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Mar 232011
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If you’re a budding film maker or a movie fanatic then a trip to New York is the ideal place for you to spend a holiday. Most of the biggest movie producers have head quarters here so if you’re looking to get a foot in the door then the city can offer up some inspiration and the chance of bumping into one of the many industry big wigs at a local coffee shop. New York is the best place to go for any film buff as many of the world renowned film festivals are held here every year.

New York is passionate about independent film so a trip to the New York Independent Film and Video festival, which was founded in 1993, is a must for any filmmaker just starting out. You can submit films to the competitions or simply attend the festival to watch some of the quirky and unique films on offer. If you’re a horror film fanatic then the New York City Horror Film Festival is sure to get you quaking in your boots. The festival, which takes place late October, early November was first established by Micheal J. Hein in 2001 and has grown in strength ever since. Some of the best horror flicks of the year are championed here and can gather a dedicated fan base that has been known to propel, otherwise unnoticed, films to the big screen.

Some of the most talented directors and actors have started their careers with short films so a trip to the New York City Shorts Festival will show you how to get ahead in the business. The festival hosts some of the best and most innovative short films from around the world so getting your piece accepted here can be a great starting block for your future career. The festival, which takes place in mid-September, is also a great way to spot exciting new talent before they hit the big time.

If you’re looking for some glamour and star spotting then Tribeca is the place to be. The festival was founded in 2002 in response to the attacks on the World Trade Centre and it features some of the biggest and best films of the year. This community conscious event draws in celebrities and industry professionals from around the globe and is often hailed as New York’s most popular film festival.

Regardless of the fantastic festivals New York has to offer the city is a great place to simply soak up some inspiration and meet creative people. Making your way to New York doesn’t have to blow your production budget either as New York City hotels range from the luxury five star palaces to cheap and cheerful bedsits. Whether you’re a budding filmmaker or simply love a good movie then a trip to New York can open up the world of cinema and maybe offer some inspiration for your movie making debut.

Check out more HD videos, in partnership with Crush + Lovely & Deltree at fiftypeopleonequestion.com and now at http Update: My production company Deltree, is hiring an intern- check out the details at thedeltree.org The Story: Around two months ago when we set out to film, it was another New Orleans day. A sure sign was the radiating humidity that made your entire body feel like it was covered in a sort of sweaty film. Once you get past the initial fear of the inevitable grime and heat, you feel a certain energy or “atmosphere”- like a kid throwing himself without reserve into a mud fight. We had an idea: ask as many people as possible the same question. We didn’t know exactly why- I guess we were hoping to expose a slice of human emotion (maybe). Just the simple act of reaching out and asking the question is such a enthralling experience in itself. So go ahead, ask yourself….. thedeltree.org http The Specs: Shot on an HV20 with a 35mm adapter, Worley/DIY. Indifocus rails on a Matthews M25 tripod. Nikon e series 50mm 1.8. Shure PG81 into a Zoom h4 unit. Boom Operator = Tung Bach Ly. “On location” in New Orleans, LA. Magazine St.
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