aesthetically pleasing and intimate setting.

“Pawky houses content that you cannot see anywhere else on the web,” Oleynikov said. “It does more than simply entertain you for a minute. These films are carefully crafted and intended to make people question the world and think about issues differently, as well as entertain.”

Birman and Oleynikov said that the ideal Pawker is an individual who is not afraid to take a glimpse at the world through an artist’s eyes.

Oleynikov added, “Short film, in general, possesses the ability to take the viewer out of their own time and place, if only for a few minutes, and delve into issues and ideas that they would normally not have the opportunity to ponder.”    

About Pawky

Founded in Oct. 2005, Pawky, which defines as “shrewd and cunning, often in a humorous manner” in Olde English, is a web-based distribution portal for short film and video.

It also serves as an on-line community where filmmakers and Pawkers can interact, upload video to their profiles, create image galleries, post blogs, and much more. Featured Short Film and Animation is available for viewing on the home page and in a separate section of the website, with new content added weekly.

These films will be ad-supported and free for everyone, including non-members. Featured content is also distributed to such outlets as airlines, hand-held devices, on-demand TV units and other sources.

Its unique style and originality will catapult to the top of the consumer media market.

For further information:

Elina Miller

elina @



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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) September 24, 2006

Most design teams only dream about the recognition and confirmation of their creativity and talent being seen by others. Wander Graphics’ and Wander Films’ creative team of Joshua Clark and Aaron Weber can watch their award-winning film along with hundreds of thousands of viewers at 10:45 pm EST, Sunday, September 24, 2006 on the IFC, Independent Film Channel, when their short, Wander, airs to a national audience.

No stranger to awards, Wander, the short, winner of the Ivy Film Festival for best experiential short film, tells the story of a young boy as he navigates the hard and dangerous streets of the inner city. On his journey he discovers a glass jar with a magic light that leads him into a better world, where anger is transformed into love. Directed by Joshua Clark and produced by Aaron Weber, both graduates of the School of Visual Arts bring these creative skills to their work in Wander Graphics,

The firm works in graphics, film and music to tell the client’s story in a unique and engaging way. From websites, special effects and directive photography, Clark and Weber share a passion evident in their portfolio.

“Often the world thinks of design as separate piece or a product, like a website. For us design is the integral whole of our client’s message, which emerges not just as the end product but an experience of color, movement and experience,” states Weber, “We listen for the outcome and deliver the highest quality product that is an expression of the business.”

For a short film, Wander, has garnered a lot of attention and has been selected for numerous national and international film festivals including, Chicago, Rhode Island, Atlanta, and most recently, the Australian Film Festival. The film is also available for viewing at Wander Films, and on the Media Lab website at The firm transfers the director’s eye and producer’s vision to all facets of their work, especially photography:

“As filmmakers we approach photography from a uniquely different viewpoint. Step into our world and we will handle the creative and production aspects of a shoot with the same precision and results we have utilized in our award winning filmmaking,” states Director Joshua Clark.

For more information on Wander Film and Graphics suite of products and services, please visit or call 323-230-7361. For interviews, please contact their Los Angeles based representative, Maureen O’Crean at 310-379-9620 or email through her website at


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Dec 202010

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The Short Film Network Brings Award-Winning Short Films to Mainstream Audiences Around the World

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 6, 2006 -–

The Short Film Network (SFN), a cooperative organization dedicated to the international promotion and distribution of short films, announces its public launch to bring acclaimed short films to audiences around the world.

What is a short film? Short films are considered by many to be an avant-garde art form, typically ranging between 5 and 40 minutes in length. These films have typically served as a platform to showcase cutting edge talent, ideas and filmmaking techniques. From an experimental heyday in the 1960s and 1970s to a moribund period in the 1990s, short films are showing signs of a major revival in the art world.

“Short films are as popular as ever. We get over 4,000 shorts submissions each year and we screen less than 100,” said Mike Plante, Short Film Programmer at the Sundance Film Festival. “North America is behind Europe in terms of distributing shorts and supporting short filmmakers. Hopefully, new avenues will open up as making shorts becomes easier and cheaper.”

Enter the Short Film Network, a new distribution channel and community with one purpose: to expose general audiences to cutting edge short films while providing exposure for deserving filmmakers.

“The accessibility of talent and equipment has created a boom in short film production but most of these films are never seen beyond festivals and private screenings,” said John Montague, Founder of the SFN. “Very few of the great short films receive the exposure and praise that they deserve.”

The initial programs offered by the SFN include:

Exposure: Short Stories on Film – a monthly series of short film compilations that are sent on DVDs to subscribers via direct mail

The Short Film Academy – a community of interest for short film enthusiasts with a variety of members-only services and benefits

The Short Film Awards – an annual event that will provide significant praise and financial awards for short films and their filmmakers

More information, including a trailer with cuts from the films featured on the Exposure compilations, is available at

Filmmakers are encouraged to submit their short films to SFN, both new and old, for consideration. Information regarding terms and guidelines for submissions is available on the SFN Web site.

About the Short Film Network

The Short Film Network (SFN) is a cooperative organization dedicated to provide exposure and praise for independent filmmakers through distribution and promotion of short films to broad audiences, worldwide. The programs of the SFN include the Exposure: Short Stories on Film compilations on DVD, the Short Film Academy, and the annual Short Film Awards. For more information, go to or call (866) 989-FILM.

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